Blizzard chief designer Craig announced the departure of the Diablo 3 area – Sina games

Blizzard chief designer Craig Amai announced the resignation of the task – Diablo 3 zone – Sina game in September 17th, World of Warcraft group design in another heavyweight, chief designer & task; artifact system designer Craig Amai also announced its withdrawal from the World of Warcraft group design, hope in the new space to meet new challenges. Amai in 2004, "World of Warcraft" on the line before he began his journey in the snowstorm. During his tenure, he designed a number of classic tasks, such as the wrath of the Lich King and the mystery of the panda man. In 7, Amai and his team not only design the Broken Isles quest line, and the "artifact system" in the design host Legion return. From the news of his resignation, he has been out of the idea of a long time, after the end of the artifact system design, will leave Blizzard to find new challenges. He thinks that he is not a good thing to leave blizzard, he certainly can not create a company like blizzard, but still desperate to work hard. The road to explore the unknown, perhaps one day will return to the blizzard, but will not be responsible for World of Warcraft. I will start a new journey without knowing the road, meet new challenges, meet new people, and test my ability. Thank you for your support for your family, and for all the years Team 2 all the designers. Amai also wish to find a new challenge in the future life, bring us more exciting design. The following is the full text of the Amai blog: starting from World of Warcraft, I began to feel tired after 5 years. 5 years to tell a story, to create a adventure experience, and to create a variety of things in every corner of the WoWEdit. I still love my work, but the fatigue has begun to take over my body… Something that is more tiring than the usual rebound after a sprint. So I began to learn new inspiration from around. I am in the office of the board wrote on World of Warcraft in the "fun category" a word, want to use it as a catalyst to find some fresh stuff, I hope it can complement each other with other systems in the game. It is here that I found myself on the exploration and discovery of elements of what you want, and start planning and discussion, this system is then called vignette and jewel (Vignettes and Treasures). The team, to build a smooth communication between different channels, every day to face a lot of problems and requests. In order to survive, I had to make my brain work in a completely different way. I can only think of ways to cope with the constant pressure to continue to make one after another practical solution, and sometimes encourage my companions to do the same. I taught myself to abandon the past, that it takes practice, to rely on list of priorities, and trust others more. This change is exciting, but the endless demand from the team makes me difficult to cope with.相关的主题文章: