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Big friction give digital pass overweight rating target price 16 yuan 海南大学城西校区

Morgan: SmarTone overweight rating target price of 16 yuan a thousand thousand shares hot column capital flows on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Sina Finance client: making the most of the investors are pointed out in Hong Kong level2 market mechanism through the Morgan Stanley report cards, to maintain a positive view on the first half earnings in Hong Kong stocks in 2015 too much worry that the market, mobile phone sales weak, Hongkong core telecommunications business growth stable, mobile and broadband service revenue increased 4% year-on-year to 5%, the preferred digital (00315.HK), the target price of 16 yuan. For Hongkong Telecom (06823.HK) relatively high interest stocks, the most defensive target price of 11 yuan, unchanged, both give "overweight" rating. Based on the continued loss of market share in Hongkong and electricity, the company lowered its earnings per share in 2016 by 6%, and the target price dropped from 3 yuan to 2.7 yuan. The bank gives PCCW (00008.HK) "reduction" rating, target price of 4.8 yuan, because the media business competitive market, commitment to dividends is relatively low. The bank expects the telecommunications operators plan pricing policy and competitive environment continues to improve, stable, cost effective control, profitability and dividend was highly predictable, expected the next 6-12 months, the mobile service fee to further price increases, especially supporting low-end 3G mobile service revenue growth rate limiting plan. Because of the industry operating expenses and capital expenditure control properly, expected the second half of fiscal year 2015 digital core business (except mobile phone sales) profit year-on-year growth of 37.1%, the first half of fiscal year 2016 Hongkong Telecom adjusted cash flow increased by 9.5%; but due to continued loss of market share and power in Hongkong, the material of its core business (except mobile phone sales) the annual profit fell 6.4%. If you take mobile phone sales, we estimate that the profit of digital communications and electric power in Hongkong will fall by 24.6% and 17% respectively. (both) go into Sina Finance shares

大摩:给予数码通增持评级 目标价16元 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   摩根士丹利报告指出,对本港电讯股2015年下半财年业绩维持正面看法,认为市场过分忧虑手机销售疲弱的问题,料香港核心电讯业务增长稳定,移动和宽带服务收入按年可增4%至5%,首选数码通(00315.HK),目标价看16元。而因香港电讯(06823.HK)属相对高息股,最具防守性,目标价看11元不变,两者均给予‘增持’评级。基於和电香港持续流失市场份额,下调其2016年每股盈测6%,目标价由3元降至2.7元。该行给予电讯盈科(00008.HK)‘减持’评级,目标价看4.8元,因媒体业务市场具竞争,承诺派发之股息相对较低。   该行预期,电讯商月费计划定价持续改善,政策及竞争环境稳定,成本控制得宜,盈利能力及股息可预见度高,预期未来6-12个月,移动业务月费价格进一步上调,尤其支撑移动服务收入增长的低端3G限速计划。   因行业营运开支及资本开支控制得宜,料2015下半财年数码通核心业务(除手机销售外)盈利按年增长37.1%,2016上半财年香港电讯经调整资金流按年增9.5%;惟因和电香港持续流失市场份额,料其核心业务(除手机销售外)盈利按年跌6.4%。若计及手机销售,估计数码通及和电香港盈利按年跌24.6%及17%。(双双) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The central bank applied 130 billion reverse repurchase 23 days after the creation of a single day h 网游之蓝色命运下载

The central bank 23 130 billion a record single day reverse repurchase after Chinese securities network (reporter Wang Yuan) according to the central bank announcement, 23, the central bank launched a 130 billion and 7 day repurchase, interest rates continue unchanged at 2.25%. The amount of operation after the Spring Festival a single day operating volume of the new high. Today’s reverse repo operation is larger, mainly due to higher maturity. Data show that the reverse repurchase expires this week to enter the peak this week due to the amount of 960 billion, among them, today’s reverse repo maturity amount was 390 billion, and the treasury cash deposit and 50 billion expires this week as the highest one day. From this week, due to the maturity of large amount, the central bank repurchase operation amount of daily 3300, market participants expect the central bank this week will continue to carry out a certain scale reverse repo hedge. Bank of Dongguan financial market department pointed out that, in general, this week, cash flow and financial investment, continue to hedge reverse repo expires. But because of the large amount of maturity, the central bank open market this week will improve in the sequel, but short in smooth water background, the central bank will continue to maintain a net return operation, the overall market liquidity easing. As of press time reporter today, interbank market funds face more relaxed. The weighted average overnight repo rate at 1.90%, compared with the down 1 basis points, 7 day repo rate was 2.25%, down a point before yesterday, and the 14 day repo rate edged up 3 basis points. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

央行23日施1300亿逆回购 创节后单日新高   中国证券网讯(记者 王媛)据央行公告,23日,央行开展了1300亿7天逆回购,利率继续持平于2.25%。该操作量创春节后单日操作量的新高。   今日逆回购操作量较大,主要因为到期量较高。数据显示,本周进入了逆回购到期高峰,本周到期量9600亿,其中,今日逆回购到期量为3900亿,加之国库现金定存还有500亿到期,为本周最高的一天。   从本周来看,由于到期量较大,央行逆回购操作量也逐日陡升,市场人士预计本周央行仍将开展一定规模逆回购进行对冲。   东莞银行金融市场部指出,总体来说,本周现金回流和财政投放,继续对冲逆回购到期。但由于到期量较大,央行本周公开市场续作量将会提高,但在短暂风平浪静的背景下,央行依然会保持大幅净回笼的操作,市场流动性整体宽松。   截至记者今日发稿,银行间市场资金面较为宽松。隔夜回购加权平均利率报1.90%,较前日下行1个基点,7天回购利率为2.25%,较前日也下行一个基点,而14天回购利率略涨3个基点。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Focus on inventory beware of turn (livelihood survey and Clay oven rolls on the property to t 怎么又是你老红军

Focus on inventory   beware of "turn (people’s livelihood survey Clay oven rolls"? On the property to the inventory (on)) – Finance – column in the "government work report" clearly stated that the policies applied by the city to resolve the real estate inventory, to promote the smooth operation of the real estate market. Part of the two or three line city current prices rose, rose is conducive to digest inventory? If you let this enthusiasm, will not be re accumulation of new inventory? Between different types of real estate, such as commercial and residential inventory status, whether the difference? Reporter seven Bingfen Road, Xiamen, Hefei, research in Nanjing, Suzhou, Tianjin, Lanzhou, Shenyang and other places. This version today launched the "focus on the property to the inventory" series of reports, so stay tuned. In August 18th, the National Bureau of statistics data show that in July, Hefei, Xiamen, Nanjing 3 city new residential prices rose to lead, rose more than 30%, rose to 3% or even more than 4%, more than the deep North of Guangzhou and other first-tier cities. This increase is not only in July, Nanjing, Xiamen has ushered in a continuous increase of ten months. Housing prices to buy, bring a lot of inventory digestion, but also need to guard against the risk of a new round of growth stocks. Xiamen, Hefei, Nanjing, Suzhou and other second tier city, the government has issued a regulation policy limited tactic, or increasing the ratio of down payment, or the purchase of housing units, or to make new regulations on land auction. Rises more than the expected in early August, Wang Fei finally got a set of Nanjing Jiangbei District house. That is a rush, because the house supply, the new real estate has just opened 200 sets, almost two were looted, because prices rise quickly, he eventually to 30 thousand yuan per square meter price, and bought a house of 150 square meters. In fact, since November last year, Wang Fei began to plan to buy a house, but because the price is too high, there has been no start. But the Nanjing housing prices rising for 17 months, let him not hesitate. Many buyers said that this round of rising by more than expected. In August 18th, the National Bureau of statistics released the "July 70 large and medium-sized city residential sales price statistics". Data show: Xiamen new housing price index rose 4.6% last month, compared with the same month last year rose 39.2%, rose to lead the country, this is also the Xiamen new housing price index rose for the 17 consecutive month. Second-hand housing price index rose 2.4%, an increase of 33.2%, also ushered in the 16 rising". Hefei new commercial housing prices rose 4.2%, rose 34%, rose more than 22.7% over the same period in Beijing, Shanghai 33.1%, Guangzhou 19.5%. Nanjing new commercial housing prices rose 3.6%, rose 34.9% in July rose ranked third in the country, second only to Xiamen, Hefei, this is Nanjing since March 2015 house prices rose for the 17 consecutive month. According to Yi Institute think tank center data show that, Suzhou (excluding Kunshan, Taicang and other 1 county-level city) this year, April new residential) 着力去库存 谨防“翻烧饼”(民生调查?关注楼市去库存(上))–财经–人民网   开栏的话  今年《政府工作报告》中明确提出,因城施策化解房地产库存,促进房地产市场平稳运行。部分二、三线城市目前房价有所上涨,上涨之后是否有利于消化库存?如果放任这种热情高涨,会不会重新积累新的库存?不同类型地产之间,比如商用房和住宅,库存状况是否有所区别?本报记者兵分七路,在厦门、合肥、南京、苏州、天津、兰州、沈阳等地调研。本版今天起推出“关注楼市去库存”系列报道,敬请关注。    8月18日,国家统计局公布数据显示,7月,合肥、厦门、南京3个二线城市新建住宅价格涨幅领跑,同比涨幅达到30%以上,环比涨幅达到3%甚至4%以上,超过北上广深等一线城市。  这样的涨幅不仅仅是7月才有,南京、厦门已经迎来了十几个月的连续涨幅。房价上涨带动购买,带来了库存的大量消化,然而也需要警惕新一轮库存增长的风险。  厦门、合肥、南京、苏州等二线城市,政府已先后出台了“限字诀”的调控政策,或提高首付比例,或限购住房套数,或对土地拍卖做出新规。  上涨幅度超过了人们的心理预期  8月初,王斐终于抢到了一套南京江北新区的房子。  说是抢,一是因为房子紧俏,这个新楼盘刚开盘200套,几乎被一抢而空,二是因为房价上涨幅度快,最终他以每平方米3万元的价格,买了这套150平方米的房子。其实,去年11月起,王斐就开始筹谋买房,但始终因为价格太高一直没有入手。但南京房价连涨17个月,让他不再犹豫了。很多购房者说,这轮上涨幅度超过了心理预期。  8月18日,国家统计局发布了“7月70个大中城市住宅销售价格统计”。数据显示:厦门新建住宅价格指数较上月环比增长4.6%,较去年同月同比涨幅达39.2%,涨幅领跑全国,这也是厦门新建住宅价格指数连续17个月上涨。二手住宅价格指数环比增长2.4%、同比增长33.2%,同样迎来“16连涨”。  合肥新建商品住宅价格环比上涨4.2%,同比上涨34%,同比涨幅超过了同期北京的22.7%、上海的33.1%、广州的19.5%。  南京新建商品住宅价格环比上涨3.6%,同比上涨34.9%,7月环比涨幅排全国第三,仅次于厦门、合肥,这也是南京房价自2015年3月以来连续17个月上涨。  而根据易居研究院智库中心提供的数据显示,苏州(不含昆山、太仓等县级市)今年1�4月份新建商品住宅成交均价为每平方米16969元,相比2015年同期上涨了28.91%。  涨价后库存消化,但开发商投资热情也趋高  数字上涨的背后,带来了库存的大量消化。  合肥统计局8月初发布的上半年合肥市房地产运行情况简析称,上半年合肥市商品房待售面积较年初下降了33.4个百分点,较上年同期下降21.3个百分点,库存明显减少。“同时,很多人没办法买到新房,只能到二手房市场。”合肥市金屋不动产经营管理有限公司总经理项诚介绍,合肥新房与二手房价格甚至出现“倒挂”,同区域二手房要比新房贵20%以上。  与之类似,南京房价17连涨后,库存仍保持低位。去年3月,南京楼市的新房库存量尚有5.7万套,处于历史高位。仅用一年多的时间,南京楼市便去库存3.5万套,截至8月30日,南京全市新房库存量为24667套。  有的城市库存持续消化,而有的城市甚至面临库存不足的问题。  “与其他城市去库存压力不同,厦门面临的问题是增库存。”业内人士表示,厦门的库存严重不足,岛内可售房源不多,在售房源主要集中在岛外。根据厦门市国土资源与房产管理局数据,2016年一季度商品住宅供销比为0.4,市场表现明显供不应求。  房价上涨,带来库存消化的同时,也可能带动开发商的投资热情,热情的背后同样需要警惕可能带来新库存的形成。  苏州市统计局数据显示,在楼市暖市政策推动下,开发商的投资积极性大为提高,今年上半年,苏州市房地产开发始终保持快速增长的高位运行态势,开发投资累计增幅均在20%以上。上半年全市房地产新增开发项目145个,同比增加15个;其中21个项目计划总投资超过20亿元,同比增加14个。  南京市统计局8月19日发布数据,今年1�7月,南京房地产开发完成投资1059.05亿元,同比增长20.5%。开发商依然最青睐住宅,占到了总体投资的七成多。  各地限购限贷限地价,防范新库存积累  为了稳定房价,这些涨幅较大的二线城市,也纷纷出台限贷、限购、限地价等调控措施。  8月9日,合肥市限贷政策加码。其中规定,市区有2套及以上住房,有1次及以上贷款记录,1次或1次以上未结清的;市区有1套房或无房,但有2次及以上贷款记录,1次或1次以上未结清的,均停止贷款。其中,查贷包括外地贷款记录。而按照此前的规定,房产有两套房,贷款有一笔没结清,可按照60%的首付比例贷款。  8月11日,苏州出台限购政策。对于非本市户籍居民家庭限购2套住房,且购买第二套住房时应提供2年内在苏州市区累计缴纳1年及以上个税或社保证明。  面对楼市的高温,不少城市直接从土地出让环节进行调控。  南京规定,土地拍卖竞价达到一定比例时,政府将对该地块所建商品住房的预售条件进行调整。其中,当网上竞价达到最高限价时,仍有2家以上单位要求继续竞买时,停止网上竞价,改为现场摇号产生竞得者,并在最高限价基础上再加一个加价幅度作为成交价。南京市相关部门解释称,采取该做法,主要目的是既要防止产生新的高价地,控制地价过快上涨,同时一定程度上保障土地市场供应,稳定市场预期。  厦门对于土地出让增设户型要求。8月底,厦门计划出让6宗商住用地,拟出让建筑面积超50万平方米,要求个别地块建筑面积90平方米以下户型的住宅面积应占地块总住宅面积的70%以上。  复旦大学房地产研究中心主任尹伯成认为,房价上涨,对二线城市去库存是好事,但对普通老百姓和实体经济而言,影响比较复杂。房价上涨是否会造成新一轮库存呢?假如在这一轮时间点集中拍卖土地,就有可能会造成库存反弹。  南京林业大学城市与房地产研究中心主任孟祥远认为,从南京目前来看,因为去年土地供给有限,暂时不会出现新增库存风险。房地产市场主管部门要在市场景气时调控,从而规避风险:一是房价上涨时,进行引导,防止过热;二是供地上不能因为市场好,就大量供应,而应该考虑市场承受力;三是市场购房热度已经很高时,应出台限购等政策降温。  业内人士指出,去库存如何避免“翻烧饼”现象,即“价低卖不动、害怕库存严重;价高卖得好,又怕库存增了”怪圈,需要政府调控措施的精准和灵活,要根据市场的苗头相机而动。在土地供应上要避免短期行为:在我任期内,有土地能变现抓紧变现,忽视了供地节奏和长远发展。  (李家林参与采写)    《 人民日报 》( 2016年08月31日 13 版) (责编:王子侯、杨迪)相关的主题文章:

chairman of the Federal Reserve 冰恋小龙女

Bank of America: Yellen is not expected to provide forward-looking guidance dollars volatility or limited Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Huitong network August 25th hearing – Thursday (August 25th) Merrill Lynch (BofA Merrill) said this week, the key market interest rates and currencies will accept the core of new information, Thursday to Saturday (August 25-27) Jackson Holzer held the annual meeting of global central bank, the theme of "design flexible future monetary policy framework". In the long term will focus on policy matters and operation structure. Specific views are as follows. On Friday (August 26th), Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve, focused on failing to provide guidelines for recent policy foresight. If Yellen really provide policy prospective, material reiterated previous view, if U.S. economic momentum continues to show signs of improvement, may raise interest rates in coming months. Yellen’s speech will not significantly affect the market to the Federal Reserve’s recent interest rate hike prospects, the market will continue to think that the Fed’s interest rate hike in September is very low. Most probably, the fed to keep December interest rate options, market valuation by the end of the Fed rate hike rate is about 50%, the United States is still the team to the next Federal Reserve Bank economists expected interest rate hike node. So the impact of Yellen’s talk on the dollar is limited, and a broader range of risk sentiment will have a greater impact on the dollar. The Federal Reserve will continue to support good trades in the market environment, the dollar continued to feed further pressure, until the economic data confirm that the market continued to be fed and a valuation of the next two years is expected to raise interest rates. 13:39 in Beijing, the dollar index was 94.6871. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美银:耶伦料不会提供前瞻指引 美元波动或有限 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   汇通网8月25日讯——周四(8月25日)美银美林(BofA Merrill)表示,本周利率市场及汇市接受核心新信息的关键将为,周四至周六(8月25-27日)召开的杰克逊霍尔全球央行年会,主题为“设计有弹性的未来货币政策框架”,将聚焦中长期政策事宜及操作结构。具体观点如下。      周五(8月26日)美联储主席耶伦的讲话料聚焦不提供近期政策前瞻指引的话题。若耶伦真的提供政策前瞻,料重申此前观点,即若美国经济动能持续显示出改善迹象,未来数月可能加息。   耶伦讲话料不会大幅影响市场对美联储近期加息前景的计价,市场将持续认为美联储9月加息几率极低。极有可能出现的情况是,美联储意欲保留12月加息选项,市场持续计价截止年底美联储加息几率约为50%,仍为美银经济学家团队对美联储下次加息节点的预期。   因此耶伦讲话对美元的影响料有限,较广泛的风险情绪对美元的影响将更大。美联储将持续支持利好套息交易的市场环境,美元料持续进一步承压,直至经济数据证实市场大幅且持续再计价美联储明后两年加息预期。   北京时间13:39,美元指数报94.68 71。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Electric cars in 2040 will erase 13 million barrels of crude oil demand on U.S. stock market center 烟台南山学院考务中心

Electric cars in 2040 will erase 13 million barrels of crude oil demand on U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 29 days we are talking about electric cars will change the oil market face, real energy electric cars, or perhaps more than people imagine. Oilprice reported that Peng Boxin’s Energy Finance (BNEF) data showed that the cost of electric vehicle batteries decreased dramatically, which means that the battery will be cheaper than the internal combustion engine in the next few years. By 2020s, the price of electric vehicles will gain a competitive advantage over traditional cars, and this startling change will open up a new page in the history of the energy market. In 2015, the price of batteries fell by 35%, which was another significant step forward in technological progress. BNEF believes that within six years, the price of non subsidy electric vehicles will be reduced to the same level as ordinary gasoline vehicles, which means that in 2022, electric vehicles will usher in "sales take off node"". In fact, it is assumed that gasoline vehicles can make energy efficiency increased by 3.5% per year on the premise of evaluation. The report predicts that by 2040, electric vehicles will occupy 35% of the global automotive market share. The key driver of all this comes from the reduction in battery prices. The price of lithium-ion batteries dropped to only $350 per kilowatt hour in 2015, down by 65% compared with 2010. However, this decline is not far from the end, 2030 will be reduced to 120 U.S. dollars per kilowatt hour, less than half of the current. Since then, all the way down. The oil market has no reason not to be vigilant about it. BNEF said simply: "people will eventually find that the severity of the electric vehicle revolution, both the oil producing countries and the oil companies, is greatly underestimated." The revolution was clearly unexpected in the oil industry. Bloomberg Randall (Tom Randall) disclosure, ConocoPhillips CEO Lance (Ryan Lance) in 2015 had said to him, "have a substantial impact on electric cars in the next fifty years, said he is likely to see the electric car really become a threat to the day. The threat of electric vehicles in the oil market is severely underestimated, but BNEF estimates that by 2023, electric vehicles will be able to reduce the market demand for crude oil by 2 million barrels per day. It’s just the beginning, and the real blow comes after the sale of electric cars. BNEF estimates that electric vehicles will gain 35% market share in 2040, which means the demand for crude oil will be reduced by 13 million barrels per day. Now the crude oil market a miserable conditions, but in fact, every part of it is the pile up in excess of requirement 1 million to 2 million barrels, while the supply exceeds the demand of 13 million barrels of what will happen, it is hard to imagine. The threat of electric vehicles has been very practical. At the same time, the strong rise of 3 electric vehicles

电动汽车2040年将抹掉1300万桶原油日需求 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股北京时间29日讯 大家都在说电动汽车将改变原油市场的面目,可电动汽车的真正能量,恐怕还是超过人们的想象。   Oilprice报道称,彭博新能源财经(BNEF)的数据显示,电动汽车电池的成本降低的速度惊人,这就意味着未来几年内就将出现电池比内燃机便宜的局面。到了2020年代,电动汽车在价格上就将获得相对于传统汽车的竞争优势,而这一令人震惊的变化将揭开能源市场历史新的一页。   2015年,电池价格下跌了35%,这是技术进步取得的又一重大进展。BNEF相信,六年之内,无补贴的电动汽车价格就将降低到和普通汽油汽车相当的水平,这就意味着2022年的时候,电动汽车将迎来“销售起飞节点”。事实上,这还是事先假定汽油汽车能够将节能效率每年提升3.5%的前提下做出的评估。   报告预计到2040年,电动汽车将占据全球汽车市场35%的份额。   这一切最关键的推动力还是来自电池价格的降低。锂离子电池的价格2015年降低到了每千瓦时只有350美元,较之2010年时低了65%。不过,这下跌还远没有到结束的时候,2030年将降低到120美元每千瓦时,还不到现在的一半。此后,还是一路走低。   原油市场没有理由不对此提起警惕。BNEF简单明了地说:“人们最终会发现,对于电动汽车革命的严重性,无论是各产油国政府还是各家石油公司,都大大估计不足。”   这一革命显然是出乎石油行业意料之外的。彭博的兰德尔(Tom Randall)披露,康菲的首席执行官兰斯(Ryan Lance)2015年时曾经对他说过,“电动汽车未来五十年内都不会有实质性影响”,还说他很可能看不到电动汽车真正成为威胁那一天。 石油市场对电动汽车的威胁严重估计不足   可是,BNEF估计电动汽车到2023年,就足以让市场上的原油需求每天减少200万桶。这还只是个开始,真正的打击是来自电动汽车销售起飞之后。BNEF估计,电动汽车2040年将获得35%的市场份额,而这就意味着原油需求每天减少1300万桶。现在原油市场一片凄风苦雨,而实际上,每天供过于求的部分不过是100万到200万桶而已,而供应超过需求1300万桶会发生什么,简直是难以想象。电动汽车的威胁已经非常切实了。   与此同时,电动汽车的强势崛起意味着电力需求将急剧窜升,毕竟2040年卖出的4100万部电动汽车都是要充电的。这些汽车预计每天需要1900万亿瓦时电能,大约相当于2015年全球电力需求的8%   当然,前述这一切还都是预期而非现实。如果有人熟悉国际能源署、能源信息署或者是欧佩克的情况,他肯定会告诉你,所谓预言没有一条是完全准确的。可是在这里,未来的市场份额到底会是25%、35%还是45%,其实都已经不再重要了。关键在于趋势,在于电动汽车将迎来增长拐点,让市场对原油的需求急剧缩水。   伴随制造工艺和化学技术的持续进步,电池成本必然会持续走低。石油公司当然也能降低成本,但是商品价格的变化轨迹终归与技术进步不同。自然资源伴随日益稀缺,成本只能上扬。如果是真正着眼于长期,没有人会相信石油价格会永远保持30美元。或者哪怕未来油价真的长期低迷,那也只能是因为技术进步彻底摧毁了需求的缘故。要知道,我们走出石器时代,可不是因为石头用完了。(子衿) 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章:

  2.新政能否提振春节楼市 给自己的情书国语

Non purchase City mortgage and then relaxed to three or four line analysis to much inventory JINGWAH times cartography Xie Yao central lower and lower the threshold of home loans to non purchase city first fangshoufu minimum 20% yesterday, the central bank and the CBRC jointly announced that, in the implementation of restriction measures in the city, residents families for the purchase of ordinary housing business individual housing loans, in principle, the minimum down payment ratio of 25%, down 5 percentage points over the floating, and the purchase of the two suite loans outstanding in the family, the lowest Shoufu ratio of not less than 30%. Analysts pointed out that, in the economic downturn, the real estate inventory high background, the new deal is intended to stimulate non limited purchase of urban housing demand, and promote the smooth operation of China’s economy. – released non purchase City loans plus deregulation of the central bank and the CBRC yesterday issued new loans, in the purchase of the implementation measures of the city, residents families for the purchase of ordinary housing commercial housing loans to individuals, in principle, the minimum down payment ratio of 25%, down 5 percentage points over the floating; has a housing and a corresponding purchase loans outstanding to households, the purchase of ordinary housing to improve the living conditions of re apply for commercial housing loans to individuals, to adjust the minimum down payment ratio is not less than 30%. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Sanya, five implementation of the restriction measures of the city is not within the scope of this policy. The central economic work conference, held in December last year, proposed to "resolve the real estate inventory", and "cancel the outdated restrictive measures"". Insiders believe that the housing policy again relaxed, mainly to "destocking" this goal. Chinese Academy of social sciences data show that in 2015 the total inventory of commercial housing is expected to reach 3 billion 996 million square meters, Xianfang sale for an area of 426 million square meters, if you want to complete digestion, it takes 23 months. Minsheng Securities Research Institute shows that, from the structural point of view, by the end of 2015, the one or two and three line city library sales ratio was 8.15, 10.23 and 25.58, respectively, the three line city real estate inventory surplus problem is the most serious. Minsheng Bank China chief researcher Wen Bin said that since last year, the government has promulgated a series of policies and measures to stabilize the real estate market, real estate transactions become more active, but there are still regional differences, the three or four line of the city’s housing prices remained in the doldrums, to inventory pressure is still large. Reporter: the new deal effect depends on the reaction of developers landing the marketing director of Asian high Guo Yi believes that the central bank and the Banking Bureau issued before the Spring Festival new meaning, as everyone knows, the Spring Festival is the peak home, and at the end of the enterprise usually give employees year-end awards a lower down payment, then released the new deal, will be conducive to the promotion of holding funds of white-collar workers they return home buyers, it is expected that the new deal will make the original transaction off-season Spring Festival month, ushered in a small peak trading volume. In fact, before the introduction of the policy, there have been two or three line cities, and even four tier cities housing prices to join the "new year home buyers" sales force. "The recent showings of many home guests, we are in the Spring Festival every day in the sales offices on duty, to meet the purchase of the majority, especially home buyers

非限购城市房贷再松绑 分析称对三四线去库存作用不大 京华时报制图谢瑶   央行再降购房贷款门槛   非限购城市首套房首付最低20%   昨天,央行、银监会联合发布消息称,在不实施限购措施的城市,居民家庭首次购买普通住房的商业性个人住房贷款,原则上最低首付款比例为25%,各地可向下浮动5个百分点,购买二套房且贷款未结清的家庭,最低首付比例不低于30%。分析人士指出,在经济下行、房地产库存高企的背景下,新政意在刺激非限购城市购房需求、促进中国经济平稳运行。   □发布   非限购城市房贷再松绑   央行、银监会昨天发布房贷新政,在不实施限购措施的城市,居民家庭首次购买普通住房的商业性个人住房贷款,原则上最低首付款比例为25%,各地可向下浮动5个百分点;对拥有一套住房且相应购房贷款未结清的居民家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请商业性个人住房贷款购买普通住房,最低首付款比例调整为不低于30%。北京、上海、广州、深圳、三亚五个实施限购措施的城市不在此政策范围内。   去年12月召开的中央经济工作会议提出,要“化解房地产库存”,并“取消过时的限制性措施”。业内人士认为,此次房贷政策再松绑,主要也是为了“去库存”这个目标。   中国社科院数据显示,2015年商品住房总库存预计达39.96亿平方米,现房待售面积4.26亿平方米,如果想完全消化,需要23个月。民生证券研究院的研究表明,从结构上看,2015年年底一、二、三线城市库销比分别为8.15、10.23和25.58,三线城市房地产库存过剩问题最为严重。   中国民生银行首席研究员温彬表示,自去年以来,政府先后出台了一系列稳定房地产市场的政策措施,房地产交易趋于活跃,但仍存在区域差异,三、四线城市的房价仍然低迷,去库存压力依然较大。   □反应   开发商:新政效果要看落地情况   亚豪机构市场总监郭毅认为,央行和银监局在春节前颁布新政意味深远,众所周知,春节是返乡高峰,同时年末企业通常会给予员工一定的年终奖励,此时发布降低首付的新政,将有利于促进手握资金的白领们回乡置业,预计新政将会令原本是楼市成交淡季的春节月,迎来一轮交易量的小高峰。   事实上,在政策出台前,已经有二、三线城市,甚至四线城市的房企楼盘加入“贺岁返乡置业”促销大军。   “近期来看房的有不少返乡客,我们春节期间每天都有人在售楼处值班,满足广大购房者特别是返乡客的置业需求。”中部某城市项目负责人表示,此次房贷新政出台,为不限购的城市楼市再添政策春风。不过,这位负责人同时承认,与北京、上海一线城市相比,目前二、三线城市楼市库存仍然较大,“政策对楼市具体有多大利好,还要看具体落地情况。”   购房者:   降低门槛但购房成本未降   房贷新政昨天下午一经公布,迅速在购房者中引发热议,不少购房者对房贷新政持乐观态度,一位打算在春节前后置业的购房者表示,自己属于改善型购房,此次政策进一步下降首付比例,可以降低自己的购房门槛。不过,一些购房者对政策持谨慎态度,有人就认为,尽管首付比例下降,但是房子价格没有下降,因此,对于购房者而言,总的购房成本并没有下降。   中原地产首席分析师张大伟分析认为,房地产政策再松绑有利于刺激房地产市场在2016年上半年继续复苏。不过从根本上看,这一政策并未解决房地产需求的根本问题,对于购房者来说,贷款的利率并未降低。   □影响   将拉升一线城市楼市信心   郭毅表示,“北上广深+海南”的房地产市场在2016年已经迎来“小阳春”,成交量、价稳步升温。尽管新政并未对这些城市的房地产市场形成新的利好刺激,但整体宽松的政策趋势,将会拉升购房者对楼市的信心,同时还将助力这些城市的房地产市场在2016年保持平稳上升。   “虽然一线城市限购,不执行新首付政策,但心理影响大。”中原地产首席分析师张大伟表示,中原监测的21个城市数据显示,1月二手住宅成交面积较去年12月同期上升2%,其中一线城市上升4%。可以看出,购房者入市意愿仍较强烈。预计2016年楼市依然将延续开门红趋势,2016年上半年市场依然将延续上行趋势。   □分析   有利于刚需和“首改”需求入市   融360房贷分析师郝俊丞表示,在当前高库存压力之下,房地产市场及投资开发增速已危及经济增长,尤其是房子严重过剩的三、四线城市及少部分二线城市,库存压力很大。房贷新政一旦全面实施,这些城市将直接受惠。而市场原本就火爆的一线城市,即使不在此次政策范围内,楼市成交量想必也将迎来新一轮的爆发期。   温彬表示,随着城乡居民收入水平的提高和城市化进程加快,居民住房刚性需求和改善性需求旺盛,央行按照“分类指导,因地施策”的原则,针对非“限购”城市降低住房贷款首付比例,有助于提高居民购房能力,促进房地产市场平稳健康发展。   上海易居房地产研究院副院长杨红旭表示,房贷政策是影响楼市的第一重要政策,首付门槛降低,有利于刚需和首改需求入市,尤其是对于那些收入不低但积蓄不多的年轻人、年轻家庭,可谓是“及时雨”。因此,这一政策刺激普通住宅需求,有助于刚需和首次改善需求的释放,未来还会有其他宽松政策出台,进一步促进楼市复苏。2016年,全国楼市将继续回暖。   对三四线城市去库存作用不大   “首次购房家庭最低20%的首付比例,已与2008年救市政策的力度齐平,1.5线城市(经济发展较好的二线城市)和二线城市将迎来重大利好。”郭毅分析认为,在近几年一线城市房价高企、生活成本居高不下的背景下,部分白领选择经济发达、人才缺口大、薪酬水平较高的1.5线及二线城市就业及居住,新政无疑为这部分人群带来了安居机会,将促进这些城市住宅市场成交量的提升,随着交易量的回暖,房价也有望稳步上涨。   不过,郭毅同时表示,新政对于部分经济欠发达的三、四线城市作用不大,这些城市在有业无产的现状下,人口净流出的情况难以得到改善,区域房地产市场缺少增量需求,仅凭小幅降低首付仍然难以提振成交量的上升,去库存形势依然严峻。   □房贷首付比创七年来最低   2010年4月30日   被称为史上最严厉的新“国十条”发布:首套自住房且套型建筑面积在90平方米以上,首付比例不得低于30%,二套不得低于50%。   2010年9月29日   “9·29新政”发布:所有房贷首付比例(包括首套)都调整至30%及以上。   2011年1月26日   “新国八条”发布:二套房贷首付不低于60%。   2013年2月20日   “国五条细则”规定:对房价上涨过快的城市,进一步提高二套房首付款比例,对房价上涨过快的城市,可进一步提高第二套住房贷款的首付款比例和贷款利率。其后,一线城市二套房贷利率下限上浮至1.2倍,个别城市将首付提高至七成。   2014年9月30日   “9·30新政”发布:对拥有一套住房并已结清相应购房贷款的家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请贷款购买普通商品住房,执行首套房贷款政策。同时,除了北上广深和三亚等五个仍在实施限购的城市,取消三套及以上的“限贷令”。   2015年3月30日   “3·30新政”规定:对拥有一套住房且相应购房贷款未结清的家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请商业性个人住房贷款购买普通自住房,最低首付比例调整为不低于40%;对拥有一套住房并已结清贷款的家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请公积金贷款购买普通自住房,最低首付比例为30%。   2015年9月30日   “9·30新政”规定:不实施“限购”措施的城市,对居民家庭首次购买普通住房的商业性个人住房贷款,最低首付款比例调整为不低于25%。   □追问   1.首付比例还有下调空间吗?   中国银行国际金融研究所高级研究员李佩珈表示,“首付比”无论横向还是纵向,都还处于偏高水平,有进一步下调空间。根据IMF调查数据,国际上大多数国家采用20%的首付比例。从历史看,2010年之前,我国住房抵押贷款的首付比例一直为20%。   2.新政能否提振春节楼市?   融360房贷分析师郝俊丞表示,目前正值我国农历新年前夕,各大银行的房贷正逐渐趋紧,各大楼盘也即将封盘,此时推出该项利好政策能否起到立竿见影的作用还不好说,对于楼市能够起到多大的提振作用,也还有待后续的进一步观察。我们预计,经过春节的政策发酵,春节后将迎来2016年楼市的第一股暖流。   3.房价接下来会因此飙升吗?   李佩珈表示,考虑到当前房地产市场供求格局未发生根本改变,居民住房消费更趋理性,尤其是首次购房者的需求数量有所减少,房地产新政不会带来房地产价格的过快上涨。   4.新政的去库存效果会如何?   伟业我爱我家集团副总裁胡景晖表示,在2016年去库存的大背景下,房贷新政给市场传递了积极正向的信号,但是对去库存的实际效果恐怕不大。首付降低,意味着减少的首付部分转移至未来的月供,未来的还款成本就会提高,还款压力就会加大,即使首付比例下降,购房家庭也未必敢向银行贷款。所以,非限购城市去库存要靠产业布局和公共资源分配的调整,要靠降房价、减税费等减少购房人负担的有效举措。   5.未来还会以什么措施去库存?   房地产专家、全国房地产商会联盟执行主席顾云昌表示,目前政府在全方位加热房地产,除了进一步降低首付比,还可以尝试降低交易环节税费,让有房的人进入市场,盘活市场。   他还表示,在二套房方面,国家政策不强势,一步一步来,在刺激三、四城市购买力方面会起到一定作用。进城农民工成为城市买房的主要突破口,他们购买力不强,如果采取更多措施激发农民购买力,尝试将宅基地变现,将对去库存有较大帮助。不过这涉及土地制改革问题,估计宅基地变现很难出台,建议加快试点。   京华时报记者 邢飞 余雪菲 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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Internet financial storm: first P2P all the chips [e] Reading treasure Ding Ning rent extravagant life circle called the China version of the wolf of Wall Street exposure Xinjiang arrested the head of the Urumqi municipal e rent treasure e rent treasure era of correct definition of P2P is particularly important to Sina Financial News in February 3rd, the Internet financial risk events e to rent the treasure as the representative of the time the outbreak, many ministries jointly launched the Internet finance special rectification. It is said that the special rectification of Internet Finance initiated by the central bank’s financial market division has been initiated. Close to the central bank confirmed to sina finance, the central bank has indeed led to start internet banking and Internet banking special rectification, rectification by the central bank law department transferred to the financial market department at the same time, the association of Internet banking is classified as financial market department management. Bank of Internet financial regulation, the past has been the law department responsible for, including the Internet Finance Committee, led the establishment of drafting guidance, financial Internet led the establishment of Internet Finance Association etc.. The financial market division is mainly responsible for gold, bonds and interbank business. These people said that the central bank has already led the Internet financial special rectification, the Ministry of public security, industry and commerce departments to implement specific operations. At present, it is the main regulation of P2P enterprises. According to the estimates, or will start special rectification of the Internet financial equity raise public enterprises, for now, to raise public equity venture platform or will break out in the past one or two years. Recently, a number of central ministries named P2P remediation. In January 21st, the Central Committee Secretary Meng Jianzhu pointed out that in recent years some of the network lending platform there is a big risk, illegal use of network lending, online banking and the name, with high interest returns as bait, wantonly engaged in illegal fund-raising and other illegal and criminal activities, the number of people involved, a large amount of processing is not good, easily lead to social problems. Meng Jianzhu, political and legal departments at all levels to be deployed in accordance with the central economic work conference, cooperate with relevant departments to carry out special rectification of the Internet in the financial sector, promote the regulation and supervision of the activities of private lending, to minimize the impact on social stability. A day later, State Councilor and Minister of public security Guo Shengkun said in his speech, and close cooperation with the relevant departments to crack down on underground banks, securities and futures, financial fraud and other economic crimes, the special regulation of Internet financial risks, resolutely safeguard the order of the capital market and the financial management order. In December 28, 2015, the central bank issued entitled "overall grasp to encourage innovation, to facilitate the masses and financial security to promote non bank payment network institutions to pay business development" press release, stressed on the official website: other problems in the field of Internet finance, people’s Bank of the Central Committee of the party, under the leadership of the State Council, take the lead in conjunction with other financial regulatory authorities to speed up the transformation the regulatory philosophy, to carry out special rectification of the Internet in the financial sector, strengthen risk monitoring, strengthen the warning education, and to establish a long-term mechanism to implement the supervision of new financial formats to full coverage, effectively prevent and resolve the financial risks of the Internet, the Internet to promote financial orderly development, and earnestly safeguard the financial stability. A large P2P enterprise leader on Sina Finance Theory

互联网金融整治风暴:先P2P再众筹   【相关阅读】   e租宝丁宁奢靡生活圈曝光 堪称中国版华尔街之狼   新疆批捕e租宝乌鲁木齐市负责人   后e租宝时代正确定义P2P尤为重要   新浪财经讯 2月3日,以e租宝为代表的互联网金融风险事件不断爆发,多部委联合启动互联网金融专项整治。有消息称,由央行金融市场司牵头的互联网金融专项整治已启动。接近央行人士向新浪财经证实,央行确已牵头启动了互联网金融专项整治,而互联网金融专项整治由央行条法司转移到了金融市场司,同时互联网金融协会也划归为金融市场司管理。   央行互联网金融监管工作,过去一直由条法司负责,包括牵头成立互联网金融专委会、起草互联网金融指导意见、牵头成立互联网金融协会等。而金融市场司主要负责黄金、债券和银行同业等方面业务。   上述人士表示,央行早已牵头启动了互联网金融专项整治,公安部、工商等部门进行具体操作落实。目前是主要整治P2P企业。据该人士预计,之后或将开始互联网金融中股权众筹类企业的专项整治,因为目前来看,股权众筹类的企业平台风险或将在近一两年爆发。   近日,多个中央部委点名P2P整治。1月21日,中央政法委书记孟建柱指出,近年来一些网络借贷平台存在较大风险,不法分子利用网络借贷、网上理财等名义,以高息回报为诱饵,大肆进行非法集资等违法犯罪活动,涉及人数多、金额大,处理不好极易引发社会问题。孟建柱要求,各级政法部门要按照中央经济工作会议部署,配合有关部门开展互联网金融领域专项整治,推动对民间融资借贷活动的规范和监管,最大限度减少对社会稳定的影响。   一天后,国务委员、公安部部长郭声琨在讲话时表示,要与有关部门密切配合,严厉打击证券期货、地下钱庄、金融诈骗等经济犯罪活动,专项整治互联网金融风险,坚决维护资本市场秩序和金融管理秩序。   2015年12月28日,央行在官网上发布题为《统筹把握鼓励创新、方便群众和金融安全促进非银行支付机构网络支付业务健康发展》的新闻稿,强调:针对互联网金融领域的其他问题,人民银行将在党中央、国务院领导下,牵头会同其他金融监管部门加快转变监管理念,抓紧开展互联网金融领域专项整治,强化风险监测,加强警示教育,并着手建立长效机制,实现新型金融业态监管全覆盖,有效防范和化解互联网金融风险,推动互联网金融规范有序发展,切实维护金融稳定。   一家大型P2P企业负责人对新浪财经表示,对于多部委的专项整治行动,从企业角度来讲,需按照十部委指导意见,和银监会细则(征求意见稿)对自身业务进行规范,尤其是不要踩红线。   新浪财经金融e观察(微信公众号:sinaeguancha)专栏作家董希淼认为,“互联网金融专项整治”将加大打击力度。据最高人民检察院发布的数据显示,仅2015年上半年,批准逮捕非法吸收公众存款案同比上升210%;集资诈骗案同比上升74%。非法集资案件达4011件10243人,超过2014年全年总数,同比上升153%和259%。这次中央领导又专门强调政法系统配合和参与,预计将在打击违法犯罪行为、维护社会稳定方面上采取更多措施。尤其是公安经侦部门,任务将更加繁重,担子将更加沉重。   董希淼称,“互联网金融专项整治”要惩戒与预防结合。央行强调,要“强化风险监测,加强警示教育”。具体到P2P网贷,开展评级将有利于网贷风险的事前防范。《网络借贷信息中介机构业务活动管理暂行办法(征求意见稿)》指出,银监会等部门和地方政府根据不同职责,对网贷机构实施协同监管,但这主要强调于加强事中事后监管。而网贷评级从资本实力、盈利能力、风险管理能力、平台活跃度、品牌影响力、平台体验、平台透明度等方面考察和评价网贷平台,有助于加强事前防范,减少问题平台。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

and by the parties to the transaction 蹂躏十色

A shares 2 billion 500 million yuan acquisition game asset case was Shanda game Huang [TechWeb report] February 16th news, A shares German force shares 2 billion 511 million yuan game asset acquisition case was Shanda game "stir yellow"". In February 16, 2016, the company held the thirty-fourth meeting of the second session of the board of directors, and considered and passed the issue of the termination of the major asset restructuring. The major asset reorganization case that Germany shares in 2 billion 511 million yuan acquisition of Guangzhou Trust Information Technology Co. Ltd. announced half a year ago (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou chuangsi"), the latter is Webpage Game and Mobile Games development, operators. The reason for the termination of the restructuring of major assets, shares of Germany said, because Guangzhou chuangsi suspected of the crime of copyright infringement by the Yinchuan public security organs criminal case, and the relevant person in charge was to take coercive measures, as of now the case is still in the investigation of Yinchuan public security organs of the investigation process and is not expected to have a clear result in a the period of the above matters, there is greater uncertainty in the judicial process schedule and results, may adversely affect certain business performance and future of Guangzhou trust, and increase the major asset restructuring audits and the implementation uncertainty, and by the parties to the transaction, after full consultation, decided to terminate this a major asset reorganization. Guangzhou chuangsi alleged copyright infringement crime report for the Shanghai grand game dragon technology limited number of operational entities. According to the deli shares announcement, September 28, 2015, the number of Shanghai Dragon Technology Co. Ltd. sent a letter of complaint to the Guangzhou trust, Guangzhou trust operation statement of "red classic" dark dragon "month" 13 web games "and" fire "Purist Thunderwrath" two Mobile Games violated the grand game copyright and game specific names, and unfair competition. In November 3, 2015, Guangzhou chuangsi due to the dispute received the Yinchuan Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice to obtain evidence, in December 2015, Guangzhou chuangsi responsible people were taken criminal coercive measures. At present, the case has not been further disclosed. The main business of Deli stock is made of glassware related to food and beverage. (Xiao Feng)

A股公司25亿元收购游戏资产案被盛大游戏搅黄   【TechWeb报道】2月16日消息,A股德力股份25.11亿元游戏资产收购案被盛大游戏“搅黄”。   德力股份在一份公告中称,2016年2月16日,公司召开了第二届董事会第三十四次会议,审议并通过了关于终止重大资产重组一事。   前述重大资产重组案即德力股份在半年前公布的25.11亿元收购广州创思信息技术有限公司(以下简称“广州创思”)案,后者为页游和手游研发、运营商。   对于终止该重大资产重组的原因,德力股份称,因广州创思涉嫌侵犯著作权罪被银川公安机关刑事立案,且前者相关负责人被关采取了强制措施,截止目前该案件尚处于银川公安机关的补充侦查过程中且预计在一段时期内不会有明确结果,上述事项在司法程序的时间进度和结果上存在较大的不确定性,可能对广州创思的业务经营及未来业绩产生一定的不利影响,并增加本次重大资产重组审核和实施的不确定性,经公司与交易各方充分协商后,决定终止本次重大资产重组事项。   广州创思涉嫌侵犯著作权罪的举报方为盛大游戏运营实体上海数龙科技有限公司。   根据德力股份公告,2015年9月28日,上海数龙科技有限公司向广州创思发来投诉函,陈述广州创思运营的《赤月经典版》《暗黑屠龙》等 13 款网页游戏以及《烈焰》《雷霆之怒》等两款手游侵犯了盛大游戏的著作权和游戏特有名称,并构成不正当竞争。   2015年11月3 日,广州创思因上诉纠纷收到银川市公安局发出的调取证据通知书,2015年12月,广州创思相关负责人被采取刑事强制措施。   目前,该案还未有进一步披露。   德力股份主营业务为餐饮相关的玻璃器皿制造。(小峰)相关的主题文章: