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ICBC Beijing branch 2016-2-3 international financial market daily 苍翠欲滴的意思

ICBC Beijing branch: 2016-2-3 international financial market, on a daily news 1, Kansas Fed President George said, given the strong economic fundamentals, the Fed should continue to rise, and weaken the turmoil in financial markets. George said that if the waiting data fully confirm economic outlook, the Fed ‘wait’ too long to make policy decisions at risk, and that is to pay close attention to the energy industry jobs impact on the overall economy. 2, the European central bank executive committee Xu Moore told the Wall Street Journal said that if the European Central Bank decided to act will not face any restrictions, and warned that low oil prices may be difficult to change the situation. Xu Moore said that the European Central Bank in the case of using policy tools for the scope or quantity is not restricted, and that will continue to maintain a loose monetary policy. 3, the Swiss central bank president Jordan said that the Swiss franc against the euro exchange rate is still significantly overvalued " " if necessary, the central bank to intervene lift to drag the Swiss franc. Jordan reiterated the expected economic growth rate of 1.5% in 2015, and said that the Swiss central bank will study the best measures to implement negative interest rates in japan. A source 4, British Prime Minister Cameron’s office said on Tuesday, EU officials and the UK has a mechanism to reach an agreement, can prevent the British do not like to see the EU legislation; the protocol satisfies the Cameron four main objectives of the reform of. The draft agreement still needs to be approved by other EU leaders at a summit later this month. 5, the Australian Central Bank (RBA) to maintain interest rates unchanged, even if the global market turmoil, the Chinese economic unease and deepen and the emergence of a wave of overseas policy easing, suggesting that the future may cut interest rates. However, after this year’s first policy meeting, the Australian central bank does retain the possibility of taking action, said in the context of low inflation, if the economy needs support, will have room to cut rates. 6, the German Labor Department announced that the 1 seasonally adjusted unemployment population decreased by 20 thousand to 2 million 732 thousand, better than the forecast in a Reuters poll by 7 thousand people; seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is dropped from 6.3% in December to 6.2%. In January, the seasonally adjusted total unemployed population increased to 2 million 920 thousand, and in December it was 2 million 681 thousand. Two, the market of international foreign exchange market currency for     the   disc; high   low   set the day before closing up   1.0888 1.094 1.0886 1.0919 1.0888 euro fell 0.28% yen 120.99 121.04 119.84 119.97 120.99 1.4446 1.4327 1.441 1.4433 -0.84% 1.4433 -0.16% 1.0198 1.0224 1.017 1.0186 1.0198 Swiss francs -0.12% aud on the 0.7 工行北京市分行:2016-2-3国际金融市场日报   一、上日要闻   1、美国堪萨斯联储总裁乔治称,鉴于美国经济基本面强劲,美联储应继续升息,并淡化金融市场动荡的影响。乔治称如果等待的数据充分证实经济前景良好,那么美联储等待’过长时间’才做出政策决定有风险,并表示正密切关注能源行业就业岗位流失对整体经济的影响。   2、欧洲央行执委莫尔许向华尔街日报称,欧洲央行若决定行动则不会面临任何限制,并警告低油价的局面可能很难改变。莫尔许称,欧洲央行在认为适合的情况下动用政策工具的广度或数量上没有限制,并表示将继续保持宽松货币政策。   3、瑞士央行总裁乔丹称,瑞郎兑欧元汇率仍"明显被高估",若有必要瑞士央行准备入市干预阻升瑞郎。乔丹重申2015年预期经济增速为1.5%,并表示瑞士央行将研究对日本实施负利率的最佳应对举措。   4、英国首相卡梅伦办公室的一名消息人士周二称,英国已经与欧盟官员就一个机制达成协议,可阻止英国不乐见的欧盟立法;该协议满足卡梅伦四个主要的改革目标之一。协议草案仍需在本月稍晚举行的峰会上获得欧盟其他领导人同意。   5、澳洲央行(RBA)维持利率不变,即便全球市场剧烈震荡、对中国经济的不安情绪加深以及海外又出现一波政策宽松,暗示未来有降息的可能。不过,在今年的首次政策会议之后,澳洲央行的确保留采取行动的可能性,称在通胀偏低的背景下,如果需要支撑经济,将有降息的空间。   6、德国劳工部公布,1月经季节调整的失业人口减少2万人至273.2万人,优于路透调查预估的减少0.7万人;经季节调整的失业率则是从12月的6.3%降至6.2%。1月未经季节调整的总失业人口增至292.0万人,12月为268.1万人。   二、市场行情   国际外汇市场行情 币  种 开  盘 最  高 最  低 收  盘 前日收盘 涨  跌 欧元 1.0888 1.094 1.0886 1.0919 1.0888 0.28% 日元 120.99 121.04 119.84 119.97 120.99 -0.84% 英镑 1.4433 1.4446 1.4327 1.441 1.4433 -0.16% 瑞士法郎 1.0198 1.0224 1.017 1.0186 1.0198 -0.12% 澳元 0.7114 0.7129 0.7034 0.7039 0.7114 -1.05% 加元 1.3948 1.4082 1.394 1.4055 1.3948 0.77% 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Shenzhen small boss years ago busy debt, hope monkey year budget keep going – Sohu finance and Econo 辽宁大学辽阳校区

Shenzhen small boss years ago busy debt, hope monkey year budget keep going – Sohu finance     "this year is the most difficult year since I started my business."." The phone Zhang Xuanye (a pseudonym) in the voice of tired, he told the "daily economic news" reporter, just from a debt owed to his suppliers out of debt, he blocked three days to be a part of the arrears door finally. The year of the monkey year for Zhang Xuanye is not too much, because he started to drive around again from the beginning of January, the new year soon still get 40 workers wages, once the year-end bonus they promised more is gone. 2015: the most bitter is the boss when talking with the "daily economic news" reporter, Zhang Xuanye has just come out from a owe boss, carrying a bag of cash, and all are Hong Kong dollars. The boss was Zhang Xuanye and several other partners and factory workers forced no way, was missing for three days, and then notify you to get the money, the boss went to Macao for three days, even a bet won the table to win the $full back wages, also Zhang Xuanye the arrears et al. "The hardest job in 2015 is the boss, and that’s all right." Zhang Xuanye said, from the boss hand carried the bag of Hong Kong dollars, looking at the eyes have been angry because of the peer, almost cried himself, when walking out of the bag took ten thousand Yuan Hong Kong dollars to him, let him spend the spring festival. Zhang Xuanye is not only difficult to account, according to him, the plastic coating industry of her own, only Shenzhen years ago the collapse of the 2/3 enterprises, because of funding strand breaks. Last year, there were several caused widespread concern in the collapse of Shenzhen, which is the most famous of the October 2015 Fuchang electronics factory closures, hundreds of small and medium sized suppliers suffered heavy losses in the collapse, Zhang Xuanye’s mobile phone shell plastic paint factory is one of them, his factory was fosunny electronic arrears about 500000 yuan, has no recovery look. Originally Zhang Xuanye once and other suppliers to claim, and try to give the containment electronic boss, but he eventually chose to face the reality, will focus on how to proceed in their own factories. "Fortune electronic collapse is a signal that the trend has changed." Zhang Xuanye is a 2000 graduate of college students, he repeatedly referred to the trend in the process of chat with reporters, he believes that compared to other small factory boss, as highly educated entrepreneurs, the advantage lies in the understanding of the industry and economy, grasp the trend, the trend of the environment. In 2007, Zhang Xuanye, the couple took 20 thousand yuan to Shenzhen Chuangdang, beginning to follow others together to do the plastic mobile phone shell coating, because of the recent years Shenzhen copycat business is hot, so hard to earn a sum of money. In 2010 Zhang Xuanye began to open their own factory. "After the discovery of their own business is not so easy, it is domestic trouble and foreign invasion." Zhang Xuanye talked about getting the experience again and again. The first problem he encountered was that labor costs began to climb, especially in the chemical paint industry, because it was not easy to deal with chemicals. The second problem is not. 深圳小老板年前忙催债 寄望猴年精打细算撑下去-搜狐财经     “今年是我创业以来最困难的一年。”电话那头的张宣烨(化名)声音中透着疲惫,他对《每日经济新闻》记者透露,自己刚刚从一家欠他债的供应商那里要债出来,他堵了三天大门终于要到一部分欠款。   猴年的年关对于张宣烨来说不太好过,因为他从1月初开始就开车到处讨债,眼看就要过年了还在凑40名工人的工资,曾经对他们允诺的年终奖更是没戏了。  2015年:最苦逼的是老板  就在与《每日经济新闻》记者通话的时候,张宣烨刚刚从一个欠钱的老板家出来,手里拎着一袋子现金,而且全部是港币。这位老板被张宣烨等几位合作伙伴以及工厂工人逼得没办法,就失踪了三天,然后通知各位去领钱,原来这位老板去了澳门,连着赌了三天终于赢了,把赌桌上赢的港币全带回来发工资,也还了张宣烨等人的欠款。  “2015年最苦逼的职业是老板,一点儿没错。”张宣烨说从那位老板手里拎过那袋子港币的时候,看着眼前已经因上火失声的同行,自己差点哭出来,临出门时从袋子里拿了一万元港币给他,让他过年用。  要账难的不仅仅是张宣烨,据他介绍,自己所在的塑胶涂料行业,仅深圳年前就倒闭了三分之二的企业,都是因为资金链断裂。  去年,深圳发生了几起引起广泛关注的倒闭事件,其中最著名的便是2015年10月福昌电子厂倒闭,上百家中小供应商在那次倒闭事件中损失惨重,张宣烨的塑胶手机壳涂料厂便是其中之一,他的工厂被福昌电子欠款50多万元,至今追讨无望。  最初张宣烨也曾经和其他供应商一起要说法,并想法设法围堵福昌电子老板,但是最终他选择了面对现实,将精力放在了自己工厂如何继续开下去。  “福昌电子倒闭是一个信号,说明趋势变了。”张宣烨是2000年本科毕业的大学生,他在与记者聊天的过程中多次提到了趋势,他认为相较于其他小工厂老板,自己作为受过高等教育的创业者,优势就在于把握趋势,了解行业乃至经济大环境的趋势。  2007年,张宣烨夫妻俩带着2万元来深圳闯荡,刚开始跟着别人一起做塑胶手机壳涂料,因为那几年深圳的山寨机生意火爆,因此狠狠挣了一笔钱。2010年张宣烨就开始自己开厂子。  “自己创业之后才发现没那么容易,简直就是内忧外患。”张宣烨谈起开厂的经历连连叹气。他遇到的第一个问题就是人工成本开始攀升,尤其是化工涂料行业,因为要与化学品打交道,招工也不易。第二个问题就是没有正式的从业执照,因此常常遭遇有关部门的检查和整改。2014年张宣烨租用了一家大型涂料厂的办公区,省去了很多麻烦,但是租金非常贵,每平方米每月70元。  在福昌电子之前,张宣烨就曾摔过大跟头,2014年工厂的供应商有4个老板跑路,留下200多万的欠债没着落,张宣烨咬着牙坚持。当时张宣烨去银行贷款,银行工作人员对他说:“你是上班族我们就批贷,但是你是创业的,贷款不好批。”  2016年:精打细算撑下去“我的厂子起码没倒闭,想要继续活下去必须要精打细算了。”张宣烨对《每日经济新闻》记者表示,已经找到了给工厂“续命”的良方。  福昌电子倒闭的原因之一是产品主要是塑胶手机外观件,而苹果、三星、华为等手机已经逐渐以全金属手机壳为标配。作为福昌电子的供应商之一,张宣烨快速调整了产品,抓住了五金化学辅料的机会。2016年1月,张宣烨的工厂与华南某上市公司签订了合作协议,为其金属手机外壳生产线提供化学辅料,这一笔大单被张宣烨视作雪中送炭的救命单子。  “我只做五金的化学辅料,专注于这个细分行业。”张宣烨在员工规模上也进行了调整,之前工人有40多个,去年底就压缩到了10人左右,并且年后不再招人。“年后招工一点不难,因为待业的人太多了。”当被问及年后手机供应链行业招工是否有难度时,张宣烨回答得直截了当。  对于工厂的管理,张宣烨的想法也变了,不再以老板的心态去管理,而是以合伙人的方式与员工分享,他想让员工明白在行业环境乃至经济大环境都不乐观的情况下,抱团取暖才是过冬的关键。  张宣烨另外一个新年计划是精打细算把控现金流。他说,之前一直存在一个现象,就是供应商要自己垫资供货,把货押给福昌电子这样的大户来获得订单,这也直接导致后来许多中小供应商死于资金链断裂。“我宁愿少赚钱,但是一定要现金,这样我才能不亏。”张宣烨谈到现金流的问题格外激动,再三强调不能再重复之前的悲剧。他还提到了对于五金辅料行业成本的担心,因为产品不良率达到50%,对于成本的把控还需要提升。  “我还是踏踏实实做点实业,炒股这事我不在行。”张宣烨在被记者问及是否炒股时如此回答,他坦言自己身边有不少老板,把钱都投到股市里了,结果2015年很惨。他的合伙人就把一辆宝马赔了进去,张宣烨打算还是老老实实经营自己的小厂,精打细算撑下去。相关的主题文章:

Takeaway veterans talk about food and beverage 2016 takeaway market escape 5 points pre judgment – S 神雕之颠鸾倒凤

2016 words: veteran catering takeaway takeaway market 5 points but to escape pre – Sohu financial past 2015, perhaps for most people, work, wine and dine, a woman will have passed, but for us professionals, this year is like a big bang generally raging like a storm. Group from the United States, Baidu, hungry several giant nuclear burn snatch market in general, to the dada, I reached the distribution service providers with a lot of money into a strong takeaway delivery to the field as changeable as clouds and rain, finally these big game player are shocking hundreds of billions of financing case, without stimulating our fragile little heart… As a brand takeaway businesses, recalled this year, feel like being thrown into the washing machine in one run, facing the new play big game player and followed the bombing, and exclaimed, "this is all what the ghost ‘side to quickly adjust the position to adapt to the new environment, trying not to this is going to get apart. So, at the beginning of 2016, I want to say congratulations to all the colleagues who have gone through 2015 baptism like us, without falling down, we ‘re survived!   however, the new year, the front still has more exciting journey and unknown hardships and dangers waiting for us, in order to make everyone more practical ahead, as a takeaway industry veteran of many years, small venture in 2016 takeaway industry to make the following 5 points: 1, judge burn anymore. Rational value return before 2014, takeaway market can be said to be the wild times, we only as ancillary business hall food store I do, do take the regular army only "a few" Lihua Fast food very few old faces. In addition, there are some black workshops that make wild lunch boxes, which are operated by flyers and telephone ordering, and they can’t get into the mainstream. At this time, "take away" is a very marginal business in the catering industry. Correspondingly, the market demand is not very strong. However, after the intelligent mobile phone and the popularity of 3G networks, O2O will have a good infrastructure in order to enter the outbreak period, and with the whole population, "takeaway attribute high frequency, just need" is the best natural O2O entrance, so the Internet giant and major investors eager to meddle in this, rolled up a the main composition of the bill by a huge storm. Specifically, this storm is blowing, I believe everyone has felt, I want to say is the result of this storm: 1, takeaway market development has been greatly promoted by human advance. 2, the explosive increase in the number of practitioners. 3, the offline product and service level has not made great progress. The first two results are well explained: one is the size of the consumer, the other is the size of the service, and the two can be directly hit by money. Here we would like to thank the visionary capital and atmospheric bright giant, with real money in exchange for the vast world to us. So why is the third result? The reason is simple: the level of products and services should be slowly polished out, not money can be exchanged directly. 外卖老兵话餐饮:2016外卖市场逃不过的5点预判-搜狐财经  已过去的2015年,也许对于大多数人来说,上上班,吃吃喝喝,泡个妹子也就过去了,但对于我们外卖界人士来说,这一年简直就像宇宙大爆炸一般的风起云涌。   从美团、百度、饿了么几个巨头核战一般地烧钱抢夺市场,到达达、点我达等配送服务商带着大量钞票强势插入外卖配送领域翻云覆雨,再到最后这些大玩家们触目惊心动辄几十亿的融资案例,无一不刺激着我们脆弱的小心脏…   作为一个品牌外卖商家,回想起这一年,感觉自己好像被扔到了一个运行中的洗衣机里,面对着接踵而至的大玩家和狂轰滥炸的新玩法,一边惊呼『这都是什么鬼』一边要迅速调整姿势以适应新环境,努力不让自己就这么被搅得散架。   所以,站在2016年伊始,我想对所有像我们一样经历了2015的洗礼而没有倒下的同仁道一声恭喜,we’re survived!     然而,新的一年,前方依旧有更加激动人心的旅途和未知的艰难险阻在等着我们,为了让大家更加踏实地前行,作为一个外卖行业多年的老兵,小的斗胆对2016年的外卖行业做出以下5点判断:   1、烧钱风光不再,理性价值回归   2014年以前,外卖市场可以说是蛮荒时代,大家只当做堂食店的附属业务顺带做一做,专做外卖的正规军恐怕只有『丽华快餐』等等几个极少数的老面孔。另外还有一些做野盒饭的黑作坊,靠发传单和电话订餐来运作,他们入不了主流。这个时候,『外卖』在餐饮行业里算是很边缘的一项业务了。相对应的,市场需求也不是很强。   但是,在智能手机和3G网络普及之后,O2O便拥有了优良的基础设施从而进入爆发期,而外卖拥有『全人群、高频次、刚需』的属性又是O2O天然的最佳入口,于是互联网巨头以及各大投资机构争相染指于此,卷起一场主要由钞票组成的巨大风暴。具体这场风暴是怎么刮的相信大家都已经感受过了,我要说的是这场风暴的结果:   1、外卖市场发展程度被人为推动得大大超前。   2、从业者数量爆炸式的增加。   3、线下的产品和服务水准并没有取得长足的进步。   前两个结果很好解释:一个是消费者规模,一个是服务者规模,而二者都是可以直接用钱砸出来的。在这里我们要感谢远见卓识的资本和大气敞亮的巨头,用真金白银给我们换来了广阔天地。那么第3个结果是为什么呢?原因倒也简单:产品和服务的水准是要慢慢打磨出来的,并不是钱能够直接换来的。所以当资本把整个市场规模加速了之后,就更加凸显出产品和服务的粗陋不堪。   所以现在,外卖行业的主要矛盾已经从『巨大的潜在市场价值与微小的现有市场规模之间的矛盾』转变为『较高的用户期待与较低的产品服务水准之间的矛盾』。   这个行业玩到了现在,明眼人都能看出来,外卖不像打车,再怎么拿钱来拼也不可能有人像滴滴出行那样砍瓜切菜一般地垄断市场了,再加上几大外卖平台都在BAT中找到了属于自己的那条大腿,持久战的格局已定。烧钱不会戛然而止,2016依然会小火慢烧,但资本烧钱已不再是为了『外卖』本身,烧不烧钱也与我们做外卖品牌的人没有什么关系了,甚至这些外卖巨头年内出现合并案例也未尝不可能。   因此,2016年,烧钱的玩法会逐渐被摒弃,继而资本的干扰会变小,外卖行业里的玩家们会更加重视线下产品和服务的升级,也就是所谓的『理性价值』。   2、大浪淘沙,从业者素质大升级   从前,一般读过些书的人是不大屑于做外卖这行的,也是吃不了这个苦的。现在不同了,市场爆发式地增长,以及外卖平台、半成品供应商、配送服务商等第三方服务机构的崛起,使得这个生意的前景看起来比较光明并且好像没有之前看到的那么苦逼了。于是大批高素质人才杀将进来,其中不乏白领、工程师乃至硕士博士(本人就曾是国有银行的核心系统工程师,且优粮生活的各分店负责人中白领、程序员、金融从业者乃至海归也比比皆是)。   这些新入行者的特点是虽然不如以前的外卖从业者吃苦耐劳,但是对于互联网营销、IT管理工具的操作得心应手,具备一些科学的管理知识,这些都是外卖行业新环境下的必备生存技能。更重要的是,他们与客户曾经属于同一圈层,对于维护客户关系,建立人格化品牌有着不可比拟的优势。   相比之下,一些从前的夫妻店就会面临很尴尬的局面。以前要起早贪黑做的『买菜』,『洗菜』,『择菜』,『发传单』,『送餐』等等这些辛苦活儿,现在都有更专业的服务商(外卖平台、半成品提供商、配送服务商)来解决了,以前唯一的从业壁垒『勤劳』就这样被破除了,而他们在其他方面又很难取得优势。   因此,2016年是从业者素质大升级的一年,外卖不再是『是个人就能做的行业』,高素质从业者会将低素质从业者快速淘汰(注意,高素质≠高学历!优粮生活体系下也有不少以前做夫妻外卖店的小老板,现在转做优粮生活照样风生水起。决定素质的是思想观念,而不是学历)。   3、IT系统成为核心竞争力   可能有人要问了,我们把饭做好就是了,跟IT有毛关系?这个结论的大背景是『人力成本上涨』,没错,外卖的两大最关键成本是房租和人力。国家经济进入下降周期,你可以指望商业地产有可能把房租降下来,但是人力成本一定是上涨的,而且是不可逆的上涨。这种上涨会有多大影响?君不见,去年配送服务商借资本之力人为抬高了人力成本已经压死了不少粗放式经营的外卖商家了。   所以,既然『机器人炒菜』和『无人机送餐』这种高科技还指望不上,我们就只能接受人力成本越来越贵的新常态,这个时候,粗放式经营会让自己死得很惨,提高运行效率才是唯一的出路。而提高运行效率,IT系统是个很重要的发力点。   IT系统的作用有多大?举几个例子:   没有IT系统,接单员、厨师、打包员、客服及配送管理员之间的沟通只能靠吼,效率低,出错率极高;有了IT系统,店内店外每一个角色都有自己的ID和工作页面,大家完全根据系统指示来操作,店里会安静很多,大家再忙也不会乱。   没有IT系统,对于连锁品牌就无法监控各店运营状况,人肉监督的成本会把整个利润吃光光;有了IT系统,所有数据集中展现,坐在办公室便可进行监控,甚至可以通过程序自动监控,运营成本大大降低。   没有IT系统,厨师只能看每一张订单来炒菜,没法合并订单,效率也低下;有了IT系统,厨师可以看订单合并统计值进行批量加工,效率不可同日而语。   优粮生活在没有IT系统时,店内10个人每天搞300份餐累得趴下,有了IT系统,现在店内同样10个人轻松搞定1200份餐。关于IT系统,具体的不在这里讲,我会单开专题写文章。   2016年,无论是之前烧钱做起来的外卖品牌,或是粗放式经营野蛮生长起来的外卖品牌,还是我们这样中规中矩稳扎稳打做出来的品牌,都会面临盈利的压力,所以这个时候,能够提高生产效率,降低人力成本的IT系统就会获得大家前所未有的重视。当然,得是自主开发的IT系统才是核心竞争力,买来的不算哦。   4、接口标准成为行业新诉求   接口标准实现的前提条件是IT系统的普及,所以这一点算作上一个话题的延伸。此点判断的背景是外卖行业专业化分工发展迅速,仅在这一两年之内迅速产生了外卖销售平台、毛菜配送商、半成品供应商、第三方配送服务商等等专业服务机构。至此,外卖脱离了家庭作坊自产自销的模式,成为多个专业环节配合完成的工作。   而既然使用IT系统提高效率降低成本是外卖行业所有玩家的宿命,那么无论是外卖商家、外卖平台还是第三方服务商都需要建设自己的IT系统。而如果这些系统之间不能互联互通,对于整个流程的效率提升就会大打折扣。   因此,2016年,外卖上下游各方的数据衔接会成为一个行业性的需求,如果做得好,整个行业的效率都会呈现飞跃性的提升。不过接口标准统一有两个前提:   1、IT系统在行业中的普及。   2、行业中出现强势的标准制定者。   目前这两个前提都远未达成,所以这是本文中唯一一条年内不一定会实现的判断。   5、消费升级,品牌开战   如果说2015年是『外卖平台之年』,那么有理由相信2016年是『外卖品牌之年』。   这并不是说外卖平台要淡出舞台,而是外卖平台也到了需要建立品牌的时候了。有心人也许能看出来,现在三大外卖平台的订餐页面和操作流程几乎是一模一样的,随便截个图别人都看不出来是在哪个平台订的餐,这是因为在烧钱跑马圈地的时代,这样可以降低用户的转移成本,简单来说就是抢别人家的用户更方便。   这个时候大家是没有什么品牌意识的,而且作为纯信息平台,没办法干预线下的产品和服务体验,建立品牌也没有意义。但是如今三大平台都有了自己的配送服务,他们可绝对不会让配送员都穿一样的衣服,一定是都带着自己的大logo的。他们会把识别度做到最高,再拼了命地提高配送体验,给客户留下『XXX就是快』、『XXX送餐小哥长得帅』等等印象…这个其实就是典型的建立品牌的行为。   平台尚且如此,作为外卖商家,我们就更应该具有品牌意识了。现在是一个消费升级的时代,用户已经不满足于『能吃』的外卖,还有『好吃』、『安全』、『营养』、『及时』、『好看』、『有趣』等等一系列更进一步的升级需求,并愿意为此买单。假设我们历尽千辛万苦最终能够满足这些需求,怎样让用户在下单前就信任我们?唯一的答案是建立品牌,围绕品牌输出价值,一能取得用户信任,建立跨平台的口碑,二能获得品牌溢价,增加利润。   如今放眼四望,堂食品牌已经群星闪耀,而外卖的知名品牌却寥寥无几,我必须说,这不科学。如果你能理解我说的,那么恭喜你,2016年这里会是最主要的战场,也是最有价值的战场。   总结   废话少说,2016年属于拥有品牌、注重产品体验、拥有自主IT系统、拥有接口开发能力、拥有高素质经营者的外卖品牌。请大家对号入座,查缺补漏,最后祝大家开工大吉,新年加油。相关的主题文章:

国指收报 9794.33点 郑州大学二附中

Cen Zhiyong: Deutsche Bank Crisis in October by the first high to low hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The Hang Seng index opened 208.95 points, the opening level of 23828.6 points, is a full-time high place. The Hang Seng index opened higher after repeated morning in 23700 soft, leather. Afternoon index slightly improved, to close at 23739.47 points, up 119.82 points or 0.51%, the whole day amplitude of 220.61 points, turnover of 59 billion 68 million yuan. The index closed at 9794.33 points, up 74.49 points, or 0.77%; A shares closed at 2998.48 points, up 10.63 points, or 0.36%, three index trend of preference.   futures settlement price estimates for 23702 points, October open for a total of 151675 pieces, open the net number for 46848, not flat net accounted for only 30%, the material in October was the first high low trend. The Hang Seng Index to   Yin candle ‘hammerhead’ closing, reflected in more than 23800 of the selling pressure is not light, but at 10 SMA and 20 SMA level, about 23500 level of support.   Deutsche Bank (DB) of the crisis has been concerned about the market, foreign reports that Millennium, Capula and Rokos, about 10 hedge funds reduced at Deutsche Bank’s risk exposure; otherwise some of Deutsche Bank customer request three party credit agreement. The chairman of the Eurogroup also said that the fines imposed by the United States on Deutsche Bank would threaten financial stability. On the other hand, Commerzbank plans to cut 9600 people and suspend dividends, and plans to do business restructuring. Affected by the news, the U.S. three index soft. This morning, the stock market in the Asia Pacific soft night period rose and ADR fell back, both Chi, material HSI Piandan, 23500 levels of material under test.   in addition, China’s new manufacturing PMI in September will be announced at 9:45 this morning, with a median estimate of 50.1 and 50 in August; material data will be the focus of the market.   China Water Affairs (0855), the main business is water supply and sewage treatment; sales of property development and investment; construction of roads and other urban projects; production and sale of concrete products and other products. In the group at the end of March 2016 annual results, recorded a turnover of 4 billion 33 million yuan, up 41.08%; gross profit 1 billion 901 million yuan, up 40.52%; net profit of 552 million yuan, up 48.78 on the 岑智勇:德银危机增 10月先高后低 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   恒指高开 208.95点,开市水平23828.6点,也是全日高位所在。恒指高开后反覆回软,早市於23700牛皮。午后指数走势略改善,收报 23739.47点,升119.82点或0.51%,全日波幅220.61点,成交590.68亿元。国指收报 9794.33点,升74.49点或0.77%;A股收报 2998.48点,升10.63点或0.36%,三大指数走势偏好。    期指估计结算价为23702点,10月未平仓总数為151675张,未平仓净数為46848张,未平净佔比仅过三成,料10月会呈先高后低走势。    恒指以阴烛‘锤头’收市,反映在23800以上的沽压不轻,幸而在10 SMA及20 SMA水平,约23500水平有支持。    德意志银行 (DB) 的危机再备受市场关注,外电报道指市传Millennium、Capula和Rokos等约10家对冲基金减少了在德意志银行的风险敞口;另有指德意志银行的一些客户要求三方信用协议安排。欧元集团主席亦表示,美国对德意志银行的罚款会威胁金融稳定。另方面,德国商业银行计画裁员9,600人并暂停派息,并拟进行业务重组。受消息影响,美国三大指数偏软。今早亚太股市偏软,夜期上升而ADR下跌,两者背驰,料恒指走势偏淡,料下试23500水平。    另,中国9月财新製造业PMI将於今天上午9:45公佈,预估中值為50.1,8月份报50;料数据将会是市场焦点。   个股介绍;    中国水务(0855) 主要业务為供水及提供污水处理;销售物业之开发及投资;修建公路及其他城市工程;生產及销售混凝土產品及其他產品。   集团在截至2016年3月底全年业绩,录得营业额40.33亿元,按年升41.08%;毛利19.01亿元,按年升40.52%;纯利5.52亿元,按年升48.78%;每股盈利36.58仙;派末期息5仙。   集团近日多次回购股份,股价及成交量上升,出现异动信号,可予留意。股份昨收 5.03元,上望 5.5元,止损设於 5元。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

相比创业板综指跑赢5.5% 枣庄学院怎么样

A stock market revealed the valuation of depression four line capture opportunities Sina App: Ruoshi live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money four lines to capture A shares Peng friends Xu Tingxian Ruoshi chance 3004.70 points, the Shanghai Composite Index ended in September 30th before the three quarter of 2016 to this point. That’s down 15.1% from 3536.59 at the beginning of the year. In the context of China’s low economic operation, interest rates continue downward, asset allocation shortage is more serious. So in the weak market shocks A shares, although the dark, it is still an important battlefield of investors. Relative to the property market, the bond market and other markets, A share market gradually shows the valuation depression, changeable situation, but also does not lack investment opportunities, the key lies in how investors dig and grasp. The value of blue chip advantage in a A stock market, reasonable valuation and good performance growth gradually play its core supporting force on stock price. This year, the SSE 50 index on behalf of the large blue chips outstanding performance in all broad base index, relative to Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 won 2.3%, the relative CSI 500 won 6.2%, compared with the gem composite index won 5.5%. Whether in the bull market or bear market, the blue chip stocks with little change in stock price volatility have a fairly favourable and stable rate of return on investment. At present, the dividend rate of Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 index is close to 3.1%, and considerable dividend and dividend increase the investment income for investors, but also improves the investment safety cushion. Small crocodile asset chairman Huang Hui said that the current blue chips generally have low market rate, low price earnings ratio characteristics, has a clear valuation advantage. In the case of other assets relatively overvalued, the medium and long term funds can actively configure high-quality blue chips, on the one hand, the possibility of valuation return, on the other hand, is the need to play the new configuration market value, high dividend blue chips will show more obvious investment value. Founder Securities believes that both placards and policies, blue chip station tuyere, the market entered the blue chip time, the Shanghai stock market has gradually become the main battlefield of funds. Ning Ning GF Securities believes that the market interest rates continue downward, the balance of treasure yields a record low for the year, A grade bonds, panic buying are the strength index of asset shortage, A has experienced several stocks inside the stock market crash, some assets may already have considerable appeal, venture capital frequently placards as evidence, including the future the impact of further RRR cuts, Shenzhen Tong and other events of concern, bullish on the Shanghai index and the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index of blue chip market is probably not over. Placards concept stocks into a bright spot, a line of placards is always affecting thousands of people. Since 2015, "Jupai tide" since the rise, placards stocks show a certain excess returns, has become a highlight in the weak market. Statistics show that since September as of 27, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city, 9 companies were placards, including Yili, the Three Gorges water conservancy, new building shares, Lijiang tourism, Wuchang and other 5 companies among the top fund holdings, total holdings of about 6 billion 200 million yuan. The 5 companies in addition to the Erie shares are still suspended, there are varying degrees of theory within the month

A股市场显露估值洼地 四条主线捕捉弱市机会 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新股申购:股市最简单捡钱方式   四条主线 捕捉弱市A股机会   彭友 徐庭娴   3004.70点,上证指数9月30日以如此点位结束了2016年的前三个季度。这距离年初的3536.59点,下跌了15.1%。   在中国经济低位运行的大背景下,利率持续下行,资产配置荒较为严重。如此处于弱市震荡下的A股,虽则惨淡一片,却依然是投资者们的重要战场。相对于楼市、债市等市场而言,A股市场逐渐显露出估值洼地,风云变幻但也并不缺乏投资机会,关键在于投资者如何挖掘与把握。   蓝筹股估值优势   在风雨飘摇的A股市场,合理的估值与良好的业绩增长逐渐发挥出其对股价的核心支撑力。   今年以来,代表大盘蓝筹股的上证50指数在所有宽基指数当中表现突出,相对沪深300跑赢2.3%,相对中证500跑赢6.2%,相比创业板综指跑赢5.5%。无论在牛市还是熊市,股价波幅变动不大的蓝筹股有着相当优厚稳定的投资报酬率。而目前,上证50指数的股息率接近3.1%,可观的股息与分红在为投资者增厚投资收益的同时,也提高了投资的安全垫。   小鳄资产董事长黄慧表示,当前蓝筹股普遍具有低市净率、低市盈率的特点,拥有明显的估值优势。在其他资产相对高估的情况下,中长线资金可以积极配置优质蓝筹股,一方面有估值回归的可能,另一方面也是打新配置市值的需要,高股息蓝筹股将彰显出愈发明显的投资价值。方正证券认为,举牌与政策并举,蓝筹站上风口,市场进入了蓝筹时间,沪市逐渐成为资金主战场。   广发证券安宁宁认为,市场利率不断下行,余额宝收益率创下年内新低,分级A、债券的恐慌买盘等都是资产荒的强度指标,A股场内经历了数次股灾之后,部分资产可能已经具备相当吸引力,险资频繁举牌似为佐证,未来包括进一步降准降息、深港通等事件冲击值得关注,看多上证指数与沪深300指数,蓝筹行情可能尚未结束。   举牌概念股成亮点   一道举牌线总是牵动万千人心。自2015年“举牌潮”兴盛以来,举牌概念股都显现出了一定的超额收益,成为弱市中的一大亮点。统计显示,9月份以来截至27日,沪深两市有9家公司被“举牌”,其中,伊利股份、三峡水利、新筑股份、丽江旅游、武昌鱼等5家公司增持资金居前,合计增持约62亿元。而上述5家公司除伊利股份尚处于停牌以外,月内均出现不同程度的上涨,其中武昌鱼上涨幅度最大,月内累计上涨50.46%。   而自万科股权之争如火如荼上演以来,险资举牌蔚为大观。近日,阳光保险举牌伊利股份再次引起A股市场轩然大波。近年来,随着保险资产体量的快速扩容,其股票投资规模亦大幅提升。数据显示,2016年6月保险资金股票投资规模占股市总市值的2.3%,已逐步接近基金(约占总市值的3.7%)的规模。尽管“野蛮人”入侵饱受市场争议,但由于市场期待举牌资金抢夺筹码带来股价上涨,举牌往往为投资者所欢迎。险资举牌更是趋于成为市场投资的一道风向标。   除却险资举牌股票,上市公司大股东逆市增持也打开了市场想象。著名经济学家宋清辉表示,整体来看,上市公司重要股东的增持对股价有正面影响,表明其对公司未来发展有信心。在市场出现大幅下跌的背景下,不论是上市公司大股东、高管,还是产业资本在二级市场上增持上市公司的股份行为,虽然可能不会抑制股价的下跌,但是却可以起到提振投资者信心的作用,大动作的增持股票甚至会带动股价的上涨。   近期,东华能源实际控制人采用进取级份额方式,以自筹资金认购1亿元,优先级份额投资者认购2亿元,于2016年7月-9月期间完成增持,平均增持成本12.97元 股。增持完成后,公司实际控制人合计控股45.43%。采用进取级份额认购表明控股股东对公司未来信心十足。近期公司股价也在悄然走高。   然而,举牌并不意味着完全利好,长久的举牌拉锯战也可能给上市公司的治理和经营带来负面阻碍以及不满的市场情绪。譬如,7月中旬在对万科股价极为不利的市场情绪下,部分基金选择了卖出。公开交易信息显示,7月4日和7月5日万科A卖出金额排名前五位的交易席位中,多数为机构席位。一位市场人士表示,要警惕股权争夺战带来的负面效应,并剔除一些投机性的被举牌公司。而在并购重组监管趋严的背景下,对于壳资源的举牌亦不宜盲目跟风。   埋伏小市值股   统计显示,截至9月22日,沪深两市股价在9元以下(两市平均股价为9元)且流通市值在50亿元以下的个股共有175只。其中,有91只个股月内出现上涨,跑赢大盘,占可交易158只个股的比例为57.59%。而9月份截至25日,两市共有400家上市公司受到机构调研,根据统计,在上述公司中有285家公司半年报净利润增长,221家公司总市值在100亿元以下。显然,绩优公司以及小市值公司成为机构关注的热门。   当前市值的大小和未来的成长空间直接决定了股价上升的空间。小市值低股价类个股具有安全边际较高的特点,容易受到主力资金拉抬;公司所属行业前景不错的小市值股更是具有随时爆发的潜力——要么在公司本身主业上有所突破,要么实施借壳重组。存量资金博弈的格局下,小市值股票更容易成为资本围猎的中心。   A股市场上不仅绩优小市值股表现突出进而受到资本青睐,另一方面,由国资委或央企实际控制的绩差小市值股也有不俗表现。据统计,在65家国资控股的小市值公司中有四成已谋重组。   而在绩差低市值股中,主业不济、业绩连续亏损的ST股在退市压力下一向股性活跃,具有倒逼转型的潜在预期。譬如对于\*ST蒙发、\*ST国通、\*ST江化、*ST沪科、\*ST南化等市值长期在30亿元附近徘徊的ST股而言,一旦其停牌转型注入优质资产,或有望开启造富运动。   捕捉重组概念股   A股市场总是包含着无限的可能性。近期以来,许多重组股在重组终止或失败后股价不跌反涨,乃至出现一字板涨停的现象再次重塑了投资者的认知——重组失败的股票并非都是“地雷股”,有些反而能够提供投资机会。5月2日,众和股份由于资产置换涉及债务转移、抵押资产置换等内容,公司及交易对方、相关银行一直未能形成解决方案,宣布终止筹划资产置换事项。次日复牌,众和股份开盘报18.55元,截止9:30分,该股涨10.02%报18.55元涨停。9月7日,停牌近三月的商赢环球宣布终止重大重组事项,转而继续全力推进公司非公开项目进程。公告次日,商赢环球复牌后一字涨停,报26.86元,成交额7119万元。   据统计,从股价表现来看,在今年62家重组失败的公司中,除却目前仍停牌的股票,总体而言股价涨多跌少。以终止重组公告披露日至9月上旬的涨跌幅计算,股价上涨的有41家,占比66%;下跌的有17家,占比27.4%。其中涨幅超过20%的有14家公司,而下跌超过20%的仅有2家公司。   尽管上述公司重组失败,但上市公司已明确显露了其并购重组的意图,有较高概率再次启动后续资本运作。正是在后市强烈的重组预期下,重组失败的公司并未面临股价大跌的尴尬境地,在短期内反而会有不错的市场表现。对于这类股票的投资,集中关注已经公告重组失败或未通过证监会审核的标的能够提高对重组概念股的定位“精准度”。   惠祥投资总裁殷佑嘉认为,随着今年证监会“史上最严”重组新规的出台,重组失败的案例在未来一段时间内都将趋多,投资者可以从中发掘投资机会。然而,投资者应该对重组标的具备一定的甄别能力,对于重组预期的看好也应当建立在该重组事项具有真正产业价值、有利于提升上市公司质量的基础之上。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

有超过10亿美元的资金涌入了黄金基金 富二代ken少

February 15th important financial information summary: today look at A shares! February 15th: summary of important financial information all over the world are calling your name A shares today to see your monkey; January over 90% private equity fund products are negative earnings, revenue is only 5%; financial income is not closing spring festival 100 thousand and 7 days to earn the money of fruit; gold high 2013~2014 grab Kim mom or get out of trouble. – stock – the world is calling your name, A shares today look at your monkey like A shares, the Chinese new year off the market, the global market "nightmare" a week, during the periphery of the stock market turmoil, the European and American stock market once collapsed. Today, the first trading day of A stock monkey opening year – the world is waiting for the opening of A shares, are calling your name, today to see your monkey like…… Chinese the Spring Festival holiday did not bring some peace to the troubled global market last week, also have joined the ranks of the United States than the miserable: the Dow Jones index fell 1.43%, the S & P 500 index fell 0.81%, the NASDAQ index fell 0.59%; the European market, Germany’s DAX index fell 3.43%, the French CAC40 index fell 4.89%, the British financial times 100 the index fell 2.40%. The Asian market, the Hang Seng Index fell 5.02% last week; the Nikkei index is the biggest weekly decline in 8 years; known as the world’s most successful Korean gem plunged more than 8%, triggering the first fuse, suspended trading for 20 minutes. This collective queuing wheel down, the power comparable to "black five", just like spades flush. In the global stock market ‘, A shares today ushered in the opening, but not optimistic. Experts predict that the A shares opened on the first day of the probability of a lower stock index is higher, while the lower open range or will have a greater impact on the trend of the stock index day. If there is a low, the time or copy chassis will advance to stabilize stock index time is more, if the stock index opened lower amplitude, it is likely to continue to decline trend. Central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said that the domestic stock market, bond market, currency market, the money market and other market segments have a spillover impact, to prevent cross infection between several domestic financial markets". Many people believe that the domestic stock market crash is related to the devaluation of the RMB, since Zhou Xiaochuan said that the basic support for the RMB to strengthen, we wait and see. During the Spring Festival, gold stocks continue to be strong throughout the Spring Festival, and there is still a wave of gold rush throughout the country during the spring festival". In particular, Beijing, the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta region, physical gold sales hot, some categories of gold jewelry was even bought out. From the international perspective, last month the price of gold has been hovering in the low; with the arrival of the Spring Festival and the decline of the dollar and other factors driving the gold hedging effect, the international price of gold last week rose more than 7%, a record seven years the biggest weekly gain, to some extent promote the consumption of gold market. Due to buying up or not buying, it has a stimulating effect on domestic investors to buy physical gold demand. Last week, gold futures surged due to global financial market turmoil, stock market decline and increased investor demand for risk aversion; Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen’s congressional testimony 10 days ago

2月15日重要理财信息汇总:今天就看A股了!   2月15日重要理财信息汇总:全世界都在呼喊你的名字A股 今天就看你的猴样;1月超九成私募基金产品负收益 正收益仅5%;银行理财收益春节不打烊 10万7天挣出水果钱;金价创新高 2013~2014年抢金大妈或解套。   ——股票——   全世界都在呼喊你的名字A股 今天就看你的猴样   A股春节休市全球市场遇“噩梦”一周,期间外围股市一片动荡,欧美股市更是一度全线崩盘。今天,A股猴年开市首个交易日——全世界都在等待A股开盘,都在呼喊你的名字,今天就看你的猴样……   中国的春节长假没有给陷入困境的全球市场带来一丝平静,上周还纷纷加入“比惨”行列:美国道琼斯指数下跌1.43%、标普500指数下跌0.81%、纳斯达克指数下跌0.59%;欧洲市场中,德国DAX指数下跌3.43%、法国CAC40指数下跌4.89%、英国金融时报100指数下跌2.40%。亚洲市场,恒生指数上周重挫5.02%;日经指数更是创下8年最大周跌幅;号称全球最成功的韩国创业板暴跌超过8%,触发第一阶熔断,暂停交易20分钟。这样集体排队轮着跌,威力堪比“黑五”,就像黑桃的同花顺。   在全球股市哀鸣中,A股今天迎来开盘,乐观派却不多。专家预计,A股开盘首日股指出现低开的概率较高,而低开的幅度或将对股指当天的走势产生较大影响。如果出现大幅低开,则抄底盘出现的时间或将提前,给股指走稳留出的时间也较多,相反如果股指低开幅度较低,则很可能出现继续下跌走势。   央行行长周小川表示,国内股市、债市、汇市、货币市场等市场板块间有相互溢出冲击,要防止国内几个金融市场之间“交叉感染”。之前很多人认为国内股市大跌与人民币贬值有关,既然周小川说基本面支持人民币走强,我们拭目以待。   春节各地迎来“抢金潮” 黄金股或延续强势   春节期间国各地仍迎来一波“抢金潮”。特别是北京、珠三角和长三角地区,实物黄金销售火爆,一些品类的黄金饰品甚至被买断了货。   从国际上看,上个月金价一直在低位徘徊;随着春节到来和美元下跌等因素驱动黄金避险效应,   国际金价上周上涨超过7%,创下七年最大单周涨幅,一定程度上带动了黄金消费市场。由于买涨不买跌,对国内投资者购买实物金需求有刺激作用。   上周黄金期货由于全球金融市场动荡、股市下跌加大投资者避险需求而大涨;美联储主席耶伦10日的国会证词暗示将放缓加息步伐也利好具有保值避险功能的黄金期价。11日,黄金期价大涨4.45%,创下一年来高点。今年以来黄金ETF上涨约15%,资金流向监测机构EPFR数据显示,在截至10日的当周,黄金基金吸引到大量资金流入,有超过10亿美元的资金涌入了黄金基金。   根据中国黄金协会数据统计,中国作为全球第一大产金国,2015年黄金产量首次出现负增长(产量450.053吨,同比下滑0.39%),而消费量同比增长3.66%。另外,根据GFMS统计数据显示,目前全球黄金边际成本均值在1200美元 盎司,并且金价自2011年下滑后,全球金矿上游资源勘探开始呈现下降趋势,这都将在未来一段时间内对黄金产量继续扩张形成负面影响,对金价上行给予供需面的支撑。A股上市公司中,可关注金矿龙头   山东黄金、 中金黄金、 豫光金铅、湖南黄金、 紫金矿业、 西部黄金,也可以关注老凤祥、豫园商城黄金卖场股表现。   ——基金——   1月超九成私募基金产品负收益 正收益仅5%   今年1月A股遭遇罕见暴跌,上证指数跌幅为22.65%,创业板指数跌幅26.53%。在整体市场不好情况下,私募基金经历黑色1月。数据显示,在已公布1月净值的股票型私募产品中,仅5%左右产品取得正收益;超六成私募产品跌幅达到10%以上,300多只私募产品跌幅超过沪深300指数。   同时,多只私募产品在2015年度股票私募中排名靠前,1月却出现业绩“变脸”,有的从去年最后两月大涨70%,到1月大跌40%以上;还有一些私募大佬净值跌幅也非常大。但去年股票冠军私募产品跌幅较小,显示较好风控能力。   A股大跌,股票型私募产品1月遭受重创。好买基金数据显示,截至2月14日,已公布1月净值的股票型私募基金,其月度收益率均值为-13.34%,达到去年6月股灾期间的水平。   好买基金数据显示,目前公布净值的1574只股票私募产品,1月取得正收益的仅有80只,占比仅为5%左右。在这些逆势获取正收益的产品中,收益最高者为私募工场君洽精选1期,1月收益率为83.68%,麦田一号1月收益率为58.47%,红角一号、东兴金选1号、安盈1号、蓝海一号、复华1期1月收益率在10%~33%。同时,私募大佬赵丹阳旗下多只产品收益率在0.07%~0.20%,另外,蔡明、吕俊、曾军旗下皆有产品获得正收益。   相比而言,超过九成股票私募基金在1月大跌市中净值均有不同程度的受损。其中,1037只产品跌幅超过10%,比例高达66%;336只产品跌幅超过通常意义上的业绩比较基准沪深300(同期跌幅21.04%),比例达到两成以上;130只产品跌幅超过创业板指数(同期跌幅26.53%)。穗富1号、兴云福苑、粤财穗富2号、穗富6号、华银共同基金、睿星财富1号这些产品,1月跌幅超过40%,最高者达到46.55%。   私募认为,1月产品跌幅较大,整体市场行情不好是主要影响因素。在暴跌行情下,私募基金普遍受伤较为严重,显得无能为力,感觉操作上比较被动。不少私募基金没有及时减仓,导致遇上年初大跌,净值再度告急。现在有的已经大幅减仓,及时止损,有的则干脆高仓位跌下去,回撤幅度较大。   保本基金两极分化:新产品比例配售 老基金缩水   2015年底开始蔓延的一波保本风已持续数月,但依然没有降温。   2016年开局不利的环境下,保本基金再次逆势火爆。记者了解到,已有多家基金公司将保本基金发行提上议程,并代替了原来货币基金的位置,用以增加规模。   新发保本基金的规模已经屡创新高,于1月28日提前结束募集的华安安康保本更是创下了52亿元的首募规模,将保本基金募集纪录首次拔高至50亿元之上。   而该基金在募集完毕后在2月1日就迅速宣布成立,加上已募集完毕但仍未成立的安信安盈保本、广发稳安保本、华安安华保本、建信安心保本五号、诺安安鑫保本、平安大华安享保本、兴业保本,2015年12月以来新成立的保本基金数量已经达到31只(A、B类分开计算),募集规模达到705.79亿元。   而整个保本基金市场已扩容至111只,总规模达到1949.05亿元。急速的扩容也让越来越多的基金公司发现保本基金所带来的黄金机会,已有基金公司对记者表示,公司取消了原本议程中的两只货币基金的发行计划,改为迅速申请新保本基金,并在获批前已在与担保机构洽谈。   沪上某基金公司也坦言,希望通过把握住保本基金的发行热潮来增加公司的规模,“就像2013年猛发货币一样,保本基金绝对有这方面优势”。但随着保本基金的急速扩容,越来越多的保本基金纷纷出现提前结束募集并且比例配售,而老保本基金则出现两极分化现象。   根据2015年四季报显示,保本基金虽然募集规模越来越大,但能够保持规模不缩水的却很少。据统计,有46只基金成立于2015年之前,这些产品均有同一个现象,2014年时候规模急速缩水,2015年6月的规模却又大幅暴增,但能够维持2015年年底依然保持规模增长的并不多,仅有长城久利保本、中海安鑫保本、新华阿里保本、长城久鑫等10余只。   多数保本基金的份额,去年年中到年底均出现缩水,值得关注的是,有数只基金规模犹如昙花一现。金鹰元安保本2014年底规模仅为0.99亿份,到2015年年中时达到16.06亿份,翻了16倍,但到年终却仅剩下1.96亿份。    ——银行——   银行理财收益春节不打烊 10万7天挣出水果钱   随着年终奖的入账,人们的口袋在年前个个鼓鼓囊囊,虽然长假只放7天,商店休业,但这笔资金不能闲置,以10万元理财资金,3.5%的年化收益计算,这7天的小长假收益就能有将近70块钱,对于一个三口之家来说,70块钱足够买几天的水果了。   本报记者走访了解到,大多数 银行网点在春节期间采取轮休制,上一天休一天,例如部分网点在初二、初四、初六轮休,其他时间则均有工作人员正常营业,亚运村附近一银行网点值班人员对本报记者表示,虽然正常营业但是办理业务的人非常少,基本都是换新钞票或者兑换零钞的值班的2天中只有3人次问询近期有无理财产品发售。   虽然物理网点略显冷清,但是电子银行渠道却异常火爆。本报记者发现,不少银行都在春季前夕就打出了春节理财不打烊的广告,让客户在春节期间也能享受理财产品的收益。   除了中长期理财产品,也有部分银行提供了超短期理财产品,目的就是为了覆盖春节小长假,例如浦发银行推出的靠浦e投项目,投资期限仅为30天,预期年化收益为4.6%,仅仅100元起投。   根据银率网数据库统计,1月23日至29日,全国共有784款银行理财产品发售,平均预期收益率为4.2%,而从上述银行特供春节理财产品来看,收益相对都不错,显示出银行诚意满满。   而随着黄金价格走高,不少银行理财的投资者也展现出对黄金投资的浓厚兴趣,光大银行一位理财经理告诉本报记者,年前就接待了不少投资者来询问黄金理财产品,客户十分关注黄金理财产品的风险问题,而目前黄金理财产品多是结构性产品,挂钩黄金价格涨跌,对于普通客户来说,风险较大。   据本报记者了解,在去年年底,民生银行发行业内首款黄金投资、黄金计息理财产品民生金生鑫1号“,以450克实物黄金为投资起点,预期年化收益率3%-6%。   ——其他——   金价创新高 2013~2014年抢金大妈或解套   在本周中美联储主席耶伦发表了偏向鸽派的政策言论之后,全球金融市场变动极大:美元指数一路走跌,市场避险需求进一步增长,国际黄金价格由此继续突破高位,本周五凌晨纽约市场报收在了1246美元 盎司的1年最高位,周五小幅度回落至1237美元。中国内地各大商业银行交易的纸黄金产品普遍突破了260元 克的关口。   国际油价与黄金价格的命运则迥然不同,本周四到周五隔夜交易日,油价跌幅超过6%,纽约商交所原油期货价格2月11日触及26.05美元 桶,刷新12年来的低点,周五白天受到空头回补操作影响,反弹到了27美元以上。   广州日报记者对比了2013~2014年中国大妈3次“抢金”的时间段,刚好落在1200~1350美元 盎司之间,目前的黄金价格已经部分超过了当时的“抄底”价格。由此可见,当时大量买金的投资者,目前已经部分解套,并有望全部解套。   目前来看,2016年美联储加息的可能性已经变得微乎其微,有利于金价的进一步反弹,但国际大宗商品持续熊市也会对金价形成拖累。金价是否能就此走出“熊市”,仍需要研究2~4月的美国经济数据。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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Business Accidents happen and sometimes at the strangest places. Often they cannot be prevented. Someone drops something slippery on the floor and causes some unsuspected person to trip while walking by. If there is an injury, it is important to contact a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer . Most people do not want to file a claim because they do not want to cause problems. They might not realize though that it is important to have some compensation. Doctor bills, rehabilitation and therapy can be very expensive and often extra money is needed to get the proper care. No one really knows what the future brings either, so it is a good idea to be well prepared for any future problems. There are Auto Accident Attorneys in San Diego who specialize in helping people who have been hurt through no fault of their own. They are well trained and understand all the laws and statues. Most people are not sure if they are due any type of compensation after an accident so it is a good idea to check with someone who knows. Often, it is as simple as a phone call to the attorneys office and asking a few simple questions. They will be able to advise the injured person as to whether there is a possibility of a legal case. They will ask for accurate information and copies of all bills that have been incurred because of the accident. Usually, they will advise the injured person to not sign anything without having a good attorney give them advice. No one should give up and say there is not a chance for help without asking a professional. Often they are surprised to find how easy it is to get the compensation due them. Because life is full of surprises and accidents do happen, it is important to take charge and make sure all the proper bases are covered by calling a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney who specializes in helping people. Remember, it doesnt cost to make that call, so check it out and get the needed help. It is the responsible thing to do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Legal On October 17, 2005, new bankruptcy law went into effect, changing the process of filing for bankruptcy throughout the United States. This new shift in law requires additional steps to be taken by the attorney and the debtor but has been geared toward benefiting the debtor. The following details explain the changes in the law and how they will affect anyone considering bankruptcy. Documentation The documentation required for filing for bankruptcy has been increased, asking the debtor to provide additional information thoroughly detailing all of their income and expenses. If expenses exceed the IRS allowance, a special circumstances document must be submitted explaining the reasons for the extra expenses. A statement of accuracy must also be submitted with the special circumstances document. The additional documentation makes the task of filing take more time but provides more accuracy to a debtors financial dilemma. This could result in more debt relief. Counseling In an attempt to decrease the number of people filing for bankruptcy, the new law requires that debtors receive counseling from an approved credit counseling agency within six months prior to filing for bankruptcy. The purpose of the counseling is to ensure that people are not making an uninformed decision to file for bankruptcy. It is also the hope of the court that counseling will provide alternative options for those who truly dont need to file. The Means Test Before the new law, consultations with an attorney would allow the client to choose what type of bankruptcy they felt suited them best. However, the new law is framed to reduce the number of Chapter 7 filings by only allowing people who fall under their median state income, adjusted for family size and inflation, and people who meet rigorous standards under the means test to file for it. The rest of the people who dont meet these standards must be evaluated by a series of complex, mathematical formulas that change annually to match new median incomes and expense standards. Clients who do not qualify through the means test will be required to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The new law also extended the Chapter 13 term from a three- to five-year term, to a mandatory five-year term. Throughout the mandatory five-year term, the client must be supervised and represented before they can receive their discharge. The effects of the new law make the process of filing for bankruptcy more complex, requiring attorneys to specialize in bankruptcy law. To completely understand how the new bankruptcy laws in your state can impact your debt and affect your life, speak with a local bankruptcy lawyer. If you are seriously considering bankruptcy and you live in Los Angeles, you need to consult with an attorney who understands California bankruptcy laws. Not all bankruptcy attorneys are the same. While the process appears complicated, a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney will be able to help you understand your options and avoid making bad decisions. You get one chance to file bankruptcy right the first time. The California bankruptcy attorneys at Borowitz, Lozano & Clark know what theyre doing, because bankruptcy is all they do. Unlike many firms, they never leave a paralegal or secretary in charge of a case. Thats why their cases succeed at such a high rateeven higher than many other bankruptcy firms. For a free consultation, contact a qualified Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney from BLC Law toll-free at 800-509-3200, or visit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: