Black technology to create a smart tattoo, not only to control the mobile phone computer, but also s aptana studio

Black technology to create a smart tattoo, not only to control the mobile phone computer, but also scan code payment! Speaking of tattoos, always make people feel is a cool and painful thing. When the tool on the body so tough, it is difficult to imagine! Today Zhike emperor wants to introduce a high-tech tattoo, it is a new product from MIT at MIT and Microsoft together to create a, can be attached to the skin of the interactive device DuoSkin. It looks like a thin layer of tin foil, paste it on your skin will be able to control a computer or even mobile phone scan code to pay. Slide your finger on the tattoo, the computer can display the trajectory in real time. Can be operated on the phone gently under the tattoo, whether it is to play music or answer the phone, do what you want to do! Of course, in addition to these, but also into a dynamic pattern like LED, such as in the pattern of light. Can also be based on changes in body temperature and light. NFC chip can be built in the tattoo, the tattoo made antenna shape, you can replace the phone’s wireless payment function, the phone may be close to pay. Because of the raw materials used in metal foil, sense is full, very beautiful fashion, but also has the sense of future technology. How are these tattoos made? First draw a circuit on the computer. Die with the tattoo machine pattern will pressure in the gold foil on the custom. Then put the gold foil on the pattern of off. The fine gold tattoo on the arm. Due to the production of simple, so the price is more close to the people. MIT Cindy Hsin-Liu laboratory Dr. Kao said — I hope this technology can in common future tattoo shop, let everyone enjoy the fruits of science and technology, at the same time to meet people’s curiosity for wearable technology. Sincerely hope that this new technology to enter the market quickly, so that we can experience! This article from the Tencent news client from the media, does not represent the views and positions of Tencent news相关的主题文章: