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If the geography textbook can be changed like this! – Sohu 女杀手的窘迫生活

If the geography textbook can be changed like this! Sohu, according to the study, the sensitivity is higher than that of brain image text, so if the important link in geography textbooks but also use pure image, and even three-dimensional model like this, learning together we can be more relaxed! The teacher said, "don’t make any trouble for us."! To commemorate the best travel), was able to turn into what one sees and hears in the form of art creation, preserved, not only their own pictures, but also to share with others. Artist Guy Larame? E Onde else "moram" series of works, he went to Brazil Serra Do Corvo Branco 2 for himself and everyone, the best souvenir! "Historia Da America" Portuguesa "Onde else moram" translated into Chinese "where they live" means, Larame? E Serra Do Corvo in Branco for four months, after coming back, he spent nine months time, the haoshanhaoshui there are punctilious into a Book The Eagle, like a wild profusion of vegetation of trees, winding mountain road, there is a "vulture" king of the title of the wild Wang Jiu and so on, these Larame? E the most unforgettable memories, have become the best play creation material. Larame? E said, every time he raised his camera, the king vultures like a radar camera, always sensed someone to photograph, and then so naturally into the mirror, sometimes even he felt himself to become a member of the king vultures. So natural and intimate communication and interaction, no wonder Larame E in the cover of book carving is full of hand-painted wild birds and birds. "Ciropedia" Larame? Each piece of E’s works were composed of two parts, the cover part is painted birds, is the inside pages of book carving. Larame? E Santa Catarina Florianopolis in the state capital of second-hand bookstore, find many classic works of literature published in Brazil in 50, was immediately attracted to these beautiful linen cover. "Poesia" "Humboldt" "Voltaire" "Serra do Corvo Branco" in some ancient books though faded, fill in his king vultures illustration, bright and dark, a new one old background and immediately became the subject of fresh contrast?. The rich text content within the page is the rolling hills, valleys, great difference level falls thick forests, even sitting in front of a computer to you and me, haven’t been able to come to Brazil trip, can immediately be attracted by these magnificent scenery feel Larame e sense?

如果地理课本也可以变这样!-搜狐      根据研究显示,大脑对于图像的敏锐度高于文字,那么如果把地理课本中重要的环节也改用纯图像、甚至是像这样的立体模型,学习起来一定可以更轻松的吧!(老师表示:不要刁难我们啊!)   旅行中最好的纪念,就是能把所见所闻化成创作,用艺术的方式保存下来,不只自己留念,还能与他人分享。艺术家 Guy Larame?e 的「Onde else moram」系列作品,就是他去了巴西的 Serra Do Corvo Branco 地区两趟后,给自己和大家最好的纪念品!   《historia da america portuguesa》         「Onde else moram」翻译成中文是「他们居住的地方」的意思,Larame?e 在 Serra Do Corvo Branco 待了四个月,回来后,他花了九个月的时间,把那儿的好山好水全都一丝不苟的化成书雕,象是郁郁葱葱的树林,崎岖蜿蜒的山路,还有有着「秃鹰之王」称号的野生王鹫等等,这些 Larame?e 最念念不忘的回忆,都成了最好发挥的创作素材。   Larame?e 说,每次他举起相机时,这些王鹫就好像装了相机雷达一样,总能感应到有人要照相,然后就这么自然而然的入镜,有时候连他自己都觉得自己成为王鹫的一份子。如此自然而亲密的交流、互动,也难怪 Larame?e 在书雕的封面充满各种手绘野生鸟禽。   《ciropedia》      Larame?e 的每件书雕作品都由两个部分组成,封面和封底的部分是手绘鸟类,内页才是书雕。Larame?e 在 Santa Catarina 州首都 Florianopolis 的二手书店,找到许多五零年代巴西出版的经典文学作品,立刻就被这些美丽的亚麻封面所吸引。         《poesia》            《humboldt》            《voltaire》            《serra do corvo branco》            尽管中古书都有些褪色,在他补上王鹫的插画后,一明一暗、一新一旧的背景与主体立刻成为鲜?的对比。而内页中丰富的文字内容则成了起伏的山峦、高低落极大差的峡谷、浓密的森林,即使坐在计算机前的你我,还没能亲自来趟巴西之旅,也能立刻被这些壮丽的景致所吸引,感受 Larame?e 的感动。   本文章为转载授权,不得转载。   文 大人物相关的主题文章:

美国正在和韩方商讨部署“萨德”系统 圣特学园恋爱文书

The new bill to spend tens of millions of sanctions against North Korea 12 U. S. house of Representatives passed to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea’s bill. So far, the bill was passed in both houses of Congress and signed by President Obama. In Munich, Germany, China and the United States met with foreign ministers on issues related to the Korean peninsula. The house of Representatives passed the bill by a vote of 408 votes and 2 votes on the day the Congress passed sanctions against the dprk. The bill requires the president of the United States to impose sanctions on individuals or entities who have dealings with North Korea in terms of weapons of mass destruction, arms, luxury goods, cyber crimes and human rights violations, including freezing assets, prohibiting entry and terminating government contracts. The bill also authorizes the government to spend $10 million annually on media spending and Refugee Aid for North Korea in the next 5 years. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Royce said that North Korea’s recent nuclear test and missile launch show Obama government policy toward the "strategic patience" is not feasible, the government and the Congress must act together, the strict implementation of sanctions, to make North Korea back to the negotiating table. Obama administration officials have expressed support for the sanctions act. Deputy assistant to the president for national security affairs of the United States · Rhodes said 11 days, the government and the Congress on the issue of unison, believe that it is necessary to increase the intensity of sanctions on North korea. The house of Representatives passed a similar bill aimed at sanctions against North Korea last month, but the Senate later amended the bill, adding new provisions involving cybercrime, media spending and Refugee Aid to North korea. On 10 January, the Senate voted unanimously to impose tougher sanctions on North korea. North Korea announced nuclear test on 6 march. This is the fourth nuclear test that North Korea has carried out since 2006. On 7 January, North Korea launched a satellite with a long-range rocket. U.S. Secretary of state Kerrey said in a statement that North Korea once again chose a serious provocation after the nuclear test, and the United States will work with partners and members of the Security Council to take drastic measures against the dprk. The U.S. anti missile troops into Korea Jitiao a few days ago, the United States emergency dispatch a Patriot missile defense system deployed to South Korea from the mainland, near Seoul, to deal with North Korea’s recent provocations". The US Army in Korea officially announced the news on 13 july. According to a statement issued by the US forces in Korea, an urgent additional troop of anti missile forces came from Fort Bliss, Texas, under the first battalion of the eleventh air defense artillery brigade forty-third air defense artillery regiment of the US army. Additional soldiers and equipment arrived in South Korea in February 8th, Seoul deployed to Osan air base in the south about 50 kilometers, and is stationed in the local Eighth Army thirty-fifth air defense artillery brigade with missile defense training. According to media reports from South Korea and the United States, the thirty-fifth air defense artillery brigade has two Patriot missile battalions, and each Missile Battalion claims to have 4 anti missile systems, with a total of 96 patriot type 2 and patriot 3 missiles. The Eighth Army of the thirty-fifth air defense artillery brigade is the command unit of the U. S. Army forces in korea. The theory

美新法案花数千万制裁朝鲜   美国国会众议院12日高票通过旨在对朝鲜实施更严厉制裁的法案。至此,法案在参众两院都获得通过并被提交给美国总统奥巴马签署。而在德国慕尼黑,中美两国外长就朝鲜半岛相关问题进行了会晤。   美国国会通过制裁朝鲜法案   当天,众议院以408票赞成、2票反对的表决结果通过该法案。法案要求美国总统对在大规模杀伤性武器、军火、奢侈品、网络犯罪及侵犯人权等方面与朝鲜有往来的个人或实体实施制裁,手段包括冻结资产、禁止入境和终止政府合约等。法案还授权政府在今后5年里每年花费1000万美元用于针对朝鲜的媒体支出和难民援助。   众议院外交委员会主席罗伊斯说,朝鲜近期的核试验和“导弹”发射显示奥巴马政府对朝“战略耐心”的政策是行不通的,政府与国会必须共同行动,严格执行制裁措施,使朝鲜重新回到谈判桌前。   奥巴马政府官员已对这一制裁法案表示支持。美国总统国家安全事务副助理本·罗兹11日说,政府和国会在这一问题上步调一致,都认为有必要对朝鲜加大制裁力度。   众议院上月通过一项旨在制裁朝鲜的类似议案,但参议院其后对议案进行了修改,增加了涉及网络犯罪、针对朝鲜的媒体支出和难民援助等新条款。本月10日,参议院投票一致通过对朝鲜实施更严厉制裁的议案。   朝鲜上月6日宣布进行核试验。这是朝鲜自2006年以来进行的第四次核试验。本月7日,朝鲜用远程火箭发射一颗卫星。美国国务卿克里发表声明称,朝鲜在核试验一个月后再次选择严重的挑衅行为,美方将与伙伴国和安理会成员国一道,针对朝鲜的举动采取严厉措施。   美军急调反导部队入韩   数天前,美国紧急从本土调遣一套“爱国者”导弹防御系统,部署到韩国首尔附近,以“应对朝鲜近期的挑衅行为”。驻韩美军13日正式对外公布这一消息。   根据驻韩美军发表的声明,紧急增派的反导部队来自得克萨斯州布利斯堡,隶属美军第11防空炮兵旅第43防空炮兵团第1营。增派士兵和装备于2月8日抵达韩国,部署到   首尔以南约50公里的乌山空军基地,正与驻扎在当地的美军第8集团军第35防空炮兵旅一起进行导弹防御训练。   根据美韩两国媒体的报道,第35防空炮兵旅拥有两个“爱国者”导弹营,而每个导弹营据称拥有4套反导系统,一共拥有96枚“爱国者-2”型和“爱国者-3”型导弹。   第35防空炮兵旅所在的第8集团军是驻韩美军陆军部队的指挥单位。第8集团军司令托马斯·范达尔表示,在增派反导部队方面,美军与韩国政府密切配合。   “韩国-美国同盟是为了应对来自朝鲜的真实威胁,”他说,“朝鲜违背国际社会的意愿继续发展弹道导弹,这要求韩美同盟保持有效和迅捷的弹道导弹防御能力。类似这样的训练确保我们随时做好应对朝鲜导弹袭击的准备。”   韩联社报道,“爱国者”导弹最大飞行速度为5马赫,飞行高度可达40公里。“爱国者”导弹可以用于拦截朝鲜KN-01和KN-02短程导弹,以及“飞毛腿”、“劳动”等射程更远的导弹。   此外,军方人士表示,增派“爱国者”反导系统可以更好地整合韩国和美国的导弹防御能力,从而“防范、威慑和摧毁”来自朝鲜的导弹威胁。   美韩商讨部署萨德系统   除向韩国增派“爱国者”反导系统外,美国正在和韩方商讨部署“萨德”系统(末段高空区域防御系统)的可能性。韩国国防部一名官员12日说,韩国和美国官员最快将于下周开始就在韩国部署“萨德”展开协商。   本月7日,朝鲜宣布成功发射卫星。韩美同盟随后宣布,针对日益加剧的朝鲜威胁,作为强化韩美同盟导弹防御态势的措施之一,韩美两国决定就驻韩美军部署“萨德”的可能性开始“正式协商”。   “萨德”系统可以在高空拦截大气层内或大气层外的来袭导弹,更重要的是,其X波段雷达能够迅速远距离探测到刚发射升空的弹道导弹,如果部署在韩国,可以成为美国东亚反导体系的重要一环。   在谋求加强军事部署的同时,美国五角大楼还于12日公布一份报告,渲染朝鲜洲际导弹和特种部队的威胁。   这份报告认为,如果设计和研发成功,朝鲜KN-08型洲际导弹“可能具备攻击美国本土的能力”,但它“当前作为一种武器系统的可靠度不高”。   此外,报告还特别提及朝鲜的特种部队,认为其经过“严格训练、装备精良、补给充足、高度机动”,可用于“迅速发起进攻,抵抗外国的进攻或者对韩国一些脆弱的目标进行有限攻击”。   □中方反应   半岛核问题应重回谈判   中国外交部长王毅12日在慕尼黑会见美国国务卿克里。   王毅表示,前不久习近平主席应约同奥巴马总统通了电话,习主席就下阶段中美关系提出了重要指导意见。希望双方共同努力,认真落实两国元首达成的共识,确保两国关系保持健康稳定发展。   王毅与克里重点就朝鲜半岛局势进一步交换了意见。王毅表示,朝鲜再次进行核试验并使用弹道导弹技术发射卫星,连续违反联合国有关决议,严重冲击国际核不扩散体系。为此,中美双方都同意加快在安理会的磋商进程,尽快达成一份新的决议,采取有力和有效措施阻遏朝鲜进一步发展核、导计划。同时,中方重申制裁不是目的,我们的共同目标还是要一起想办法把半岛核问题重新拉回对话谈判的正确轨道,这完全符合包括中美在内各方的利益。克里对此表示同意。   王毅还就美国可能在韩国部署“萨德”反导系统表明了中方的反对立场,要求美方务必慎重行事,不要借机损害中国的安全利益,也不要给本地区和平稳定增加新的复杂因素。   中方坚持半岛“不战”原则   外交部长王毅12日在德国慕尼黑接受路透社专访。在回答关于中国对于朝鲜半岛局势的政策时,王毅表示,作为半岛的近邻和对半岛稳定负有重要责任的国家,中方有几点必须要坚持:   第一,不管什么情况下,半岛都不能有核,无论是北方还是南方,无论是自己制造,还是引进部署。第二,不能用武力解决问题,那将使半岛生战、生乱,中国不会允许。第三,中国自身的正当国家安全利益必须得到有效维护和保障。   王毅说,我们将继续与国际社会合作,坚定不移推进半岛无核化进程。半岛核问题的焦点在美朝双方。我们愿敦促美朝双方坐下来,谈起来,解决彼此合理关切,最终实现大家都希望的目标。   本版综合新华社 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

two sessions&quot 武神传说全文阅读

Guangzhou CPPCC: Tianhe two resources idle worrying, science and technology – People’s network for 6 consecutive times the world’s fastest supercomputer, Guangzhou Tianhe two and Shenzhou, Tiangong-1, dragon become a national business card. How to make good use of "Tianhe two" super computing ability, this "weapon", help Guangzhou innovation leap and industrial upgrading, truly become treasure, become a hot topic of Guangzhou "two sessions" this year. Today, the city CPPCC esch sports group for "further play" Tianhe No. two "super computer application effectiveness" of the conference. No accident, this proposal will become the focus of the proposal in 2016. 1. cannot make super computing capacity idle since 2014 in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Supercomputer Center in Guangdong has become the largest financial science and technology infrastructure, high performance computing, massive data processing, information management and service in one, it is a major strategic infrastructure to support the national innovative city and the construction of the wisdom of Guangzhou, has since settled in the Milky way, "No. two" exhibition in the animation rendering, e-government, security services, data recovery application skill. But Guangzhou Tianhe two super computing capacity idle, but many people worried. High energy consumption, lack of publicity and promotion, lack of international exchanges and cooperation, less scientific research projects in the major areas of national, software development cycle is too long, talent echelon and technical support has not yet formed the system, still plagued Tianhe two". "Guarding a bonanza, but not knowing how to use it.". The situation is puzzling, while trying to promote innovation, while leaving the world’s most advanced supercomputers on the other side." Bill drafters chairman Wu Yangyang told reporters, "let the Supercomputer Center research institutes docking universities, especially industrial enterprises, a new form of small and medium-sized enterprises, social and economic services, boost technological and strategic emerging industries, promote the innovation of science and technology, Guangzhou must consider the problem." It is a systematic project to transform the super computing ability of Tianhe two into productivity. In Wu Yangyang’s view, the Supercomputer Center is currently facing the biggest problem is the system and mechanism of the problem, "in July 2015, the Supercomputer Center transfer from Guangzhou city by a committee to the Zhongshan University, this decision is questionable, in is a scientific research and teaching as the goal of the University, after the transfer of the Supercomputer Center does not have independent legal person the qualification, leading to some commercial activities and unable to carry out the operation of the market. The Supercomputer Center was shackled to the hands and feet. At the same time, commitment in a faculty under the Supercomputer Center level decreased. In fact, it should become an independent national institution." Wu Yangyang expresses. How to open the market for the Supercomputer Center, Guangzhou municipal CPPCC also organized special manpower to Tianjin, Shenzhen and other places to investigate. "Shenzhen Supercomputer Center business is full load operation, and Guangzhou Supercomputer Center business is not much, there must be a reason for this."." Wu Yangyang expresses. Guangzhou Supercomputer Center Director Yuan Xuefeng frankly, "Guangzhou enterprises use supercomputer power shortage, most enterprises use commercial software, high cost, which makes our business promotion is very difficult."." In this regard, Wu Yangyang does not approve. She thinks: ""

广州政协:天河二号资源闲置令人揪心–科技–人民网 连续6次蝉联全球最快的超级计算机之后,广州“天河二号”与神舟、天宫一号、蛟龙号成为国家级名片。怎样用好“天河二号”超级计算能力这把“利器”,助力广州创新跃升和产业升级,真正变宝为财,成为今年广州“两会”的一个热点话题。今日,市政协教科文卫体委组准备作“进一步发挥‘天河二号’超级计算机应用效能”的大会发言。不出意外,这一提案将成为2016年的焦点提案。 1.不能让超级计算能力闲置 自2014年落户广州以来,广州超算中心已成为广东最大的科技基础设施,融高性能计算、海量数据处理、信息管理服务于一体,它是支撑国家创新型城市和智慧广州建设的重大战略性基础设施,自落户以来,“天河二号”已在动漫渲染、电子政务、安全服务、数据容灾等应用方面大展身手。 但广州“天河二号”超级计算能力的闲置,却让不少有识之士忧心忡忡。高昂的能耗费用,宣传推广不力,国际交流与合作不足,嫁接国家重大领域的科研项目较少,应用软件开发的周期过长,人才梯队与技术支撑尚未形成系统等,依然困扰着“天河二号”。 “守着一个富矿,却不知道如何利用。一边在努力提升创新能力,另一边却让世界最先进的超级计算机能力的闲置,这种状况让人费解。”提案起草人吴阳阳委员对记者说,“让超算中心对接高等院校、科研院所,特别是工业企业,新业态中小企业,服务社会经济,助力科技和战略新兴产业,带动科技创新,是广州必须思考的问题。” 把“天河二号”的超级计算能力转化为生产力,是一个系统性工程。在吴阳阳看来,超算中心目前面临最大的问题是体制和机制的问题,“2015年7月,超算中心从广州市科创委移交到中山大学,这个决定是值得商榷的,中大是一个以科研教学为目标的大学,划拨之后超算中心根本不具备独立法人的资格,导致一些商业活动及市场运作无从开展。超算中心就被束缚住了手脚。同时,委身中大一个院系下面,超算中心的级别降低了。实际上,它应当成为一个独立的国家级机构。”吴阳阳表示。 对于如何为超算中心打开市场,广州市政协还专门组织人力到天津、深圳等地考察。“深圳的超算中心业务基本是满负荷运转,而广州超算中心却业务不多,这里面一定是有原因的。”吴阳阳表示。广州超算中心主任袁学锋坦诚,“广州企业使用超算的动力不足,企业大部分使用的是商业软件,成本很高,这让我们的业务推广很难。” 对此,吴阳阳并不认可。她认为:“广州超算中心要做的绝不仅仅是服务广州,更可以服务全国乃至全世界。医药生物、数据建模、大数据处理等众多新型业态都需要强悍的计算功能,如果从这个角度挖掘,怎么会缺业务做。” 2.立足广州服务全国 为此,提案提出两个具体建议。其一,由省、市中小企业局牵头每年组织一到二次相关企业到超算中心对接,对新业态的孵化企业免费提供超算资源。这样,可以让中小企业减轻固定资产投入,获得优质的超算资源服务、计算存储支撑和技术服务支持,同时,又可以有效增加超算中心用户数量和应用推广的广泛性,拓展超算应用领域。其二,积极与科技部等国家部委,在国家层面上获得更多的支持,甚至可以尝试与国家科技部或产业发展资金联手运营。 “超算中心绝不仅可以服务广州,更可以服务全国,要有这样的胸怀。”吴阳阳认为,超算中心应当借用国家的力量,推动国际交流与合作,进行全方位的宣传推广和各种招商推介活动。 针对提这一建议,中国超级计算广州中心主任袁学锋表示欢迎:“政府愿意牵头来做,当然好,尤其是在企业中推广超算应用,这样能够更多地把企业吸引过来。”袁学锋介绍,目前只有少数有潜在合作前景的项目,超算中心投入了大量的资源进行合作和定制化服务。“超算中心人力和资源有限,想要解决企业服务,最好还是成立一个企业服务机构。”袁学锋的想法是,政府先成立基金,再引入市场资本运作,进行市场化运作。 “超级计算机的威力拥有一定的时效性,大约在5-7年左右。过期作废,因此,现在就寻求超算中心的市场化刻不容缓。”吴阳阳指出,“作为国家大科学装置,超算中心是广州最好的‘武器’之一,为何不用好它呢?”(李宏治 黄祖健)相关的主题文章:

to avoid the skin with a sense of stimulation. Super skin power 武汉爱情往事

2016, the trend of beauty makeup how? Tiffany show wisdom Shirley to teach you – Sohu BNT news review, 2015 beauty in the number of "hangover beauty", "Contouring beauty", "Strobing beauty" the most general trend. But in 2016, there was an upsurge of "fruit juice beauty makeup". The so-called "juice beauty" refers to the makeup like fresh fruit juice to overflow as bright and pleasant. Carefully observe the recent South Korean popular actress, such as Tiffany Red Velvet, SNSD members Joy, Shirley, Suzy and other popular member of the women’s team are good at creating juice makeup. Especially in the Tiffany program in the days before compared to fresh almonds, Shirley peach, Joy is the green apple, caused by a follow boom. Can the beauty beauty of Korean actresses be created only by professional beauty makeup artists? Just grasp the correct beauty skills, you can also create their brilliant beauty. Here is the famous Korean cosmetics brand too cool for school for you to explain the beauty of fruit skills. What are the highlights of actress beauty? The beauty of all the trends has its highlights. The highlight of fruit juice beauty is to create a "bright" and "beautiful" makeup, which requires learning to use pink. Know how to make use of pink to make makeup more beautiful. Pink highlights can be dotted in the eyes, mouth, cheeks and other places, so that the whole makeup more vitality and vitality, just like the overflow of fruit juice like attractive. Juice beauty makeup tips STEP 1 too cool for school to build for ART CLASS The Camouflage, but the product to create a natural, flawless skin, make skin more shapely Concealer products. Unique and soft brush design, in the skin around the eye to use, to avoid the skin with a sense of stimulation. Super skin power, even in the makeup make-up will not appear makeup phenomenon. The most important thing for fruit juice beauty is to cover the blemishes of the face. Only in this way can the bright spot be natural and fresh. The first use of foundation cream or BB cream makeup evenly, then use Concealer products will clear acne, black eye and other defects covered, make makeup flawless. STEP 2 adds beauty to beauty 01 DINOPLATZ TRICERATOPS, which can be used as high gloss, blush and shadow simultaneously. The three functional products set as one, whether beautiful beauty or shadow beauty can use the product, but also the use of three colors as eye shadow, is an essential product to carry. 02 CHECK GLOSSY BLASTER TINT, containing 30% moisture and 70% oil percentage of gold, once solved the lip oil easy to erase and lip gloss tight shortcomings. In addition, in the instant of smearing, the color capsule opens bright pink on the lips, making s

2016的大势美妆怎么化?Tiffany秀智雪莉来教你-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 回顾2015年的美妆中要数“宿醉美妆”、“Contouring美妆”、“Strobing美妆”最为大势。但到了2016年,又刮起了“果汁美妆”的热潮。   所谓“果汁美妆”指的是这个妆容如同要溢出新鲜水果的汁水那般灿烂、可人。仔细观察最近的韩国人气女星,如少女时代Tiffany、Red Velvet成员Joy、雪莉、秀智等当红女团成员都善于打造果汁妆容。尤其是在日前的一档节目中将Tiffany比喻成了新鲜杏仁、雪莉是水蜜桃,Joy则是青苹果,而引起了效仿热潮。   韩国女星们的果汁美妆只有专业的美妆师才能打造出来吗?只需掌握正确的美妆技巧,你也能打造出她们般的灿烂美妆。下面就由韩国知名化妆品品牌too cool for school为你讲解水果美妆的技巧所在。   女星们果汁美妆的亮点为何?      所有大势了的美妆都有它的亮点所在。果汁美妆的亮点则在于打造出“灿烂”又“亮丽”的妆容,这就需要学会活用粉红色。   懂得活用粉红色可令妆容更显可人。可将粉红色的亮点点缀在眼、嘴、双颊等处,令整个妆容更显生机与活力,就犹如要溢出来的果汁般诱人。   果汁美妆打造技巧   STEP 1 打造无暇美肌      too cool for school ART CLASS The Camouflage,该产品可是打造自然、无暇美肌,令肤色更显匀称的遮瑕产品。独特且柔软的涂抹刷设计,在眼周肌肤上使用时,避免给肌肤带去刺激感。超强的亲肤力,即使在修补妆容时也不会出现凝妆现象。   果汁美妆最重要的是要将面部的瑕疵充分的遮盖。这样才能令亮点更显自然、清新。首先使用粉底霜或是BB霜等底妆产品均匀涂抹后,再使用遮瑕产品将明显的痘痕、黑眼圈等瑕疵遮盖,令底妆完美无瑕。   STEP 2 为美妆添生机      01 DINOPLATZ TRICERATOPS,该产品可同时作为高光、腮红、阴影使用。将三种功效的产品集合为一,无论是靓丽美妆还是阴影美妆都可使用的该产品,还可将三色作为眼影使用,是随身携带的必备产品。   02 CHECK GLOSSY BLASTER TINT,蕴含30%水分及70%油分的黄金比例,一次性解决了唇油易擦掉与唇彩紧绷的缺点。另外,涂抹的瞬间色彩胶囊会在嘴唇上绽开明亮的粉色,让嘴唇更加湿润,不愧为打造魅力唇妆的新概念第三代唇彩 。_全为too cool for school产品   果汁美妆的重点在于“生机勃勃”。首先在眼部下方的三角区域上轻轻铺上一次粉色的腮红,是打造清纯可人形象的好方法。再使用更浅粉色使用的上眼皮上与腮红想呼应,令这个妆容更显协调。      再在脸部的中央的T型区上打上自然高光,令五官与脸型更显立体。最后在两腮出轻轻打上阴影,给人更小巧脸型的视觉效果。值得注意的是,在选择高光与阴影产品时,产品的粒子不宜过大,颜色也应更加符合本身的肤色,这样打造出的妆容才更显自然。   另外,唇妆是最适宜点缀亮点的部位之一。若想营造出过果汁溢出般的美感,在打造唇妆时建议使用颜色更为鲜艳的颜色,且需要有充足的光泽,这样才能打造出更饱满、可人的唇妆。大势美妆品染唇液可持久显色,令唇妆鲜明有活力。即使不复涂抹亮色唇彩也可令唇妆散发光泽的染唇液,有着惊人的持久力与显色力,被誉为新概念的大势唇妆品。   STEP 3 眼妆,重中之重      too cool for school Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara,该产品自带的三种不同弯曲度的高弹性可转动刷头是韩国首创,可同时实现对睫毛的卷翘、纤长、立体以及定型,纤细且柔软的毛刷不会错过任何一根,即使是隐藏起来的睫毛也不会错过,可将睫毛打造的更完美且丰盈,更魅惑迷人的睫毛妆。   若自身的睫毛不够长,也不够丰盈,但利用假睫毛又打造出现果汁美妆的自然。这样的时候,建议在睫毛膏上下功夫。   建议首先使用睫毛夹将睫毛充分卷翘后,再用睫毛膏细致涂抹睫毛。正确涂抹睫毛膏可同时到达令洁面充分上扬、睫毛膏不脱落固定性高、有延长睫毛视觉效果、令睫毛变得更加浓密。因此,在选择睫毛膏时也应更加细致,要选对产品。在此推荐可同时解决多种需求的all-in-one型产品。宋恩智 郑文兰 文 too cool for school,bnt新闻DB   bnt新闻投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章:

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CCB fund Hanlaobaoshou management fees: the first half of 600 million fund loss of nearly 3 billion 400 million China Economic Net Beijing on September 7th news (reporter Kang Bo) the fund semi annual disclosure has been concluded, in the market at the moment, the fund companies are focusing on the scale, the banking system fund company nature be nothing difficult. Data show that in the family construction bank CCB fund management fees in the first half of this year a total of up to 631 million yuan, an increase of the first fund company, but compared with the management fee income, the company’s fund first half loss has reached 3 billion 378 million yuan, this phenomenon also again highlights the drawbacks and the public offering the mode of fund industry. CCB fund channel advantage is not obvious loss is "positive" semi annual fund finally ended, according to foreign financial reports, 106 of the fund manager’s public fund in the first half loss of 232 billion 200 million yuan, but the fund management fees has increased. From the semi annual report has been published and 2870 fund management fee data, 2016 in the first half of these funds to fund the payment management fee of 233.19 billion yuan, an increase of 2.59%. The scale of asset management raised four Tian Hong, China, ICBC Credit Suisse and fund management fee income exceeded 1 billion yuan mark. Among them, the Chinese in the fund management fee income 1 billion 412 million yuan ranked first, yifangda and Celestica respectively to 1 billion 258 million yuan and 1 billion 243 million yuan, followed by. In the comparable 93 fund companies, 51 management fee income has achieved positive growth. In contrast, CCB fund management fee income growth in the industry for the first time, the first half of this year the company management fee income up to 631 million yuan in total, and the first half of last year compared to an increase of up to 73.35%. CCB fund management fee income grew larger, thanks to its cash Tim Lee, CCB CCB currency, CCB ease guaranteed two, CCB ease guaranteed three mixed management fee income contribution reached 207 million yuan, 82 million 54 thousand and 400 yuan, 28 million 945 thousand and 900 yuan and 28 million 856 thousand yuan. Unfortunately, the good data can not cover up the fact that the loss is 3 billion 378 million yuan. It is reported that the CCB fund management company was founded in September 2005, registered in Beijing, the registered capital of 200 million yuan, is the first by the commercial bank initiated the establishment of a fund management company. The principal shareholders include China Co truction Bank Corp, Financial Services Company, Chinese Huadian Group Capital Holdings limited. Unfortunately, it does not seem to play a shareholder advantage in ccb. Financial investment news reports, from the year 2015, CCB fund management of the total size of 686 billion 300 million yuan, while its net profit is only 478 million yuan, compared with that in its asset size is more obvious than the rich, huitianfu a large portion of the case, the net profit is equivalent to only half of the rich and even half huitianfu not to. Only the public offering of asset size, according to WIND data show that in 2015 the total size of CCB fund is 216 billion 400 million yuan, but the monetary fund reached 167 billion 600 million yuan, accounted for about 77%, 7

建信基金旱涝保收:半年管理费6亿 基金亏近34亿中国经济网北京9月7日讯(记者 康博)基金公司半年报披露已经落下帷幕,在市场行情不济的当下,各基金公司均把主要精力放在了规模扩大上,这对于银行系基金公司来说自然不在话下。资料显示,建设银行家族中的建信基金今年上半年的管理费合计高达6.31亿元,增幅达各基金公司之首,然而和管理费收入相比,该公司旗下基金上半年亏损却达到了33.78亿元,这一现象也再次凸显了公募基金行业旱涝保收模式的弊端。建信基金渠道优势不明显 亏损很“积极” 基金半年报终于落幕,据号外财经报道,106家基金管理人旗下公募基金上半年亏损2322亿元,但基金收取的管理费却有增无减。从已公布半年报且有管理费数据的2870只基金情况看,2016年上半年这些基金共向基金公司支付管理费233.19亿元,同比增长2.59%。公募资产管理规模前四位的天弘、华夏、工银瑞信和易方达基金管理费收入均突破10亿元大关。其中,华夏基金以14.12亿元的管理费收入排名第一,易方达和天弘分别以12.58亿元和12.43亿元紧随其后。在可比的93家基金公司中,有51家管理费收入取得正增长。相比而言,建信基金的管理费收入增幅位居行业之首,该公司今年上半年管理费收入合计高达6.31亿元,与去年上半年相比增幅高达73.35%。建信基金管理费收入同比增幅较大,得益于旗下建信现金添利、建信货币、建信安心保本二、建信安心保本三号混合的管理费收入贡献,分别达到2.07亿元、8205.44万元、2894.59万元和2885.6万元。但可惜的是,上述美好的数据却无法掩盖其亏损33.78亿元的事实。据悉,建信基金管理公司成立于2005年9月,注册地在北京,注册资本金为2亿元人民币,是国内首批由商业银行发起设立的基金管理公司。股东包括中国建设银行股份有限公司、信安金融服务公司、中国华电集团资本控股有限公司。但可惜的是,其似乎并没有发挥出股东建设银行的渠道优势。金融投资报报道,从2015年全年看,建信基金管理总规模为 6863亿元,而其净利润仅有4.78亿元,横向比较来看,在其资产规模明显比富国、汇添富高出一大截的情况下,其净利润却仅相当于富国、汇添富的一半甚至一半不到。仅就公募资产规模来看,根据WIND数据显示,2015年建信基金的总规模为2164亿元,但其货币基金就达到1676亿元,占比达到77%左右,而汇添富货币基金占比为60%,而富国货币基金占比仅有12%。可见建信基金只是依靠了货币基金冲规模,但却在一定程度上丢掉了权益类资产赚钱的核心竞争力。除此之外,作为四大行的子公司,建信系在渠道上的优势似乎也没有显现出来。公募行业“雁过拔毛”模式何时改 今年开年市场即迎来剧烈振荡,虽二季度有所反弹,但上半年仍亏损严重。基金半年报显示,106家基金管理人旗下公募基金上半年亏损2322亿元,但从有管理费数据的2870只基金情况看,今年上半年这些基金共向基金公司支付管理费233.19亿元,同比增长2.59%,也就是说,基金公司在让基民亏损2322亿元的同时还向基民收取了233亿元的管理费,如此荒谬的逻辑实在让人接受不了。目前,基金公司主动管理的股票型基金一般采取1.5%的管理费率,被动管理的股票型基金一般多采用0.5%的管理费率,基金公司按照基金的每日净资产按日计提。不论基金盈亏状况如何,基金公司固定比例的收入几乎雷打不动,在熊市持续的当下,单一的固定费率制带来的弊端逐步显现。基金公司陷入“规模”大比拼。根据iFinD数据显示,2014年总共发行基金361只,而截止2016年8月30日,已发行基金525只基金,质量不好的基金产品不断发行,这说明一些基金公司追求的首要目标是扩大规模赚取管理费,为基民理财赚钱变成了次要目标。有业内人士表示,目前单一的固定费率制度下,不同基金公司之间的比拼,靠发行新基金拼规模去赚取管理费,基金公司管理能力的优劣并未在管理费费率上体现出来。因此不少业内人士建议,基金合同中确定的固定收费比例应当改革,可以约定根据基金的盈亏情况设定不同等级的收费标准,严重亏损时收费低、大额盈利时收费高,采取一定程度的浮动费率安排,给予基金公司更大的激励,这也能减轻处于亏损状态时基民的负担。如果基金行业的收费模式真能出现改变,管理费多元化、阶梯式收费将加剧基金公司之间的竞争,不能走上特色化、差异化发展路线的基金公司将被淘汰,基金整体理财水平将在充分竞争中得到提升。以下为建信基金2016年半年报亏损基金一览基金代码基金名称基金规模(亿元)当期利润(元)建信信息产业股票8.15-100,668,309.78建信中小盘先锋3.76-76,132,803.88建信双利策略主题2.11-29,410,400.55建信改革红利2.32-46,536,843.56建信潜力新蓝筹1.12-14,597,144.58建信环保产业37.7-733,294,445.92建信互联网+产业升级18.02-452,691,839.98建信大安全战略1.25-11,199,049.12建信恒久价值11.39-248,436,006.09建信优选成长混合A25.54-132,274,405.98建信优化配置24.42-429,089,004.39建信核心精选6.64-232,898,541.24建信内生动力5.07-77,937,171.82建信恒稳价值0.35-6,064,179.63建信社会责任0.37-5,085,614.13建信优势动力5.56-67,928,037.75建信睿盈灵活配置混合A1.94-39,394,973.28建信睿盈灵活配置混合C1.17-28,003,228.57建信消费升级0.65-4,079,998.60建信安心保本3.59-11,023,330.76建信创新中国0.69-97,519.02建信积极配置2.54-10,307,561.89建信健康民生1.14-9,426,249.24建信稳健回报灵活11.89-7,279,579.02建信鑫安回报灵活14.79-4,351,701.79建信新经济灵活6.33-141,660,081.09建信安心保本二号47.05-73,274,015.51建信安心保本三号49.01-2,575,574.98建信中证500指数2.75-8,700,034.77建信沪深300指数4.6-73,010,456.65上证社会责任1.01-17,283,592.55建信上证社会责任1.07-17,174,394.54深证基本面600.87-10,326,908.19建信深证基本面600.88-10,696,058.80建信深证100指数0.75-10,838,346.23建信央视财经502.23-67,828,989.99建信精工制造指数0.9-15,371,701.78建信稳定丰利债券A5.64-1,053,511.58建信稳定丰利债券C2.5-1,279,657.62建信收益增强债券A12.87-17,707,999.72建信收益增强债券C2.5-7,798,376.22建信双息红利债券A44.48-64,350,397.21建信双息红利债券C6.17-27,274,230.29建信转债增强债券A0.94-2,424,716.96建信转债增强债券C1.34-3,647,180.62建信稳定得利债券A1.46-1,431,809.84建信稳定得利债券C1.59-4,042,131.79建信稳定添利债券A2.8-8,695,082.81建信稳定添利债券C1.12-8,058,168.48建信全球机遇0.25-938,821.23建信新兴市场优选0.63-1,431,932.25合计-3,377,082,112.27相关的主题文章:

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Reference-and-Education Gurgaon is the second largest city of the Haryana state in northern India. Gurgaon is the industrial and financial centre and capital of Haryana. It is located at 30 km south of the national capital New Delhi and at a distance of about 10 km from the Dwarka sub city. Gurgaon is among the Delhis four major satellite cities and comes under the national capital region (NCR). The distance between Delhi and Gurgaon has been reduced due to the introduction of Delhi-Gurgaon metro and via an expressway. Gurgaon has the third highest per capita income in the country after Chandigarh and Mumbai. Gurgaon is the only Indian city to have successfully distributed electricity to each and every household in the area. Over the last 25 years this city of Haryana has undergone rapid development and construction. The infrastructure of this city is counted among the best in the country. Gurgaon is home to the best schools and the best business schools in the country. Gurgaon is an industrial hub and consistently developing as one of the major cities in India. Many international software companies have set up their offices here in Gurgaon which have resulted in the generation of employment opportunities and increased workforce. Gurgaon is situated just a few kilometers away from the INDIRA GANDHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Gurgaon and Faridabad, together generate over 50% of Haryana’s income tax revenues. EDUCATION IN GURGAON GURGAON has many residential boarding schools that offer best facilities to the students. The schools have the best class infrastructure and all the modern facilities catering to the needs of the students. The classes are well lit and ventilated with ACs. The residential schools offer nutritious meals to the students to make them stay healthy and concentrate on studies so that they can learn and outshine. AKASH PUBLIC SCHOOL Akash Public School is located behind community center, Sector 5, Gurgaon- Haryana. The school is established with an aim of providing quality education to students. It is an English medium, co-educational school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school is dedicated to provide world class educational facilities to the students and offers education from the classes Pre-nursery to Class X. The building of the school is well designed and provides all the modern facilities to the students. The classrooms of the school are spacious and airy, enabled with the facility of smart classes to increase the learning and understanding capabilities of the students. The school has an auditorium, enriched library, dance room, art room, playground, well equipped labs, medical facility, transportation facility and a lot more to offer. RED ROSES PUBLIC SCHOOL Red Roses Public School is located in D Block of the posh locality of Palam Vihar at Gurgaon. The school is third in the chain of schools being run by the same name. The school is housed in its own three-storey spectacular building. It is equipped with state-of-art infrastructure and a playground in the heart of Palam Vihar, a prime location in Gurgaon, imparting in English, modern and quality education that ensures overall development of childrens personality. The school is dedicated to provide world class educational facilities to the students in absolutely clean and green environment. The school offers education from class NURSERY to class VIII in its first year of inception. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Careers-Employment How not to impress your boss in construction? Amazed at the selection of topic? Well this isnt going to be a boring lecture on how to impress your boss by flattering him to the core nor is this going to be a joke on how to lose the confidence of your boss. Well the construction employment scenario seems to have rejuvenated after it almost crashed during the recession. Investors are returning and even the government is taking a keen interest in the development of infrastructure globally. Needless to say the construction industry employment is mushrooming with full might. Construction employment agency is something which specially caters to the employment requirements related to construction. Be it contractor employment or engineers for construction they deal in every employment. Everyone seems to be competing with each other to secure themselves a construction job. The avenues are many. One can opt to be an architect, a civil engineer, an electrical engineer, a contractor, a supplier or a manufacturer amongst the many other options available today. The pays in construction management employment is also quite lucrative and for people who love challenges this is just the thing for you. If this still does not impress you think about the satisfaction you will get when a complete structure will be standing tall in front of you and you will proudly be able to claim that even you have played a role in its construction. I am sure you are quite interested in getting into a construction job now. But to grow up high in the construction industry employment you will need to be in the good books of your boss rather than learning how not to impress your boss you will need to know how to make sure your boss knows you are working real hard at your job. Here are a few tips to do the same: Set your priorities right. When your boss gives you an assignment you need to know that it is of utmost importance and must be done first. No matter how many pending tasks you have, forget everything till you are done with your boss assignment. Remember its your boss who decides what is to be done first and your job is to follow orders. This will score you a lot of good points. Giving credit to your boss: Never try to steal away the thunder from your boss. Even if you have accomplished a task on your own you will need to thank your bosses for their support. Do not gossip about your boss: Speak well about your boss even behind his/her back. If your boss finds out that you have been bitching about him/her they will take it to a personal level to avenge themselves and it will be you on the losing end. Tell your boss everything: Even if you get assignments from your boss superiors it is your first responsibility to inform your boss about it. Ultimately it is your boss who has a direct say in deciding your future so make sure you stay in their good books. Never go against your boss: Remember when you are in trouble its only your boss who can save your day so never ever go against him by all means. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Software So there you are sitting in your office, you just spent the last week putting together your proposal. Your pie charts are perfect, you have checked all your spreadsheets. Right after you click save on the final version your computer goes blank. This could have been prevented with an automatic PC backup program . Everything you put together is gone. You try and call you friend who who knows everything about computers, he tells you its all gone. You are not alone, this happens to 1000s of people daily. Nothing is worse than having your laptop crash. If you do not have the adequate backup system, you could end up losing all of your precious data and files that you will never retrieve. You know exactly what I am talking about if you have been unlucky enough suffer a computer crash. But there is a way to guard against losing everything on your computer. In times past the only automatic PC backup program option for many businesses had to protect and restore their files was to use a backup program that came with their computer. It would then compress it into a secure data format, which then would be transferred onto tape drives attached to the machines themselves. Fast forward a few years and we are now using DVDs, portable hard drives or USB devices to create backup files. Jump ahead 5 or 6 years and there are a number of automatic PC backup programs that can be used to backup your computer on autopilot, no additional hardware needed. Enabling recovery points from any point-in-time, capturing data changes and storing the files in a different location than your PC or laptop is known as Continuous Data Protection. The objective is to minimize the loss of data from an unplanned outage and get the application back online quickly in a consistent state. One thing to consider, if you have a preplanned PC backup plan your are much less likely to suffer financially. By putting a scheduled PC backup plan in place you know you are ready for any type of man made or natural disaster. A data backup program will ensure that your business is better prepared and more resilient. Make sure computer systems will have the ability to recover and get back on track should any issue arise with an automatic PC backup program. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: