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Canadian Prime Minister Ma Yun praised: creating opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises of great Sina vision technology news August 30th afternoon, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau began his first visit schedule, rushed to the station hosted by Chinese entrepreneurs club chairman Ma Yun Chinese Entrepreneurs Club forum. This is the only time in Trudeau’s visit to China entrepreneurs open exchange activities. Ma Yun welcomed Trudeau said, between China and Canada is different to business cooperation opportunities, Canada has high quality agricultural products very much, it is needed to Chinese people’s products, in addition, Canada and high-tech industry, environmental science and technology, education, music, arts and culture, the cooperation between the enterprises and great potential. Trudeau said himself as prime minister in ten months, there are a lot of opportunities ahead on different occasions and entrepreneurs around the world sit together to chat, exchange of views, but few like Ma Yun hit it off. Trudeau praised Ma said: "he has great vision, is the personal consumption can develop vigorously, creating opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, and get a better life, this vision is very great." In a conversation with Trudeau, Ma also unanimously expressed support for SMEs, "Ma said later to millions, hundreds of millions of young people to use their mobile phone to global trade." It is reported that Ma had previously been in the Davos forum with Trudeau and other places have repeatedly communicated, the two will also meet again during the G20 meeting held in Hangzhou. The club Chinese entrepreneurs chaired by Mr Ma Yun, is Chinese influential business leaders, in 2006 by the 31 China business leaders, economists and diplomats launched. The annual revenue of the 50 directors of the club is more than RMB three trillion.相关的主题文章: