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Bi Tianmin: Home – Liaoning Channel – original title: Bi Tianmin: the first doctor the doctor first domestic reporters Hezhe Bi China’s son Bi Daxing (right) Wang Lin taken Shenyang "nine gentlemen" — University professor Liu Zhongming, Bi Tianmin, Yu Guangyuan, Zhang Chali, Li Baoshi, Gong Tianmin, banker Shao Xinpu, social educator Zhang Yunling, medical scientist Liu Zhongyi. In April 1932, the League of nations in Shenyang launched the 918 survey of the Japanese delegation came to the incident and the establishment of puppet Manchuria’s aggression against the truth, but everywhere by the hand puppet "protection", like "Prisoners", not to touch the real truth "". In the occupied areas of bloody terror in Shenyang "nine gentlemen" action, "patriotic group", take the life as the pen to write "TRUTH" (Chinese name "the truth"), the international friends to the League of nations investigation group presented the real name of the Japanese invasion of China English writing original evidence collection, hope to the League of nations the mission "to understand the actual situation of northeast Chinese benefit". This set of evidence compiled "son of the spear and the shield attack", exposed one by one of the Japanese invaders three world fallacy. Its original, positive, system, legal nature of the unique, in line with the National League of inquiry "evidence standards", as an important basis for inclusion in the report of the League of nations report. February 1933, the United Nations General Assembly to consider the League of nations investigation report, the voting result is 42:1. In addition to Japan, 42 countries voted in favor of the United Nations ruled that Japan launched the 918 incident, the establishment of the puppet state of Manchuria is a violation of the Charter of the League of nations wrong behavior. Japan therefore withdrew from the League of nations. China has won a rare victory in diplomacy, promoting the international community for the first time the 918 incident and pseudo Manchuria. There are 13 years and 6 months of the "Manchuria country" is always a puppet regime is not recognized by the international community, Shenyang "nine gentlemen" made the first power (with access to report September 18, 2016 "Shenyang daily weekly" Shengjing?). The "Shenyang daily" 918 incident 85 anniversary special planning "nine gentlemen" truth "and" chapter second "figures (two)" will be on the Shenyang one of the "nine gentlemen" after China’s story. Figures collected in Shenyang? The story of the "nine gentlemen" data, we found that China has gong abroad experience or called two doctorates, but confirmed that China Gong descendants and the relevant materials, he did not have any experience abroad. So, this study experience, Dr. double name is how come? This needs to be from another "Tian min". In September 27, 2016, reporters in Shenyang the "nine gentlemen" of Liu Zhongming’s son, Liu Zhongnan, had an unexpected harvest: really have a double PhD returnees is another member of the "nine gentlemen" — Bi Tianmin and his experience of being a man missing after returnees added to Gong Tianmin’s body. The reason why Gong Tianmin, Bi Tianmin’s personal information is the wrong person, even in some well-known search engines, because the blood brother called Tian min". Not only nowadays have such a misunderstanding, even when the Japanese is a joke, mistook Bi Tianmin for Gong Tianmin. "Nine gentlemen" real name will be "TRUTH" submitted to the League of Nations相关的主题文章: