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Institutions the European Central Bank euro market outlook is expected to rise out of ammo 李美珊

Institutions: the European Central Bank euro market outlook is expected to rise out of ammo Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! X168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) hearing of the European Central Bank (ECB) on Thursday (September 8th) and the time and way to halt the troops and wait, the next action is expected to make the original silent, the central bank will not hesitate to take dovish stance of investors disappointed. The European Central Bank may be running out of ammunition, and the euro is expected to rise further. The euro dollar on Thursday hit a near two week high, previously announced that the European Central Bank kept interest rates unchanged, and no formal commitment to expand asset purchase plan, the European Central Bank President Delaki (Mario Draghi) said at a news conference, the meeting did not discuss the extension of the asset purchase plan. The European Central Bank in the region economic growth forecast down slightly, and Mr Draghi warned that the euro zone is facing downside risks, including the British referendum back in Europe has brought uncertainty. But, he said, there’s no need to take action now. During the Delaki speech, the euro dollar once rose to 1.1326 intraday high. (source: Zerohedge, FX168 financial network) Holland International Group (ING) analyst Petr Krpata commented that, because the European Central Bank to push the euro to depreciate "ammunition" is slow, but it is difficult to avoid exhaustion, Euro $1.20 in terms of goals for next year. Krpata said Draghi press conference dovish stance weakened, constitute support for the mechanism of transmission channel; Draghi functions more optimistic, and hinted that the European Central Bank did not discuss the extension of QE. Nordea Bank (Nordea) analyst Aurelija Augulyte said that the European Central Bank will announce measures are expected at the press conference will be disappointed, the euro will rise from the current level. The European Central Bank Mario Draghi speech, Augulyte said via email, although Draghi did not pass out urgent tone. Augulyte said the euro dollar market outlook was 1.1420, followed by 1.1610, and the downside was limited to 1.1130-50. Merrill Lynch (BofAML) strategist Athanasios Vamvakidis said, because the QE project in March 2017 after prolonged or adjustment, Mr Draghi sounds "more than expected, the euro higher talk ambiguously. He said: "Delaki is not willing to give any policy signals now. This disappointed the market." Proof: Luther goes into Sina Finance shares

机构:欧洲央行耗尽弹药欧元后市料上涨 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   X168财经报社(香港)讯 欧洲央行(ECB)周四(9月8日)按兵不动,且对下一次行动的时机和方式三缄其口,令原本预计央行会毫不犹豫地采取鸽派立场的投资者倍感失望。有机构称,欧洲央行可能正耗尽“弹药”,欧元后市有望进一步上涨。   欧元 美元周四一度触及近两周高位,此前欧洲央行宣布维持利率不变,且未正式承诺将扩大资产购买计划,欧洲央行行长德拉基(Mario Draghi)在新闻发布会上说,会上没有讨论延长资产购买计划。   欧洲央行小幅下调区内经济增长预估,且德拉基警告称,欧元区面临下行风险,包括英国公投退欧带来的不确定性。不过,他说,现在无需采取行动。   德拉基讲话期间,欧元 美元一度升至1.1326的日内高位。 (图片来源:Zerohedge、FX168财经网)   荷兰国际集团(ING)分析师Petr Krpata发表评论称,因为欧洲央行推动欧元走贬的“弹药”正在缓慢、但难以避免地地耗尽,欧元 美元明年目标上看1.20。   Krpata表示,德拉基新闻发布会的鸽派立场减弱,对该机构的看法构成支持;德拉基对传导渠道的功能等方面更加乐观,并暗示欧洲央行没有讨论延长QE。   北欧联合银行(Nordea)分析师Aurelija Augulyte表示,预期欧洲央行将在新闻发布会上宣布措施的人士将会失望,欧元将从当前水平上涨。   在欧洲央行德拉基讲话时,Augulyte通过电邮表示,虽然德拉吉并未传递出急迫的基调。   Augulyte称,欧元 美元后市目标上看1.1420,然后是1.1610,下行空间限于1.1130-50。   美银美林(BofAML)策略师Athanasios Vamvakidis称,因为对于QE项目在2017年3月以后是延长还是调整,德拉基听上去比预期的“更含糊其辞”,欧元走高。   他说道:“德拉基眼下不愿意给出任何政策信号。这令市场感到失望。”   校对:卢瑟 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Yao Yudong China should build eight first tier cities 东北石油大学贴吧

Yao Yudong: China should build eight first tier cities, the people’s Bank of China Financial Research Institute, the former director of Yao Yudong, Sina Financial News "2016 Zheshang International Forum on finance and economics" held in Hangzhou in October 14th. Yao Yudong, the former director of the Institute of finance, the people’s Bank of China, attended and spoke. Yao Yudong believes that in the global liquidity shortage, global security asset shortage under the dual dilemma, the global economy will likely enter the "new mediocrity era", "long-term economic growth of 3% will be good."". What role can China play in the new era of mediocrity? It believes that China should complete the transformation of identity. Since October 1st, the RMB has officially entered the SDR, which means China has become a reserve currency issuer. From emerging markets, China’s economy is still strong, in the face of global security assets shortage and liquidity shortage, the RMB can supplement the liquidity of the world, the RMB assets can provide new security assets for the world. When talking about the real estate bubble risk, Yao Yudong believes that Chinese must build a population of 2000 million first-tier cities, "do not fully believe the complete development of the largest city on the market, but to control the largest city, including the purchase, this is very cruel and ruthless, not to the real estate bubble has". Sina statement: all conference records are on-site shorthand collation, without the speaker review, Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

姚余栋:中国应打造八个一线城市 中国人民银行金融研究所前所长姚余栋    新浪财经讯 “2016浙商・财经国际论坛”于10月14日在杭州举行。中国人民银行金融研究所前所长姚余栋出席并演讲。   姚余栋认为,在全球流动性不足,全球安全资产不足的双重困境下,全球经济将可能真正进入“新平庸时代”,“长期经济增长能达到3%就不错了”。而在“新平庸时代”中国能够有何种作用?其认为,中国要完成身份的转换。   自10月1日起,人民币正式加入SDR,即中国成为了具有储备货币发行国的身份。从新兴市场来说,中国经济依然保持强劲,面对全球安全资产不足和流动性不足的现状,人民币可以为全球补充流动性,人民币资产可以为全球提供新的安全资产。   在谈到房地产泡沫风险时,姚余栋认为,中国一定要打造八个人口达到2000万的一线城市,“不要完全相信靠市场能力完成最大规模城市的发展,而是要对最大规模城市进行控制,包括限购,这是挺残酷和无情,为了房地产泡沫不得已”。   新浪声明:所有会议实录均为现场速记整理,未经演讲者审阅,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

秒杀已经是少1秒就买不到的地步 蚌埠医学院成教院

When the stock market crash, look at the "5%+" product! Pro, when the stock market crash, or take a look at "5%+" products such as movie like A shares of ups and downs, 1000 shares limit no longer belongs to the rare "passion drama". Financial officer calmly looked at the stock market decline, has forgotten the stock in hand, to honor or disgrace, sublimation. But the work is going on, and today send a little bit of warmth to the people who are in the crash – looking for products that can still be 5%+. At present, trust products, a small number of well-known P2P, a few categories of class A, can become a good helper in this wave of market adjustment hedge. First, trust product 7%~8% (basically rely on accurate to seconds grab) forced high trust product is still the most dazzling star on the market, still can maintain to 7%~8% (small amount of more than 7%, large 8%+) income, really good, but the number is less. The use of trust network data show that, as of February 25th, the establishment of trust products in February reached 170, the scale of 29 billion 585 million 840 thousand yuan, the average period of 1.84 years, the average annual yield of 7.9%. From January to January this year, the data were 8.85%, 9.05%, 8.91%, 8.88%, 8.92%, 8.96%, 9.01%, 8.84%, 8.64%, 8.44%, 8.28%, 8.27%, 7.8%, respectively. Showing a downward trend. Here is a list of product income: now pay attention to two points: 1, trust product is basically spike, spike is already less than a second can not buy the point. But not to say that the current trust products quality than seckill condition is good, but the market risk aversion with the decline in yields higher expectations, resulting in panic buying. Investors still need to screen varieties, it is best to buy large company products. 2, the threshold of trust products is a million start, but there are some third party institutions and other "demolition", the current situation is not much, for some willing to layout high yield products of small partners can pay attention to, you can ask more. Two, a small number of well-known P2P (7% of the tricky point) why the financial officer to mention P2P, the current feeling of these products is not reliable, and now heard a lot of trust people also buy P2P products. Products here also have good, and the yield is also good, generally between 7%~13%. (except for those who are not reliable) net loan home data, February 15th -2 21, net loan industry average investment yield of 11.79%, 41 points higher than last week (1 basis points =0.01%). LEGO box and PPmoney or larger, respectively increased by 347 points and 180 points, up 7.09% and 8.42%; pat loan and love investment comprehensive income this week rate will also rise, up 21.92% and 11.55% respectively; pterosaurs loans, everyone enrichment, easy loan net comprehensive income this week were also slightly increased. On the contrary, Hongling venture, micro credit network and you and I loans have declined to some extent, respectively, down 96 basis points, 81 theories

当股市大跌时 还是看看“5%+”的产品吧!   亲,当股市大跌时,还是看看“5%+”的产品吧   A股如电影般波澜起伏,千股跌停也不再属于罕见的“激情戏码”。   理财君平静地看着股市下跌,已然忘记了手中的股票,达到荣辱不惊的地步,升华了。   但是工作还要继续,今天给大跌中的人们送一点温暖――为大家寻找还能5%+的产品。   目前,信托产品、少数知名P2P、少数分级A类等能成为在这一波市场调整中避险的好帮手。   一、信托产品7%~8%(基本靠精确到秒的抢)   逼格较高的信托产品仍然是市场上最耀眼的明星,目前仍能维持到7%~8%(小额7%多,大额8%+)的收益,真心不错,但数量较少。   用益信托网数据就显示,截至2月25日,2月份成立信托产品达到170个,规模总计为2958584万元,平均期限为1.84年,平均年收益率为7.9%。   而去年1月至今年1月这个数据分别为8.85%、9.05%、8.91%、8.88%、8.92%、8.96%、9.01%、8.84%、8.64%、8.44%、8.28%、8.27%、7.8%。显示出一路走低。   下面是产品收益列表:   现在买注意两点:1、信托产品基本是秒杀,秒杀已经是少1秒就买不到的地步。但并不是说目前信托产品质量就比非秒杀状态好,而是市场的避险情绪爆棚,收益率下滑预期较高,因此出现抢购。投资者还是需要筛选下品种,最好买大公司产品。   2、信托产品的门槛是百万起步,不过也有一些第三方机构等“拆”,目前情况不多,对于一些愿意布局高收益的产品的小伙伴可以重视,可以多打听下。   二、少数知名P2P(7%的靠谱点)   为啥理财君要提P2P呢,目前这类产品感觉挺不靠谱的,目前听说不少信托人士也买P2P产品。这里产品也有好的,而且收益率也较好,一般都在7%~13%间。(除开那些不靠谱的)   网贷之家数据,2月15日-2月21日网贷行业平均投资综合收益率达11.79%,比上周上升了41个基点(1个基点=0.01%)。积木盒子和PPmoney涨幅较大,分别上升了347个基点和180个基点,达7.09%和8.42%;拍拍贷和爱投资本周综合收益率也有一定上升,分别达21.92%和11.55%;翼龙贷、人人聚财、易贷网本周综合收益率也均有微幅上升。相反,红岭创投、微贷网和你我贷均有一定程度下降,分别下降了96个基点、81个基点和55个基点;其他平台无明显波动。   选择P2P最好只选两类:   1、 金融机构背景的   2、 有国资背景担保公司担保的   不过这两类是秒杀多,投资者关注的话需要提前做准备。   三、分级A类 部分超5%   避险情绪下,分级A类又成为蓄水池,也值得关注。请看表: 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论 湖南大学就业网

Hong Kong stocks test twenty-three thousand pay attention to the Hang Seng Index 67203 cattle purchase 21303 long steam hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference Hong Kong stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The continued depreciation of the RMB investment in Hong Kong stocks affected by the atmosphere, the week rebound to 23600 difficult, after the third consecutive day tired fell more than 470, the test of 20000 sanguankou. Round card capital inflows continued good positions, as of Thursday the past 5 days, a total of nearly $200 million into the HSI card and card cattle; there are a total of nearly $20 million over the same period the outflow put and bear. As of Thursday’s close, the cargo area cattle permit ranged from 22800 points to 23000 points, a considerable number of street goods more than 3000 futures hedge. With the city under twenty-three thousand, new in good warehouse funds selected recover the price down 22400 on Thursday to 22800 points between the cumulative number of copies of a street goods more than 1100 futures hedge. If bullish HSI can pay attention to the Hang Seng Index 67203 cattle, recover the price of 22558 points, the actual leverage of about 32.3 times; such as bearish HSI, can pay attention to the Hang Seng Index bear 61838, recover the price of 23648 points, the actual leverage of about 33.2 times. Also pay attention to the Hang Seng Index as optimistic about the purchase of 12748, the exercise price of 25000 points, 17 years until June, the actual leverage of about 11.8 times; if the bearish may pay attention to HSI 12518, the exercise price of 23000 points, 17 years until February, the actual leverage of about 11.1 times. In September, the inflow of Hong Kong dollars into Hong Kong stock hit the highest level since the start of Hong Kong and Shanghai, and accumulated more than 58 billion yuan. However, the inflow of Hong Kong stocks through the capital decreased significantly after the golden circumference holiday in October, and the total inflow since October was only about 10% in September. In addition to capital inflows reduced, mainland investors concerned about the plate also changed, capital inflow horses automobile company, which Geely (175.HK) for 7 consecutive days and Hong Kong stocks through the ten transaction list, the cumulative net buying of $120 million. Geely’s sales performance is strong this year, sales in September increased by 80%, a record high, and management confidence in the fourth quarter, up to the annual sales target to 700 thousand vehicles. Geely’s share price has increased by more than 1 times from the low level in the year. After the high innovation rate on Tuesday, there is an obvious take – over test of the 10 antenna. Another car shares of the Great Wall automobile (2333.HK) third quarter quarterly net profit was backwards, trip down the target price, performance after two consecutive days plummeted more than 15%. The capital inflow into the car shares issued a rebound. On Thursday, 7 million 600 thousand Hong Kong dollars went into the Geely subscription certificate, and the same year the long steam subscription card also recorded the inflow of HK $1 million 100 thousand. If the stock market rebound in the future, we can pay attention to the long steam purchase 21303, exercise theory

港股考验两万三 留意恒指牛67203长汽购21303 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   人民币持续贬值令港股投资气氛受影响,恒指周一反弹至23600点遇阻,后连续三日累跌逾470点,考验两万三关口。轮证资金持续流入好仓,截至周四的过去5个交易日,累计近2亿港元流入恒指认购证及牛证;同期累计有近2000万港元流出恒指认沽证及熊证。截至周四收市,恒指牛证重货区介乎22800点至23000点,街货份数相当逾3000张对冲期指。随大市下试两万三,新进驻好仓资金选择的收回价下移,周四22400至22800点间累计新增街货份数相当逾1100张对冲期指。 如看好恒指,可留意恒指牛67203,收回价22558点,实际杠杆约32.3倍;如看淡恒指,可留意恒指熊61838,收回价23648点,实际杠杆约33.2倍。如看好亦可留意恒指购12748,行使价25000点,17年6月到期,实际杠杆约11.8倍;如看淡可留意恒指沽12518,行使价23000点,17年2月到期,实际杠杆约11.1倍。   9月南下流入港股的资金创下沪港通启动以来最高,累计逾580亿元人民币,惟港股通资金流入规模在内地十月黄金周长假期后显着下降,10月至今累计流入金额仅为9月一成左右。除资金流入量减少外,内地投资者关注的板块亦有改变,资金换马流入汽车股份,当中吉利(175.HK)连续7日入港股通十大成交榜,累计录1.2亿港元净买入。吉利今年销售表现强劲,9月销售按年增八成,创历史新高,且管理层对第四季具信心,上调全年销售目标至70万辆。吉利股价已由年内低位累计超过1倍升幅,周二再创新高后,出现明显回吐,考验10天线。另一汽车股长城汽车(2333.HK)第三季纯利按季倒退,遭大行下调目标价,绩后连续两日急跌逾15%。资金流入汽车股认购证作反弹部署,周四有760万港元流入吉利认购证,同日长汽认购证亦录110万港元流入。如后市看好汽车股反弹,可留意长汽购21303,行使价11元,17年3月到期,实际杠杆约5.8倍;亦可留意吉利购13906,行使价9.18元,17年5月到期,实际杠杆约4.9倍。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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Guo Guangchang said Fosun had on Prada, Moncler and AIA interested in Sina Finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Sina Hong Kong News September 15th news release according to Fosun WeChat account show, CCTV said the company chairman Guo Guangchang accepted a chat show, at the time, there are a few but do not create the project, because the capital structure of Fosun not so full, and its internationalization is not ready. Guo Guangchang talked about AIA for a long time. Guo Guangchang didn’t specify the time when the company wanted to invest in these companies. The following is a small excerpt Guo Guangchang with the host’s quiz record, full of sincerity, I hope you love. Q: how to view "made in China" to "China owned"? Guo Guangchang: Chinese before the so-called globalization, is passive, that is to integrate more people we see now, is the reverse of our enterprise globalization, we have the strength to make global resources use, this stage has just begun. Q: Fosun announced 4 acquisitions within a month, is it crazy shopping? Guo Guangchang: in fact, each acquisition lasted one or two years, is a thoughtful result. Now it looks like they all happened in July, and it’s a coincidence. Q: lack of foreign relatives, will hinder the development of overseas investment enterprises? Guo Guangchang: it’s really important that you’re talking about external consultants, investment bankers and lawyers. Of course, these services are expensive, so how to save money for relatives is also one of the learning. At the same time, we must have our own judgment, we must not listen to them. Fosun, we feel that now at a depth of globalization, so we can not rely solely on these institutions, we still rely more on the local team, such as Japan, Brazil, India, we are to find the local has been done for ten years, twenty years of team, realize controlling. These local teams have a very strong experience, which is no longer just relying on others, but the depth of localization, you have their own team, take root. Q: Fosun investment in many fields, what is the logic of Fosun investment? Guo Guangchang: in fact, Fosun’s investment logic is very clear, we are the two main lines: on the one hand, from a global perspective, adhere to the "Fosun insurance + investment" in the world, we need to build a comprehensive insurance as the core has the financial ability and the depth of the industrial investment group, focuses on cooperation between the two. One is to get better long-term funding, and one is to find long-term returns. The second main line is also very simple, Wai theory

郭广昌表示复星曾对Prada、Moncler和友邦保险感兴趣 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   新浪港股讯 9月15日消息 据复星微信账号发布的节目实录,公司董事长郭广昌接受中央电视台一访谈节目时表示,公司当时有几个想做但没有做成的项目,因为那时候复星的资本结构没那么充分,并且自身国际化也没准备好。   郭广昌称,就友邦保险谈了很久。   郭广昌没有具体说明公司当时想投资这些企业的时间。   以下是小星节选的郭广昌与主持人的问答实录,诚意满满,希望大家喜欢。   Q:如何看待“中国制造”到“中国拥有”?   郭广昌:中国以前所谓的全球化,是被动式的,也就是更多是别人来整合我们,现在看到的,是我们的反向全球化,我们的企业有这个实力,让全球资源为我所用,这个阶段刚刚开始。   Q:复星一个月内宣布4起收购,是疯狂购物吗?   郭广昌:其实每个收购都历时一两年之久,是一个深思熟虑的结果。现在看上去它们都发生在7月份,这纯属巧合。   Q:缺少“外国亲戚”,会不会阻碍企业海外投资发展?   郭广昌:你讲的亲戚,就是外部的咨询机构、投行团队和律师团队,这的确是非常重要的。当然这些服务也很贵,所以如何节省为亲戚付费,也是学问之一。同时,我们一定要有自己的判断力,千万不能只听他们的。对复星来说,我们觉得现在处于一个深度全球化阶段,所以我们也不只靠这些机构,我们还是更多依靠当地团队,比如说日本、巴西、印度,我们都是找到当地已经做了十年、二十年的团队,实现控股。这些当地的团队,有非常强大的经验,这就不再仅仅是依靠别人,而是深度的本土化,你拥有自己的队伍,扎根下去。   Q:复星投资领域众多,复星投资的逻辑是什么?   郭广昌:复星的投资逻辑其实是非常清楚的,我们就是两条主线:一方面,从全球角度来看,复星坚持“保险+投资”,我们在全球要打造一个以保险为核心的具有综合金融能力和有产业深度的投资集团,强调这两者之间的配合。一个是能够取得更好的长远的资金,一个是能够找到长期的回报率。第二条主线也非常简单,围绕“中国动力嫁接全球资源”,我们要打造一个能够满足全球家庭“富足、健康、快乐”需求的解决方案。所以,复星的投资是形散而神不散,不能用一种粗浅的武功来理解复星,复星是练太极神功的。   Q:有人说复星投资就是为了赚钱,您怎么看?   郭广昌:我一直认为复星是一家很有情怀的企业,投资是我们运营企业的一个方式,我们的目标不在于投了这个投那个,我们的目标是通过这些投资,为家庭生活的“富足、健康、快乐”提供一个闭环的解决方案,我们是为所有人的健康快乐生活提供一个全方位的保障,这多有情怀啊。   Q:怎样看待王健林在《对话》节目中提到的“空手套白狼”?   郭广昌:我不相信天下有免费的午餐。所谓“人家的空手”一定是有你看不到的手,比如说迪斯尼,千万不要觉得只有拿钱或者拿房子过来才是手里有东西,其实这些东西是第二位的,最最重要的是迪斯尼的IP;对医药企业来说,厂房和资金是第二位的,第一位的是药品研发能力和专利认证,这个是看不到的东西,但是这个东西最值钱。我觉得最重要的还是那份韧性,那份努力,那份耐心,你打造出来别人没有的东西,这份东西你可以去撬动别人的钱、别人的资产,如果是这种空手套白狼的话,我佩服。   Q:现在前往美国投资越来越多,在你看来最该注意什么?   郭广昌:最重要的还是选择合作伙伴。美国的整体规则还是比较透明的,但问题是,你的合作伙伴如果不好的话,他会利用这些规则阻碍你,这是最可怕的。所以我觉得选择最好的合作伙伴,就跟女孩子嫁对人一样重要,尤其在美国。   Q:怎么看待“抄底”?   郭广昌:对于投资,巴菲特说的最经典的一句话,就是别人贪婪的时候你要恐惧,别人恐惧的时候你要贪婪,这不就是抄底吗,所以对于一个投资来说,当然希望买到相对底部,这是很正常的。我们出去投资都是自己的真金白银,每一分钱,我们真的是想了又想的,这方面绝对不会乱做决定,我们觉得我们是要做一个审慎的、长期的投资者,而且更在乎投资以后,如何把每个企业都管理好,创造价值,而且要每个企业都为员工负责,要为当地社区负责。我相信企业越大,这份责任心一定是更大的。   Q:你有没有想“买”没“买”成的企业?   郭广昌:我们有几个想做没做成的案例:比如Prada,那是我们刚开始做时尚产业的时候,另外还有一个品牌叫Moncler,我们也很喜欢。还有一家我们谈了很久的保险公司叫AIA,非常好的保险企业,但当时因为各种原因没有买。主要是:第一,那时候复星的资本结构也没那么充分;第二,复星在面对这么大的收购时,自身的国际化也没准备好;第三,时机不一定很好,最后他们都选择了直接上市。我觉得去投一个企业,做成与做不成都是很正常的。   Q:中国企业的海外“出征”和“回归”,意义是什么?   郭广昌:我觉得复星全球化的基本逻辑,就是“中国动力嫁接全球资源”。所以我们出去的目的,从某种角度上是想更好地回来。比如说我们投资了地中海俱乐部、太阳马戏团、印度的Gland Pharma,同时复星在美国硅谷投资了三个研发中心,在葡萄牙投资了葡萄牙保险公司Fidelidade和最好的医院。我们投资很重要的一个原因,就是可以将这些技术和品牌带回中国,能够让中国的家庭生活更丰富多彩,这是我们一个基本的投资逻辑。所以中国是我们的起点,也是我们的终点。   Q:复星的海外投资锦囊是什么?   郭广昌:我觉得两个字吧,“用心”。无论是全球化,还是在中国做生意,你都要用心去听、去学。去听你客户的声音,去听你合作伙伴的声音,去听方方面面传来的声音,所以,我觉得一切东西要想轻易获得都很难,但是用心了之后再难也就不难了。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

承兑、贴现、转贴现均实现大幅增长 爱神的黑白羽翼3

Yinpiao market offers employees said that the central bank’s new regulations positive ahead of the holiday financing bill Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Yinpiao employees said ahead of the holiday market offers favorable financing instruments in the central bank’s new regulations reporter Mao Yuzhou from the mid autumn festival for several days, a joint-stock bank manager, has advanced into a vacation state, he told reporters, after the first half of the year a few big bills, large state-owned bank has not received agricultural firms bill, the most profitable instruments can not be done, for them, the advance leave can only be bitter smile. Recently, the people’s Bank of China issued "on regulating and promoting the development of the electronic commercial draft business notice" (referred to as No. 224), since September 1, 2016, in addition to the banking financial institutions and financial companies and other financial institutions as the main inter-bank bond market transactions can be added through the bank electronic ticket system financial agency, to carry out electronic ticket discount (including outright and repo style), prompt payment provisions of business. In accordance with the notification requirements, from January 1, 2017, a single ticket amount of more than 3 million yuan, since January 1, 2018, a single ticket amount of more than 1 million yuan of commercial bills should be all handled through the ticket. The source said, although there are mandatory requirements for electric tickets, but tickets can not exit the stage of history, is still the state of coexistence. While the electric ticket request is mandatory because at the end of a clearinghouse to be set up, the liquidity of the electric bill is clearly more advantages, from a security perspective, although there is the risk of fake tickets Tickets, but tickets also have electrical system and operational risk, from a security point of view, the electric ticket is not no danger of anything going wrong. The new provisions favorable financing bill No. 224, since September 1, 2016, in addition to the banking financial institutions and financial companies and other financial institutions as the main inter-bank bond market transactions can join the electronic ticket system by the banking financial institutions agency, development of electronic ticket discount (including outright and repo style) prompt payment, business and other provisions. In the first half of this year, the central bank also led a number of commercial banks to build bill exchanges. ICBC bills Sales Department official told the Securities Daily reporters that the regulations issued this year are prepared for the establishment of the bill exchange, so that a platform is established, and will play an important role in market transactions. At the same time, due to the exchange to charge a fee, which will affect the future pricing, not for the current boom of the bill market, especially the rural commercial bank and city commercial bank, influence. In addition, a major highlight of the new regulations is that enterprises apply for electronic ticket discount, no need to provide contracts, invoices and other information to financial institutions, the paper ticket trade audit, still need to provide a formal contract. The general manager of a city commercial bank bills department told this reporter, the 224 article most practical significance lies in the legalization of financing bills, do not need to provide contracts, issued

银票市场冷清员工称提前放假 央行新规利好融资性票据 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   银票市场冷清员工称提前放假 央行新规利好融资性票据   ■本报记者 毛宇舟   距离中秋节还有几个工作日,对于某股份制银行票据部老总来说,已经提前进入休假状态,他告诉本报记者,经历了上半年几桩票据大案,国有大行已经不收农商行的票据了,最有利润的票据不能做了,对于他们而言,提前休假也只能是苦涩一笑。   而近日,中国人民银行又下发《关于规范和促进电子商业汇票业务发展的通知》(简称“224号文”),自2016年9月1日起,除银行业金融机构和财务公司以外的、作为银行间债券市场交易主体的其他金融机构可以通过银行业金融机构代理加入电票系统,开展电票转贴现(含买断式和回购式)、提示付款等规定业务。   按照通知规定,从2017年1月1日起单张出票金额在300万元以上的、2018年1月1日起单张出票金额在100万元以上的商业汇票应全部通过电票办理。   上述人士表示,虽然对电票有强制要求,但纸票也不能退出对历史舞台,依然是共存状态。而此次电票的强制性要求是因为年底票据交易所即将成立,电票的流通性显然更有优势,从安全角度来说,虽然纸票有假票风险,但是电票也有系统和操作风险,从安全角度上来看,电票也不是万无一失的。   新规利好融资性票据   “224号文”规定,自2016年9月1日起,除银行业金融机构和财务公司以外的、作为银行间债券市场交易主体的其他金融机构可以通过银行业金融机构代理加入电票系统,开展电票转贴现(含买断式和回购式)、提示付款等规定业务。而在今年上半年,央行亦牵头多家商业银行筹建票据交易所。   工行票据营业部人士对《证券日报》记者表示,今年以来发布的各项规定,都是为了票据交易所的成立做准备,这样一个平台成立,对于市场交易将起着重要的作用。同时,由于交易所要收取一定的手续费,这将对未来定价产生影响,对于目前并不算景气的票据市场,尤其是农商行和城商行,影响较大。   此外,新规的一大亮点在于企业申请电票贴现的,无需向金融机构提供合同、发票等资料,对于纸票的贸易审核,目前仍需要提供正式合同。   上述某城商行票据部总经理对本报记者表示,此次224号文最为实际的意义在于融资性票据的合法化,不需要提供合同、发票,也就说提供复印件即可,这对融资性票据敞开了绿灯,也就意味着一些企业给上下游企业开的银票,背后不一定存在真实的贸易背景,而是作为融资的一种手段,这对中小企业而言,无疑是利好。   国泰君安则认为,规范并简化操作流程,区块链等创新技术大有可为。对资信良好的企业、电子商务企业申请电票承兑的,金融机构可通过不同形式实现在线审核。同时,部分票据转贴现业务,原则上应采用票款对付(DVP)结算方式。在简化操作流程的基础之上,对操作流程提出规范要求,进一步消除了此前电子票据风险事件对整体市场预期带来的不良影响。另外,区块链等创新技术在有效审核电票背书连续性、严格履行付款责任、明确交易主体真实性方面将大有可为。   除了上述两点,新规还对电票的使用加以说明,通知明确,自2017年1月1日起,单张出票金额在300万元以上的商业汇票应全部通过电票办理;自2018年1月1日起,原则上单张出票金额在100万元以上的商业汇票应全部通过电票办理。   工行票据营业部人士认为,此举对于农商行、城商行影响较大,因为农商行、城商行大多没有接入电票后台系统,因此在较短的时间内,他们需要从外包公司购买整套系统,最便宜的系统一套也要数百万元,自行研发的成本较高,因此能否在短时间内达到监管要求是一个问题所在。   国泰君安表示,明确落地时间节点,电子票据发展迎来里程碑式转折点。224号文明确,2017年1月1日起,单张出票金额在300万元以上的商业汇票必须全部通过电票系统办理;自2018年1月1日起,原则上单张出票金额在100万元以上的商业汇票必须全部通过电票办理。人民银行数据显示,2016年二季度,电子商业汇票系统出票及金额同比分别增长61.12%和33.72%;承兑、贴现、转贴现均实现大幅增长。而224号文进一步加大了电子票据的推广力度,并明确了最终落地的时间节点,此前市场对于电子票据发展的疑虑有望彻底消除。   票据大案频发   今年以来,多家银行先后爆发票据风险事件。根据本报记者粗略统计,银行爆发的票据案件已经超过100亿元。   在监管方面,上海银监局就在今年4月份下发通知,要求银行全面清理与中介的违法违规业务合作,对存量票据业务进行全面自查,尤其是做到对所有票据开包检查。   《证券日报》记者查阅银监会网站发现,近三年,北京银监局、福建银监局、河南银监局等22个银监局已经对票据违规开出了200余条罚单,占总罚单数量接近一成。   罚单的原因包括,签发无真实贸易背景银行承兑汇票、款资金转为定期存款,为办理银行承兑汇票业务作质押,业务办理时未对贴现申请人提供的增值税专用发票进行严格监控和记录。本报记者发现,在百余条罚单中,发生最多的违规现象就是签发无真实贸易背景银行承兑汇票。   而为了加强监管,4月末,央行和银监会联手发布了《关于加强票据业务监管促进票据市场健康发展的通知》,要求银行于2016年6月30日前,全系统开展票据业务风险排查,对存在的风险银行,立即采取有效措施堵塞漏洞,并在7月15日前,将风险自查情况同时报送央行和银监会。   票据业务较为审慎   8月份,招行暂时冻结了十余家银行的票据授信额度,包括齐鲁银行、大连银行、阜新银行、烟台银行、临商银行、莱商银行、潍坊银行、营口银行、天津滨海农商行、自贡市商业银行、天山农商银行、甘肃银行等。   招商银行发布回应称,为分散票据交易风险,招行对所有票据交易对手设置交易额度。鉴于与部分商业银行票据交易已达交易额度上限,该行通知下属机构暂时控制与部分商业银行的票据交易。此举并不表明相关银行票据管理存在重大隐患。   事实上,也正是由于频发的票据案件,上半年各家银行的票据业务都受到了影响。以票据第一大行工商银行为例,虽然总体的票据贴现未有明显变化,但是其票据平均收益率下降非常明显。   其中报数据显示,2015年工行票据体现的平均收益率为5.17%,今年同期下降为3.57%,下降幅度超过了30%。   某股份制银行票据部总经理表示,上半年票据市场并不景气,原因主要是大行因为风险问题不再收农商行的票了,少了非常大一块业务,大行不做了,中小银行也都不做了,股份制银行的票据价格上去了,收益率自然就低了。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

the overall maintain high volatility of the two cities 万荣二小事件

Societe Generale Securities: February stock index is expected to perform the repair sina finance Level2:A shares rebound speed Kanpan Sina Finance: the most profitable client investors in the 16 morning, the two cities opening to go, the stock index rose rapidly on 2800, and remain high and volatile in the afternoon. Afternoon opening, the overall maintain high volatility of the two cities, the Shanghai stock index expanded, it is worth noting that the gem rose more than 4%. At the close, the stock index at 2836.57 points, up 3.29%; deep index reported 10045.37 points, up 3.89%; entrepreneurship blackboard 2201.93 points, up 4.02%. The total turnover of the two cities was 500 billion 339 million yuan, and the turnover rate was significantly larger than the previous day. Stocks, the two cities nearly 200 stocks limit, only 12 shares fell. On the disk, the subject shares and heavyweight shares soared, computers, ports, brokerage, electronics and other concept plate gainers; concept stocks are network security, Internet of things, mobile payments and other sectors is particularly prominent. Funds on the surface, the previous day, the CSI two city margin margin of 875 billion 150 million yuan, compared with the previous recovery of 3 billion 405 million yuan, of which, the two financial balance of the Shanghai stock market was 516 billion 676 million yuan, rebounded 1 billion 226 million yuan; Shenzhen margin margin of 358 billion 474 million yuan, rebounded 2 billion 179 million yuan. Market speculation, which means that the bottom of the market stage near, is expected to stabilize. On the day of rising prices, institutional analysis that, on the one hand is driven by the rebound in the external market, on the other hand, the RMB exchange rate rose sharply, creating the biggest one-day gain in ten years, to boost the market liquidity confidence. At the same time, the central bank recently frequent favorable policies, market funds to protect the surface, the day again to carry out 30 billion RMB 7 day reverse repurchase operations. On the 16 day of the rally, the State Securities said that the short term, the market plummeted after the decision makers frequent statement will help the emotional stage repair, but restrict factor market long-term prices have not been eliminated, such as IPO, earnings and valuation, Vanke can treasure events on the market, the long-term trend remains cautious view. Societe Generale Securities said that in February, the index is expected to perform the repair of a rebound, but is likely to be weak rebound type sideways. However, GF Securities is still relatively bearish, that the A shares will remain low volatility in the short term, to provide an opportunity to adjust the position and structure, rather than Ka Kurahiro reversal. In the first half of the year, A shares are more likely to maintain the volatility of slow bear. "Two sessions" before the big probability rose, the South Fund chief strategy analyst Yang Delong believes that A shares monkey opened sharply lower year, but soon opened lower high, launched a wave of rebound trend. The most important reason is that the RMB exchange rate rebounded sharply, effectively improving the global investors’ confidence in China’s economy and A shares. On Monday, the onshore RMB rose 751 points against the dollar, breaking through the 6.51 and 6.50 levels continuously, creating the biggest one-day gain since the exchange rate reform in July 2005. The stability of the RMB exchange rate, together with the Fed’s no interest rate hike in March to provide opportunities for emerging markets breathing, is expected to bring a rare rebound window A shares. After the Spring Festival, A shares stepped into the market theory

兴业证券:2月份股指有望演绎修复性反弹 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   16日早盘,两市高开高走,沪指迅速上涨站上2800点,并在午后维持高位震荡。午后开盘,两市总体维持高位震荡,沪指涨幅扩大,值得注意的是,当日创业板大涨逾4%。   截至收盘,沪指报2836.57点,涨3.29%;深指报10045.37点,涨3.89%;创业板报2201.93点,涨4.02%。两市共成交5003.39亿元,成交幅度较上一日明显放量。个股方面,两市近200股涨停,仅12股下跌。   盘面上,题材股与权重股齐飙升,计算机、港口航运、券商、电子等概念板块涨幅居前;概念股方面则有网络安全、物联网、移动支付等板块尤为突出。   资金面上,前一交易日沪深两市融资融券余额为8751.5亿元,较此前回升34.05亿元,其中,沪市两融余额为5166.76亿元,回升12.26亿元;深市融资融券余额为3584.74亿元,回升21.79亿元。市场猜想,这意味着市场阶段性底部将近,有望企稳。   就当日上涨行情,机构分析认为,一方面是受到外围市场反弹带动,另一方面,人民币汇率大幅上升,创下十年最大单日涨幅,提振市场对流动性信心。同时,央行近期频出利好政策,呵护市场资金面,当日,再度开展300亿人民币7日逆回购操作。   对于16日的反弹行情,国金证券表示,短期来看,市场暴跌之后的决策者频繁表态有助于情绪上阶段性修复,但制约市场中长期上涨的因子并未消除,如新股发行、盈利和估值、万科宝能事件等,对市场中长期趋势仍持谨慎观点。   兴业证券则表示,2月份指数有望演绎修复性反弹,但很可能是横盘式的弱反弹。不过,广发证券仍较为看空,认为短期内A股仍将维持低位震荡,提供调整仓位和结构的机会,而非加仓博反转。上半年A股更可能维持震荡慢熊。   “两会”前大概率上涨   南方基金首席策略分析师杨德龙认为,A股猴年开盘大幅低开,但很快低开高走,展开一波反弹走势。究其原因,最重要的是人民币汇率大幅回升有效地提高了全球投资者对中国经济和A股的信心。   本周一,在岸人民币兑美元日内涨751点,连续突破6.51、6.50关口,创下2005年7月汇改以来最大单日涨幅。人民币汇率稳定加上美联储3月份不加息给予新兴市场喘息的机会,有望给A股带来难得的反弹窗口。   春节之后,A股步入了市场所寄望的“两会”前维稳时期,A股将迎来一波像样的反弹。李总理新年伊始首次表态“在经济下滑到合理范围时该出手时我们会果断出手”,有助于缓解市场对经济的担忧。   根据统计,在“两会”之前,A股上涨的概率超过80%。而“两会”期间相关部委的表态将提高部分政策扶持行业的活跃度,提升市场信心。行业和板块方面,投资者可以布局一些被错杀的优质成长股,特别是代表经济转型的科技类个股。   杨德龙认为,今年股市全年走势应该是先抑后扬。一月份跌幅较大,后续迎来了修复上涨,中长期走势还是以反弹为主,A股将逐渐收复失地。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

furnished serviced apartments in Eindhoven 澳门科技大学预科

Luxurious Amsterdam Serviced Apartments By: Raj Reddy | May 18th 2011 – Offers tourists accommodation in Amsterdam including holiday homes Amsterdam, serviced apartment for rent Amsterdam, residential serviced apartments in Rotterdam, Luxurious Utrecht serviced apartments, furnished serviced apartments in Eindhoven, low cost serviced apartments in Amstelveen, professional accommodation needs, q … Tags: 相关的主题文章: