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Don’t Cry 3 times to save your night stay 三国战神之刘封

Overtime Wang don’t Cry 3 strokes to save your night stay "missing face" lead: overtime Wang is sad reminder, not only the boss will give you look, the skin has not been able to rest, also give you some "color" look, dark, rough, face without any light! How can you find your spring with such a "missing face"?. (source: beauty female network) overtime Wang don’t Cry 3 ways to save your "lack of sleep face", the earth people know the importance of high quality sleep on the skin, but, for today’s professional women, especially overtime Wang, want to be a sleeping beauty is not! Can! Can! Obviously, now is already spring, but their spring is still so far away, this is the "lack of sleep face" to blame. Below, Amy teaches you to activate your skin. Now, as Wang you hurry to work overtime, check there is no lack of sleep these small problems: 1: often float powder powder out, need to spend more time playing makeup, makeup does not cover the pores, simply cannot be seen! 2: black eye gradually deepened, looking at no previous spirit; wrinkles have not yet appeared, but the eyes have been seen a little drooping, do not know when began to change into the eight character eye! 3: inexplicable long Doudou acne, a long time not disappear, not easy to heal, but fell a dark spot. 4: skin lacks luster, elasticity, feel old ten years old, see a good crazy, there is wood. "Lack of sleep" small trouble, never expect it? These symptoms are due to the long-term skin in "lack of sleep" excited state, oil, pigment, inflammatory factors are too active, resulting in drops. We are not tyrant, we can not resign directly, go home to sleep beauty bar! Don’t worry. Look down first! Love beauty Xiaobian teach you 3 kinds of situation amplification recruit, let you work overtime stay up late, lack of sleep face"! Sleep less? Improving efficiency is the key to the formation of "missing face", the most important plateau is to sleep less! What should I do? Our body and skin have their own rhythm, and we can be efficient if we follow them well. If you can only sleep 4 hours today, it is recommended to go to bed before 23, set the alarm clock, and get up in the morning to continue to struggle. Because midnight is the most active time for the body to renew itself and repair, and it’s critical to seize this time. Can’t sleep? Let the skin to sleep well the night Wang stayed overtime overtime is common, since this time can not sleep, do not let the skin to "sleep"? Even if one is working overtime, don’t forget to be nice to yourself. Point to a fragrant incense candle, you can smell to the brain "emotion processing zone", let your mood state has different changes, if you want to cheer up, choose grapefruit, lemon, mint best; and to relax, choose frankincense or chamomile right. Overtime work keeps our body and brain active for a long time, even if it is too tired to move a finger, but we can’t sleep when we lie down! Send you a sleep tips, a microwave oven heating small hot pillow, before going to bed at the shoulder and neck hot compress for 10 minutes, to ensure your night sleep and sweet incense. But Xiao Bian suggests that it’s better to have a hot bath before bedtime.

加班汪别哭 3招拯救你的熬夜“缺觉脸”   导语:加班汪就是悲催,不但上司会给你脸色看,皮肤一直得不到休息也会给你点“颜色”看看,暗沉粗糙脸上无半点光!顶着这样一张“缺觉脸”你怎么寻找你的春天。(来源:爱美女性网) 加班汪别哭 3招拯救你的“缺觉脸”   地球人都知道高质量睡眠对皮肤的重要性,可是,对于现在的职业女性尤其是加班汪来说,想当一个睡美人根本就是不!可!能!明明现在都已经是春天了,可是自己的春天却还那么遥远,这都是“缺觉脸”惹的祸。下面,爱美小编教你激活你的肌肤。   Now,身为加班汪的你,赶紧来自查一下有没有下面这些“缺觉”小困扰吧:   1:经常浮粉掉粉,需要花更多时间来打底妆,遮盖毛孔,不化妆简直就不能见人!   2:黑眼圈日渐加深,看着没有以前精神了;皱纹还没有出现,可眼角已经看出有点微微下垂,不知道从什么时候开始变成了八字眼!   3:莫名长了颗痘痘,好久都不消,好不容易愈合了,却落下一个深色斑点。   4:肌肤缺乏光泽、弹性,感觉老了十岁,看了好抓狂有木有。 “缺觉”小困扰   万万没想到吧?这些症状都是因为肌肤长期处于“缺觉”的亢奋状态,油脂、色素、炎症因子过于活跃所导致滴。我们又不是土豪,总不能直接辞职,回家睡美容觉吧!   别着急,先往下看!爱美小编教你分3种情况放大招,让你加班熬夜不熬“缺觉脸”!   睡得少?提高效率是关键   形成的“缺觉脸”最重要的塬因就是睡得少!怎么办?我们的身体和皮肤都有自己的节奏,好好遵循就可以高效率。如果注定今天只能睡4个小时,建议在23点之前上床,定好闹钟,在凌晨起来继续奋斗。因为,子夜时分是人体自我更新和修复最活跃的时刻,抓住这段时间至关重要。   睡不了?让皮肤先睡就好   加班汪熬夜加班是常事,既然这个时候不能睡,不如不让肌肤先“睡”呢?即使一个人在加班,也不忘对自己好一点。点一个香香的香薰蜡烛,能藉由嗅觉通往大脑“情感处理区”,让自己的心情状态有不同的变化,若想使精神振奋,选葡萄柚、柠檬、薄荷最好;而要放松情绪,选乳香或洋甘菊就对了。   加班工作让我们的身体与大脑长期处于活跃的状态,哪怕是加完班累得不想动一根手指头了,可是躺下了却已经睡不着!送你一个助眠小贴士,准备一个可以微波炉加热的小热枕,睡前在肩膀和颈部热敷10分钟,保证你一夜睡得又香又甜。   不过小编还是建议最好在睡前进行一个热水浴!冬春入睡时,人体的平均体温会下降,用洗热水澡的方式可以让身体跟舒适。当你从浴室出来时,身体会进入一个非常舒服的模式,更有助于睡眠。   加班熬夜?做到这5步就好   Step1: 泡泡洗颜摆脱灰头土脸   加班汪都有这样的经验:上洗手间时被镜子里的自己吓到,灰头土脸太丑了!其实这都是“自由基”搞的鬼,因为压力、烦躁等等都会使的体内自由基急遽窜高,脸色自然不好看,方便简单的泡泡式洗颜用起来准没错!   Step2: 淋巴按摩排毒素   肌肤制造的毒素、代谢的废物,都是经由淋巴排出的,经历一整天高压的工作,肌肤上的淋巴如果堵塞了可就麻烦了!保养前可以花一分钟先畅通淋巴,保养自然能够达到事半功倍的效果。淋巴位于肌肤浅层,位置比血管还浅,所以按摩时要轻柔,太用力推反而会拭去排毒效果的!   Step3: 两遍爽肤不怕肌肤闹干荒   熬夜易爆痘,不管你是有痘还是无痘,痘可以用化妆棉蘸取有水杨酸的化妆水轻轻擦拭(有痘的在痘痘处多擦一次),然后用精华水拍全脸,做到两遍水,先清洁,再保湿,为下一步打好基础!勤劳保湿再也不怕肌肤闹干荒啦~   Step4: 肌底导入   先别急着擦精华,给疲劳的肌肤来一个小甜点,那就是肌底精华,看似多了一步麻烦,但它可以为你的后续保养打好了通路,熬夜脸、缺觉脸不能好好吸收的困扰也解决了。   Step5: 重点精华加强   这一步完全可以按自己的需求来,根据自己的皮肤状态选择美白、保湿或者修护的精华,仔细涂抹就可以了,熟龄肌可以考虑看看成分更高逼格的高机能产品哦。   还在加班的友友们,记得不要偷懒不保养哦。相关的主题文章:

Private equity swap debt as a new favorite, fixed increase + swap bonds, supporting play hot – fund 山东中医药大学教务处

Private equity swap debt as a new favorite, fixed increase + swap debt matching hot – fund channel because of the unique debt to equity swap mode and revitalize the stock assets, to reduce the advantages of large shareholders, private equity swap debt is becoming the new darling of the capital market. And, with the increasing "Red Sea" competition is becoming more and more fierce, "fixed increase + exchangeable bonds" supporting play is also increasingly popular in public accounts and private equity funds. However, fund sources, may exchange the debt on the game of buyers and sellers are not a small test, for most of the participants barriers remain high, investors need ability to corporation qualification and product managers have a clear understanding, on the other hand, to understand the current limitations on the bond volume. Fixed gain + exchangeable bonds "is a popular game supporting may exchange the debt that may exchange the corporation stock bond", refers to the shareholders of listed companies to issue, within a certain period of time according to agreed conditions can be exchanged into the listed company held by the shareholders of the company bonds. Exchangeable bonds can be regarded as a kind of embedded option financial derivatives, similar to convertible bonds. However, convertible bonds are incremental issuance, while exchangeable bonds are the issuance of stocks, and the process of debt to equity swap is realized without diluting the equity of listed companies. At the same time, due to the flexibility in supervision, exchangeable debt is regarded as a "big shareholder reduction" tool". Because of this, the reporter understands, many public offering accounts and private equity team is keen on "fixed increase + exchangeable bonds" matching play. The so-called matching game, is set by the project, the actual control of listed companies with private placement may exchange the debt financing to fund subscription companies (mainly for three years will increase due to a period of three years), usually set by the higher discount rate, while private equity may exchange the debt generally high premium, so usually can achieve effective arbitrage. The combination of fixed increase and exchangeable debt is the direction that we are now focusing on." A well-known public accounts team responsible person told the reporter, "may exchange the debt and increase natural meeting point, point is that it is a major shareholder to complete a financing tool, but this tool for current regulation is also more flexible, may exchange the debt is prepared, no need for a long time audit. Large shareholders in the issuance of exchangeable bonds are generally two purposes, one is financing, and fixed increase; the other is to reduce their own shares. We regard the matching play of fixed plus swap debt as a kind of fixed base increase, because exchangeable bonds are partially fixed earnings when they are not converted, and in the future, when the major shareholders intend to reduce, they also have the power to do high share prices." In addition, he specifically mentioned, "when the money making effect of these products is more and more obvious, the future exchangeable bonds will be divorced from minority status, become one of the tools commonly used." However, there are private equity questioned the sustainability of this model. "This arbitrage model may only be theoretical. Assuming that the major shareholders of listed companies take 5 yuan shares to participate in the fixed increase of listed companies, and then in the issue of exchange price is 10 yuan of exchangeable bonds, if the final investor chose the convertible, relative to the issuer only need a bridge fund to achieve the arbitrage of 5 yuan stock. But after all, fixed increase and exchangeable debt issuance are subject to the supervision of the commission.

私募可交换债成新宠 定增+可交换债配套打法火爆-基金频道  由于独特的债转股方式以及盘活存量资产、利于大股东减持的优点,私募可交换债正成为资本市场的新宠。并且,随着定增“红海”的竞争越来越激烈,“定增+可交换债”的配套玩法也在公募专户和私募基金中日趋火爆。不过,基金人士称,可交换债对买卖双方的博弈能力都是不小的考验,对于大多数参与者来说壁垒仍然很高,投资者一方面需对发债公司资质和产品管理者的能力有清晰的了解,另一方面要认清目前这类债券体量上的局限。   “定增+可交换债”配套打法正流行   可交换债即“可交换公司股票的债券”,指上市公司股东发行的、在一定期限内依据约定条件可以交换成该股东所持有的上市公司股份的债券品种。可交换债券可看成是一种内嵌期权的金融衍生品,类似于可转债。不过可转债是增量的发行,而可交换债是存量的发行,在不稀释上市公司股权的前提下,实现债转股的过程。同时,由于在监管方面的灵活性,可交换债也被外界看作大股东的减持“利器”。正因为这一点,记者了解到,不少公募专户和私募团队正热衷于“定增+可交换债”的配套打法。   所谓配套打法,其实是上市公司实际控制人拿发行私募可交换债融来的资金认购公司的定增项目(主要是三年期定增),由于三年期定增通常折价率高,而私募可交换债普遍高溢价发行,所以通常能够实现有效套利。   “定增和可交换债的结合,是我们现在着力布局的方向。”某知名公募的专户团队负责人对记者说,“可交换债和定增有天然的契合点,契合点在于它是大股东完成融资的一个工具,而目前针对这个工具的监管还比较灵活,可交换债是报备制,不需要长时间的审核。大股东在发可交换债时候一般是两种目的,一个是融资,和定增一样;另一个是减持自己的股票。我们把‘定增+可交换债’的配套玩法看成一种类保底的定增,因为可交换债在不转股的时候是有部分固定收益的,而未来当大股东意欲减持,也具备做高股价的动力。”另外,他特意提到,“当这类产品的赚钱效应越来越明显,未来可交换债也会脱离小众状态,变成常用工具之一。”   不过也有私募质疑这一模式的可持续性。“这个套利模式可能仅存于理论上。假设上市公司大股东以5元 股参与上市公司的定增,然后在发行换股价是10元 股的可交换债,如果最终投资人选择了换股,就相对于发行人只需要一笔过桥资金就实现了5元 股的套利。但毕竟定增和可交换债发行都受到证监会的监管,如此明显的套利行为难免不受到窗口指导。同时,用于换股的股权必须保证在换股期是可流通股,而目前定增的股权一般有较长的锁定期,甚至新股会连带老股一起锁定,封锁套利空间。”上海合晟资产管理股份有限公司投资经理徐华提到。   认清潜在约束   数据显示,截至9月20日,今年已有29只可交换债成功发行,另有17家上市公司披露其重要股东启动可交换债发行程序。从数量上看,目前总计已达46只的可交换债发行数量远超过去三年之总和。而在规模方面,这46只可交换债合计募集资金约597亿元,是此前三年总和的两倍。   私募排排网表示,私募可交换债完美结合了股票的进攻性和债券的安全性,再加上“溢价减持套现+资本运作套利+低息融资”等多样性的套利方式,保证了它即使在市场震荡时也能收获不错的绝对收益。不过,这类产品能够被市场追捧多久,依旧取决于市场的后续表现和监管风向的变化。   另外,还有私募提到,可交换债的具体条款都是在发行前期由发行人和投资人博弈的结果,公募、私募等各类有意向的机构投资者都可以参与定价。相对而言,资产管理规模越大,配置能力越强,在博弈条款时更具有议价能力。而不具备议价能力、不能同时覆盖股债两方面的机构最好不要盲目抢筹。此外,目前可交换债的供给仍然较少,一些定向投资可交换债的产品可能面临募集完资金后,无足够可交换债资产可以配置的窘境。而且如前所述,可交换债的核心条款都是博弈的结果,在目前供给不足的情况下,可能有些条款更有利于发行人。不过,随着需求趋旺,发行量增速也非常明显,这一现象会有所缓解。相关的主题文章:

Everbright Securities disclosed 5 billion 850 million bailout last year 重生之锦雀成凰

Everbright Securities Disclosure last year $5 billion 850 million Level2:A shares of sina finance financial App: Sina speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to guide Sina Financial News February 28th morning news, Everbright Securities released 27 annual report disclosure, the company in July 2015 and September 2015, a total investment of 5 billion 856 million 800 thousand to enter the Central Huijin account. Everbright Securities disclosed in the annual report, according to the company and the relevant contracts signed by the company, respectively, in July 6, 2015 and September 1, 2015 invested 4380000000 yuan and 1476800000 yuan invested in the account. This account will be shared by the company and other securities companies that invest in this account, and share the investment risk and share the investment income. The company will be unified operated and managed by the certificate company. In December 31, 2015, our company determined the book value at the end of the year according to the asset report provided by the certificate company. In July last year, the securities company received sufficient liquidity support from the people’s Bank of China to obtain a large number of "bailout funds" from commercial banks, brokerages, insurance, funds and so on at a critical moment. The sources of the funds include the net assets invested by the securities companies, the inter-bank market lending, the bank credit (including the loans already issued), and the corporate bonds and short-term financing bonds. There are no official disclosures about the total amount of financing and details of the loan. Data show that in July last year, financial institutions debt growth rate increased rapidly, more than 30%. By the middle of July, 17 commercial banks had lent 1 trillion and 300 billion yuan of funds to the central bank. According to media estimates, the amount of commercial bank credit granted by CSI is between 2 trillion and 500 billion and -3 trillion. In the second half of last year, 50 securities companies provided the securities company with a bailout fund of about 220 billion yuan, which was designated as "available for sale financial assets", which had no effect on the securities company’s net profit in 2015. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

光大证券披露去年58.5亿救市 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   新浪财经讯 2月28日上午消息,光大证券27日发布年报中披露,公司在2015年7月和2015年9月共投入58.568亿进入中央汇金账户。   光大证券年报里披露,根据本公司与证金公司签订的相关合同,分别于2015年7月6日和2015年9月1日出资人民币 4,380,000,000.00 元和人民币1,476,800,000.00 元投入该专户。该专户由本公司与其他投资该专户的证券公司按投资比例分担投资风险分享投资收益,由证金公司进行统一运作与投资管理。于2015年12月31 日,本公司根据证金公司提供的资产报告确定年末账面价值。   去年7月份,证金公司获得人民银行充足流动性支持,得以在关键时刻从商业银行、券商、保险、基金等获得大批“救市”资金。中证金的资金来源包括券商以净资产出资、银行间市场拆借、银行授信(包括已发贷款)以及公司债和短期融资券等。   关于证金融资总额和借款细节目前尚没有官方的披露。数据显示,去年7月金融机构负债同比增速快速上升超过30%。在7月中旬之前,已有17家商业银行借予中证金共计1.3万亿元资金。据媒体测算,中证金获得的商业银行授信规模在2.5万亿-3万亿之间。   去年下半年50家证券公司先后给证金公司提供的救市资金约为2200亿元,该部分被计作“可供出售金融资产”,对证券公司2015年的净利润没有产生影响。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Madrid branch of ICBC was raided and arrested by President, possibly involving 300 million euro mone 江苏道路客运综合信息服务网

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Madrid was searched governor was arrested, may involve 300 million euro money laundering – Securities Sohu local time on February 17, 2016, in Madrid, the Spanish authorities searched the Madrid branch of ICBC. Figure China Chinese visual largest commercial bank industrial and Commercial Bank of Madrid branch in February 17th were raided the Spanish judiciary, involving transfer of anti money laundering and tax evasion investigation, ICBC head office responded that is pay close attention to the progress of. Spain’s "world news" reports related to stock movements and, according to the Spanish newspaper "national newspaper" reported that the search by the Parla satellite city south of Madrid, the judge ordered the raid by the Spanish National Guard and anti-corruption prosecutor’s Office jointly launched a href=", Madrid? Cn 601988; index.shtml" target=_blank> Bank of China harmonic oblique paralysis, Matisse unloading? Xin? Div> People’s Republic of China Embassy in Spain’s official website screenshots of Spanish National Guard spokesman said the guard searched the office of ICBC in madrid. Spanish police say they arrested at least five people in the ICBC investigation. Reported that bank employees to help criminal gangs illegal transfer from Spain to China about 300 million euros (about 2 billion 180 million yuan). Spain’s "world newspaper" mentioned that the police confirmed that the amount involved in the ICBC is 40 million euros, but the amount of money involved may rise further. In response, ICBC said in a unified response, is paying close attention to the progress of the investigation, ICBC European leaders and lawyers have rushed to Madrid branch. ICBC said that the strict implementation of the anti money laundering provisions, strictly adhere to the law compliance management is the basic principle of management, the bank has always insisted on the Madrid branch is actively cooperate with the investigation. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Madrid began operating in January 2011, as part of a number of new markets stationed in Europe has become the industrial and Commercial Bank of China in the first branch of Spain, the first institution which is established in Chinese banks in spain. Currently, ICBC has set up the Barcelona branch in addition to Madrid branch of spain. According to Spain’s "world news" reported that Spain to participate in the investigation of a responsible person think, "ICBC branch in Madrid, the existence of a complete network crime." Investigators said the anti money laundering act and in May last year, a Spanish police in Madrid Chinese Mafia smuggling, money laundering "snake action". The gang’s smuggling was legal on the surface, because the industry helped them trade and helped them illegally transfer money from Spain to china. According to the Spanish police, "this action is not only to find evidence of money laundering of the bank, but also to completely eradicate the money laundering chain. Many of the suspects do not live in Madrid, but occasionally between Shanghai and madrid." In May 2015, Europol has issued a statement, a large Chinese money laundering network were destroyed, the gang of 32 people were arrested last year in the "snake", which also includes several.

工商银行马德里分行被搜查行长被捕,可能涉及3亿欧元洗钱-搜狐证券  当地时间2016年2月17日,西班牙马德里,西班牙当局对中国工商银行马德里分行进行了搜查。 视觉中国 图   中国最大商业银行工商银行马德里分行2月17日遭到西班牙司法机构搜查,传涉及反洗钱和逃税调查,工行总行回应称正在密切关注进展。西班牙《世界报》报道则提 相关公司股票走势 及,   据西班牙主流报纸《国家报》报道,此次搜查由马德里南部卫星城Parla的法官下令,搜查行动由西班牙国民警卫队和反腐败检察官办公室联合开展,马德里?a href=" cn 601988 index.shtml" target=_blank>中行谐ぴ谛卸?斜痪辛簟? div> 中华人民共和国驻西班牙大使馆官网截图   西班牙国民警卫队发言人表示,警卫队搜查了中国工商银行驻马德里办公室。西班牙警方称在对中国工商银行的调查中至少逮捕五人。报道称,银行员工帮助犯罪团伙非法从西班牙向中国转账约3亿欧元(约合21.8亿元人民币)。西班牙《世界报》则提及,警方确认工行涉及的金额是4000万欧元,但涉案金额可能进一步上升。   对此,工行方面统一回应称,正在密切关注调查进展,工银欧洲负责人和律师已赶往马德里分行。工行称,严格执行反洗钱规定,严格坚持依法合规经营,是该行一直坚持的基本经营管理原则,马德里分行正在积极配合调查。   工商银行马德里分行于2011年1月开始营业,作为进驻欧洲数个新市场的一部分成为了工商银行在西班牙的首个支行,这也是中资银行在西班牙设立的首家经营机构。   目前,工行在西班牙除了马德里分行,还设立了巴塞罗那分行。   另据西班牙《世界报》报道,西班牙参与调查的一位负责人认为,“工行马德里分行存在一个完整的犯罪网络。”调查人员称,此次反洗钱行动与去年5月西班牙警方一次针对马德里华人黑帮走私、洗钱的展开的“蛇行动”有关。该犯罪团伙的走私行为表面上是合法的,因为工行“帮助”了他们的交易,帮助他们非法从西班牙向中国转账。据西班牙警方透露,“本次行动不仅是寻找该银行洗钱的证据,更是要彻底铲除这一洗钱链。很多嫌疑人并不常居马德里,而是偶尔往返于上海与马德里之间。”   2015年5月,欧洲刑警组织曾发布声明,大型华人洗钱网络被捣毁,该犯罪团伙去年已有32人在“蛇行动”中被逮捕,其中还包括几名西班牙海关人员,他们从中国购买货物,利用虚假的低价发票、与海关人员的关系将其带进西班牙市场。当时欧洲刑警组织还提及,这个犯罪团伙隶属于一个更大的中国犯罪网络,六年间在欧洲南部洗钱超3亿欧元。相关的主题文章:

Hong Kong Ocean Park 2015 visitors down 14%, mainland tourists sharp decline is the main reason 足球裁判手势

2015 Hong Kong Ocean Park visitors fell 14% with mainland tourists dropped off the mainland of Hong Kong Ocean Park is the main cause of difficult Yue Yan after Hongkong Disney decline, another Hongkong theme park — Hong Kong Ocean Park, the situation is not optimistic. Ocean Park latest report shows that, in natural year calculation, 2015 Park admission was 6 million 700 thousand, compared with 7 million 800 thousand in 2014, down 14%. Surplus of HK $2015 in fiscal 45 million 200 thousand. Not long ago, Hongkong Disney suffered a loss of HK $148 million in fiscal 2015. Two major theme parks have fallen in Hongkong at the same time, one of the main reasons is the sharp drop in mainland tourists. Hongkong tourism industry need to consider is how to transition, will play a single shopping into the local cultural characteristics of various types of tourism, or even a combination of TVB, Hongkong film and other cultural industries "customization" production route. Today, Ocean Park and other businesses have been thinking about changing their business models, seeking a variety of ways of making profits. Pull off the mainland Ocean Park is a benchmark for Hongkong tourism industry, which has created a fear of Disney’s "myth". The European market experience is, if in the same area a new theme park opened, will pose a direct threat to the old theme park, usually the old park tourists will fall by about 25%. But this experience failed in Hongkong. Hongkong Disney park on the opening of the first year of tourists has not reached the expected second years, tourists still continued to decline; while the amount of tourists in Hong Kong Ocean Park with a history of 30 years is but an increase of 9%, earnings growth of about 31%. "Ocean Park was taken re positioning, and the expansion of new projects, do a lot of marketing to pull the tourists, Ocean Park in 1977 the year of business, these tourists now have their own children, the Ocean Park had launched a once in the Ocean Park visitors with pictures of pictures can get tickets discount activities, attract many tourists return to Ocean Park, in addition, the Ocean Park also expand the sales network, not only rely on direct booking and travel booking and other traditional ways to sell, in cooperation with a lot of traffic ticket sales. It also cooperates with many hotels and sends the guests directly to Ocean Park. There are also some travel agencies in the reception of mainland tourists, usually the first to send guests to Ocean Park, and then go to Hongkong Disney." Li Lingfeng, director of Ocean Park affairs, told reporters at the time. The number of inbound passengers in Hongkong is one of the main factors affecting the number of passengers entering the park. During the Spring Festival in the past, the number of mainland Ocean Park tours suffered double-digit decline, the year 2015 (calendar year) the park attendance or up to 14%. Ocean Park chief executive TomMehrmann said in July 2015, the number of mainland tourists also accounted for more than half the number of visitors to the park, has now dropped to 40%, is expected in the future will continue to decline. A to Hongkong tourism developers to collect information sources, the Hongkong Tourism Bureau would like to introduce some effective measures and marketing to change the status quo, once again attracting mainland tourists to visit Hong Kong, but on

香港海洋公园2015访客同跌14% 内地游客锐减是主因   香港海洋公园 难挽内地客   乐琰   继香港迪士尼业绩下滑后,香港另一家主题乐园――香港海洋公园情况也不容乐观。   海洋公园最新财报显示,以自然年计算,2015年公园入场人次为670万,较2014年的780万同比大跌14%。2015财年实现4520万港元的盈余。不久前,香港迪士尼在2015财年出现了1.48亿港元的亏损。   两大主题公园在香港同时业绩下滑,主因之一都是内地游客的锐减。香港旅游业者需要考虑的是如何转型,将单一购物游转变成当地各类特色文化旅游,甚至可以结合TVB、香港电影等文化产业“定制”生产旅游路线。   如今,海洋公园等业者已在考虑改变经营模式,寻求多种盈利方式。   难挽内地客   海洋公园是香港旅游业界的一个标杆,其曾经创造了不惧迪士尼的“神话”。欧美市场的经验是,假如在同一地区有新的主题公园开业,势必对旧主题公园造成直接威胁,通常旧园的客源会下降25%左右。   但是这个经验在香港失效。香港迪士尼乐园在开园的第一年客源未达到预期,第二年的客源依旧持续下跌;而当时拥有30年历史的香港海洋公园年客源量却反而增长了9%,年盈余增长约31%。   “当时海洋公园采取了重新定位,并扩建新项目,做了大量营销来拉动客源,海洋公园在1977年就营业了,这些当年的小游客现在已有了自己的孩子,海洋公园当时推出一项游客凭曾经在海洋公园留影照片便可以获得门票折扣优惠的活动,吸引不少游客重返海洋公园,此外,海洋公园还扩大销售网,不仅依靠直接预订和旅行社等传统订票途径销售,还与不少交通公司合作销售套票。其还与很多酒店合作,将住客直接送到海洋公园。还有一些旅行社在接待内地游客时,通常都是先把客人送到海洋公园,然后再去香港迪士尼。”当时担任海洋公园事务总监的李玲凤告诉记者。   香港入境旅客人次是影响入园人数的一项主要因素。在刚刚过去的春节期间,海洋公园内地旅游团人数遭遇双位数跌幅,2015年全年(自然年)该园入场人数跌幅高达14%。海洋公园行政总裁TomMehrmann表示,2015年7月时,内地游客数量还占入园游客人数一半以上,现在已经跌至四成,预计未来跌幅还将持续。   一位给香港旅游发展商提供信息搜集的人士透露,香港旅游发展局很希望可以推出一些有力措施和营销来改变现状,再度吸引内地游客赴港旅游,却苦于无从下手。   “为何会无从下手?很简单,根据我们多年来的经验,每个旅游市场都有其自身定位,有些是看风景的,有些是购物的,有些是历史文化游,香港旅游一直被定义为购物游的概念,很多游客到香港只会买买买,他们不会去好好体验香港当地的文化风情,就好像人们去澳门就知道博彩业,其实澳门有很多葡萄牙遗留的欧式风情建筑和特色文化景点,这些都被忽略了。”从事旅游业10多年的佳琦旅游机构创始人瞿佳分析。   李小姐和朋友曾在香港赤柱游玩和用餐约1小时,一位接送她的香港司机很惊讶地告诉她,很少有内地游客会在赤柱待上超过20分钟。“其实赤柱有不错的风景,还有当地的特色餐点和土特产,但是很多内地游客根本不知道,他们只会下车拍照,10分钟后集合离开。”   这个简单的事件反映出内地游客赴港旅游模式的单一化――购物。模式的单一衍生出诸多问题,首先是低价团,导游为获得返利和“人头费”等而将内地游客带到不规范的购物点,且低价团服务较差,加之强制购物等问题导致内地游客与香港导游频繁发生冲突。   “买买买的又一大问题是,随着欧美一些国家签证的放宽,更多内地游客赴欧美或者东南亚购物,比较突出的就是大牌商品可以去欧美购买,药妆或电子商品可在日本购买,比如去年,中国人居然在日本消费了800亿元,大家发现很多国际品牌在香港购买并不十分划算,欧美和日本游分流了很多原本要去香港旅游的内地客源。”华美首席知识专家赵焕焱指出。   多样化转型   香港迪士尼和海洋公园业绩的下滑给当地旅游业敲响了警钟,如何转型变得很重要。   “香港不是只有购物,也不是只有两个主题公园,有一首歌曲叫《狮子山下》,这代表了香港人勤劳、坚韧的精神,香港有自己的当地文化,有很多值得看的地方,比如南丫岛、长州,这些都可以让内地游客游玩2~3天,增加过夜游客,拉动当地食宿和旅游业。还有香港非常具有当地特色的围村文化,都是具有历史和文化价值的。这需要旅游业者和文化业者一起推广营销。”赵焕焱认为。   记者多方采访了解到,其实香港电影和TVB的剧集在很大程度上会起到旅游营销的作用,比如动画电影“麦兜”系列让更多内地客人了解了长州和一度风靡的“抢包山”风俗;而《大澳的天空》则让更多内地观众知道了盛产虾酱的大澳和当地风景;《飞短留长父子兵》则是以赤柱海景为“卖点”;获得香港电影金像奖的《天水围的日与夜》则让大家了解了围村文化和普通人的社区生活;著名导演杜琪峰的电影《文雀》则向大众展现了香港老式茶餐厅文化和各类港式民居建筑。   有业者反映,这些电影和剧集的播出起到很好的传播作用,香港方面也尝试做“跟着电影去旅行”的产品,比如将香港电影金像奖获奖作品的取景地做重点景点推广,维多利亚港就因常被TVB和电影取景而成为内地游客的必游地之一。而《冲上云霄》的热播则吸引大量年轻人报考航空公司。   在经营模式上,文化业者也可尝试与旅游业结合,TVB曾与邮轮公司合作,拍摄过《十万吨情缘》,讲述邮轮企业的商战与男女主人公的爱情故事,可惜当时这部剧集的传播不够广泛,不然会带热邮轮旅游。   随着内地游客数量的减少,香港海洋公园也考虑在经营模式上进行转型。香港海洋公园主席孔令成表示,香港海洋公园不应再依赖门票营业收入,为吸引其他亚洲国家的游客,未来将发展其餐饮业。去年香港海洋公园在零售和餐饮业务板块方面的收入均有所增长,人均消费也同比增长了10%。   “转变经营模式,多样化收益渠道,将香港本地特色文化与旅游业结合,让内地游客知道,香港不仅是买买买,还有很多可以看可以玩的地方,这是香港旅游业者需要考虑和转型的方向。”赵焕焱分析。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The global field of precious metal gold for the United States in January nonfarm guidelines on choic 昆明理工大学就业网

The global field of precious metal: gold for the United States in January nonfarm guidelines on selection today Powei international spot price of gold in 1155 near the opening day, to maintain above 1150 fluctuations, the lowest price for the 1152 day, the price volatility is small, the current market is the focus of U.S. non farm employment data at night, the quality of the data will provide favorable reference for the Fed’s next policy intention, attention to the price of gold by the main trend of the night news guide the market, make the choice of the range 1150-1160 powei. The market expects the U.S. nonfarm payrolls in January to fall to the lowest level in 4 months, Beijing time 21:30 this evening, the United States Department of labor will announce the January non farm payrolls report. In the context of the recent slowdown in the U.S. economy, the performance of the data is crucial for judging the Fed’s future interest rate hike path. According to the expected median of economists surveyed, the U.S. nonfarm payrolls increased by 190 thousand in January, the lowest level in 4 months, an increase of less than 292 thousand people last month. The unemployment rate in January 5% to arrange flat. ADP employment report, known as "small non farm", showed that in January 2016, the employment of the population in December last year, the employment accident of the private sector slowed sharply. Some analysts pointed out that, since 2016, the global economic concerns intensified, the financial market volatility, the U.S. economic recovery is affected, and then spread to the job market. Under the background of dovish FOMC interest rate hike expected, if the non agricultural data performance is not good, it may further attack this expectation, thus making the dollar pressure. But if the payrolls data are better than expected, the market may rise again in anticipation of the Fed’s interest rate hike in March. The supply and demand side of the gold market is improving, and the Chinese New Year holiday is approaching. The demand for gold will increase, and a variety of factors will lead to the rise in gold prices. On the other hand, the supply side of gold also provides support for the recovery of gold prices. In the short term, the mineral industry and the energy sector are in oversupply, says East, a metals trading and commodities executive at Standard Chartered, Northeast Asia, and greater China financial markets. But for gold, it’s not the same. Gold production has begun to decline, and output will fall by 3% to 4% this year and next year. In terms of supply side, the gold market is ahead of the whole commodity market for several years, so this will have greater support for the price, and this year it is expected that the price of gold will be more stable. In ETF, as of Wednesday (February 3rd) gold holdings of the world’s largest gold ETF SPDR Gold Trust is about 690.05 tons or 22 million 185 thousand ounces, compared with the previous trading day increased 4.46 tons, the highest since the end of October. Officials in Iran say there is no need for an emergency meeting before reaching consensus. Oil market short redemption 600 million U.S. dollars, leaving this week oil prices fell back, according to insiders said, this week, the oil market roller coaster market, may be partly due to bet on oil prices fell $600 million leveraged funds suddenly caused by liquidation. Data show that VelocityShar was bought in January

大田环球贵金属:金价静待美国1月非农指引 关注破位选择   本日国际现货黄金价格于1155附近开盘,日间维持1150上方波动,最低价为1152,日间金价波幅较小,当前市场正聚焦夜间美国非农等就业数据表现,数据好坏将为美联储下一次政策意向提供有利参考依据,关注金价夜间受主要消息面指引的行情趋向,在1150-1160区间将作出破位选择。   市场预期美国1月非农就业人口增幅跌至4个月最低水平   北京时间本夜21:30,美国劳工部将公布1月非农报告。在近期美国经济显露放缓迹象的背景下,该项数据的表现对于判断美联储的未来加息路径至关重要。据接受调查的经济学家预期中值显示,美国1月非农就业人口料增加19万人,是4个月来最低水平,增幅低于上月的29.2万人。1月失业率料持平于5.0%。此前素有“小非农”之称的ADP就业报告显示,在去年12月就业人口上修的情况下,2016年1月私营部门就业人口意外大幅趋缓。有分析人士指出,2016年迄今,全球经济担忧加剧,金融市场剧烈波动,美国的经济复苏受到影响,进而波及就业市场。在鸽派FOMC声明令加息预期降温的背景下,若非农数据表现不佳,可能进一步打击这一预期,从而令美元承压。但假如非农数据好于预期,则可能令市场有关美联储3月加息的预期重新升温。   黄金实物市场供需面有改善倾向   中国春节假期将至,黄金的需求将有所增加,多种因素带动黄金价格的上涨。另一方面,黄金实物的供给面也给金价复苏提供了支撑。渣打银行东北亚以及大中华金融市场的金属交易和大宗商品主管East认为,短期而言,矿产行业和能源行业都在供应过剩的状态中。但对黄金来说,情况不太一样。黄金的生产已经开始下降,今年和明年的产量会下降3%至4%。就供应面而言,黄金市场比整个大宗商品市场的趋势超前几年,因此这对价格将是有更大支撑的,预计今年金价会更稳定。在ETF方面,截止周三(2月3日)全球最大黄金ETF——SPDR Gold Trust的黄金持仓量约为690.05吨或2218.5万盎司,较上一交易日增加4.46吨,为10月底以来最高。伊朗官员称在达成一致意愿前没必要召开紧急会议。   油市空头赎回6亿美元离场 令本周油价冲高回落   据行内人士称,本周油市之所以出现过山车行情,可能有部分是因为押注油价下跌的6亿美元杠杆基金突然清盘所致。有数据显示,在1月买入VelocityShares三倍做空原油交易所买卖票据(ETN)的一群不知名投资者本周初赎回离场。FactSet Research的数据显示,约有180万份价值逾6.02亿美元的票据被赎回,这是过去一年中该ETN最大规模资金流出。本次抛售显示出,上个月美国原油2003年以来首次跌至每桶26美元后,至少有一些大型投资者在押注,历经了18个月的崩跌,油价最糟糕的境况已经结束。交易活动也跳升至纪录高位。近期油市交易波动率较高是主要特点,1月中以来,油价经常两个交易日内就波动超过10%,隔夜美原油3月期货更是一个交易日就上涨逾10%。德国商业银行策略师Eugen Weinberg表示,从长期而言,油价处于30美元 桶的价位是不合理的,同时因目前原油市场存在高波动性和不确定性,空头认为这是进行回补的最佳时机。   今日关注:加拿大1月失业率 就业参与率;美国1月非农就业人口;美国1月平均每小时工资月率;美国1月失业率;美国1月季调后制造业就业人口;美国1月贸易帐;加拿大1月贸易帐   利好:全球经济下滑;全球股市大幅下挫;油价持续暴跌;美联储2016年或缓慢加息;   利空:美联储将持续加息   从现货黄金4小时图看,金价站稳通道上轨,关注均线系统的多头排列状态能否继续生效,金价或形成较长实体突破1160上方区间,MACD白线拐点开口恢复向上,若夜间非农表现较差,可在金价突破1160之后顺势跟进,否则应转变为高位反弹失败后的区间看空思路。   从现货黄金1小时图看,金价在短周期均线粘合状态下运行,料后市在1155附近弱势整固后方可选择明确的单边方向,配合KDJ三线在相对强弱中间区域波动,在消息面公布前金价将难以有较大动作,关注夜间非农指引,在短期压力线1158上破后顺势跟进,或者1150支撑线失效后适当追空,严格止损。   压力:1158-1162-1166   支撑:1150-1145-1140   日间盈利20个点。   1156空单到达第一目标1154,盈利20个点。   夜间操作建议:   1157附近(上下1美元)空单继续持有,超短线目标1152,止损3美元。   1152附近(上下1美元)做多,第一目标1155,第二目标1159,止损4美元。   上破1160追多,第一目标1163,第二目标1166,止损3美元。   下破1148追空,第一目标1145,第二目标1142,止损3美元。   1141(上下1美元)做多,第一目标1145,第二目标1148,止损3美元。   下破1139超短线追空,目标1135,止损3美元。   1134附近(上下1美元)超短线做多,目标1139,止损4美元。   1165附近(上下1美元)做空,第一目标1161,第二目标1158,止损3美元。   上破1168追多,第一目标1172,第二目标1175,止损4美元。   下破1129追空,第一目标1125,第二目标1122,止损3美元。   1122附近(上下1美元)做多,第一目标1125,第二目标1128附近,止损3美元。   下破1118附近(上下1美元)做空,第一目标1115,第二目标1112,止损3美元。   两大目标分步止盈,增加盈利。   新闻参考来源FX168、FT中文网等相关新闻网站。   大田环球贵金属   2016-2-5 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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Just waiting for you! Win10.1 will be strongly optimized for Edge – Sohu digital media reports, Windows  10 system code Redstone (Hong Shi) of the big update version, is expected to officially released in June this year. Now there is news that Redstone will be Edge browser powerful optimization. Win10.1 will be Edge powerful optimization (pictures from kkj), Redstone Edge browser powerful optimization includes a series of new functions, such as saving download hints (currently is silent automatic download), new background technology (WEB notification), etc.. In addition, Windows , 10  Mobile Edge browser will also add a new privacy button to help users browse without trace. Reported that the current version of Microsoft’s internal Edge number is 31, higher than the open 25 levels of 6. As for the future, Edge will be added this year extension function, in accordance with the previous statement, Chrome and Firefox can incorporate all plug-ins. According to earlier news, Redstone update is expected to be two days ago and dial out, Microsoft has completed the first compilation of the Redstone update, even the netizen is directly exposed to specific version number rs1_release is 10.0.11082.1000.rs1_release.151210-2021, where RS is Redstone or English. 就等你了!Win10.1将对Edge进行强力优化-搜狐数码  据外媒报道,Windows 10系统代号Redstone(红石)的大更新版本,预计今年6月份正式发布。现在有消息称,Redstone将会对Edge浏览器进行强力优化。 Win10.1将对Edge进行强力优化(图片来自kkj)   Redstone对Edge浏览器的强力优化包括一系列新功能,比如保存下载提示(目前是静默式自动下载)、新的后台技术(网页通知)等。此外,Windows 10 Mobile的Edge浏览器也会新增隐私按钮,帮助用户无痕浏览。   报道称,目前微软内部Edge的版本号是31,比公开的25高出6个层级。至于远景方面,Edge会在今年加入扩展插件功能,按照此前的说法,Chrome和Firefox的插件都能全部收编。   另外根据早前消息,Redstone更新预计将分两拨放出,而日前微软也已经完成了首次Redstone更新的编译工作,甚至有网友更是直接曝出了rs1_release的具体版本号为10.0.11082.1000.rs1_release.151210-2021,其中rs正是Redstone的英文简写。相关的主题文章:

I learned to high standards and hard work. There is no right formula and simple way to do this.&quot 炸年糕多木木多

Jane Masters served as Wine master to learn the new network in September in the new network in 19, chairman of Wine master Jane? Stess was elected as the new president Wine master Association (IMW) chairman, succeeding Sarah on the expiry of the term of President Evans Huo, a history of the fifty-third Wine masters association. According to the Wine Masters Association September 14th news release said, Jane? Stess in 1997 to acquire the Wine master (MW), was trained as a winemaker in Bordeaux, Martha in the Department Wine and beverage department worked for 13 years, in 2005 to start their own Wine consulting firm Mastering Wine. Wine masters learn the official web master list, Jane? "Stess is the professional direction of cork and cork substitutes", her speech is the master: "as a Wine master, I learned to high standards and hard work. There is no right formula and simple way to do this." Wine master qualification examination by the British Wine Merchants Association launched in 1953, the organization responsible for the Wine master qualification exam Wine Masters Association was founded in 1955. Up to now, there are 354 wine masters all over the world, distributed in 28 countries and regions. According to reports, the master will move to London to Wine Vauxhall site in 2017, 6 2018 in Spain Rioja region Logrono held the 9 th International Symposium on Wine Institute of masters. (Chen Zhuang)

简•马斯特斯出任葡萄酒大师学会主席-中新网   中新网9月19日电 葡萄酒大师简?斯特斯当选为新一任葡萄酒大师学会(IMW)主席,接替任期届满的莎拉耠埃文斯,成为葡萄酒大师学会历史上的第五十三任主席。据葡萄酒大师学会9月14日发布的消息称,简?斯特斯于1997年考取葡萄酒大师(MW),曾在波尔多受训成为酿酒师,在玛莎百货葡萄酒和饮料部门工作过13年,2005年创办自己的葡萄酒咨询公司Mastering Wine。   葡萄酒大师学会官方网的大师名录显示,简?斯特斯的专业方向是“软木塞及软木塞替代品”,她的大师感言是:“作为一位葡萄酒大师,我学会了高标准的要求努力工作。没有一个正确的公式和简单的方法来实现这些。”   葡萄酒大师资格考试由英国酒商同业公会发起于1953年,专门负责组织葡萄酒大师资格考试的葡萄酒大师学会创立于1955年。截至目前,全世界共有354位葡萄酒大师,分布在28个国家和地区。据介绍,葡萄酒大师学会将于2017年迁入位于伦敦沃克斯豪尔的新址, 2018年6月将在西班牙里奥哈产区的洛格罗尼奥市举办第九届葡萄酒大师学会国际研讨会。(陈庄)相关的主题文章: