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Child, you are not a person – Sohu maternal and child, you are not a person. At home, you have a father and mother, grandparents, grandparents, maybe there will be brothers and sisters. At home, you don’t have to worry about things that you don’t need to worry about. At home, we tolerate your little shortcomings, listen to your little troubles, you are our little sun. Boy, you’re not alone. On the outside, you have classmates, friends. On the outside, you play together, study together, face all kinds of problems together. The difference is that on the outside, you need to master several skills to get along better with your partner. You need to learn to be polite to others. Whether it is familiar with strangers or friends, with due respect to. Please remember these four magic words: Hello, please, thank you, I’m sorry. Especially the first three, if you often use, you will get a lot of good friends. "Polite" story: "find a friend’s secret recipe" babe sheep just moved to pudding Town, how she longed to make new friends! Wish fairy told her four magic words, with the four word to obediently sheep is really a lot of good friends! A gregarious child people play dolls is really great, but friends and play with a handkerchief will be more lively, more interesting. Integration into a lot of partners in the collective, you will find the fun did not find before, do not know the knowledge before. But please remember, not gregarious drift, but infected them with your good heart, help them. "Social" story: "good sheep and her doll" babe sheep is a timid and sensitive lamb, this transfer to the new kindergarten. She dare not and all exercises, and did not dare to sing. Until one day, the little sheep became a hero to help the hippo, and we became good friends. If you want to share your toys around the small partners to play, they will be willing to take a toy to play with you, so that you can play the two toys not? Moreover, share itself is a kind of happiness, you have a happy will be divided into several parts, several times "share happy!" the story: "one tree house" Weiwei dragon built a tree house. But the tree room tables and chairs are all away! This is because Wei Weilong too stingy, afraid of dirty house, so do not want to invite friends to play the tree house, furniture feel too cold! Later, they all ran back the furniture. Why is it that helping others and sharing, if you are willing to help others, when you need help, others will come to help you. Even if you can’t see it immediately, you will be rewarded one day. Children, you can not always rely on their own to complete the task, people are more powerful than the eternal truth. The "helpful" story: "and dress as beautiful" YY rabbit finally received the ball to the snowman.相关的主题文章: