Can not buy YSL it does not matter there are other limited make-up waiting for you 519697

To buy YSL never mind there are other limited makeup explosion friends and micro-blog YSL stars you brush limited edition into every girl’s makeup or can be a single product, the official price of $37, equivalent to RMB 250 yuan will be purchasing lipstick, fried to nearly 500 yuan! Just change a package it attracted so many makeup lovers attention this wave of hunger marketing to do is stick! However, in addition to being fired hot YSL, there seems to be a lot of super super limited edition waiting for you to find!   Givenchy Givenchy transparent color magic lip gloss 6ml limited edition has a pH value of French style Givenchy each with a single product is a breathtaking beauty to the rhythm, the pH value according to the color lip gloss is also attracted the magical beauty girl has been sought after, while the texture is transparent but coated in the lips will be carried out according to the temperature and lip color the pH value, there will be light pink or more rich peach, these are not allowed to say oh! Want to explore the magic can try! D& G Perfect Mono DG Dolce & Gabbana monochrome Eyeshadow 16 summer limited really don’t ask me what brand of clothing is the most beautiful, I will blurt out is D& G, the kind of beauty to give people a sense of distance, so the No time is allowed for explanation. to indulge in, and dress like makeup is walking in fashion tips, Eyeshadow cream texture soft waxy good color, packaging with champagne gold and glass, as if a noble piece, become a scenery line on the dresser. Senior Chanel LES BEIGES dual color CHANEL color high light bronzing plate 2016 Summer Edition RMB480 brown and orange sense collocation, seem to see the summer sunshine, double color plate can easily create three-dimensional bronzing makeup, as the summer of 2016 this new limited edition orange scattered in the cheeks makes you exceptionally charming, packaging more gold highlight CHANEL luxury and general. Chanel CHANEL 2015 fall limited Eyeshadow Eye shadow color decorative pattern if the monastery can do so beauty is really unable to start, Chanel’s pieces are like art in general, this time the monastery eye shadow color decorative pattern is the most all-match earth color change, depth gradually make free collocation are no mistakes. As a limited version can be launched so close to practical color is a! [1] Christian Louboutin Queen Of Wands lipstick and its red soled shoes, only the queen could control the pinnacle, this lipstick is also the queen of wands to taste special for you, the other is by the netizen Lenovo all the lipstick lip cream in the window, on the cover of the ribbon is also reflected this extraordinary lipstick performance, such as Queen Of Wands like shape, let a lot of girls in it before the scepter of dumping. Christian Louboutin 16 summer limited Lip Glaze more domestic counter no single product the easier it is to make people crazy, you相关的主题文章: