CCTV exposing virtual operators tricky your identity card or mobile phone has been falsely bound 170

CCTV exposing virtual operators tricky: your identity card or mobile phone has been falsely bound 170 Xu Yuyu case caused by virtual operators in the crisis of public opinion in the Ministry of Public Security issued a warrant, 6 suspects caused widespread concern in Shandong Linyi candidates Xu Yuyu cheated death case were all arrested, the case is currently pending in the process. Unlike in the past, in this typical telecommunications fraud, the phone number is involved in the real name registration. In August 26th, the Ministry of industry and information technology micro-blog official said, Shandong Province, Linyi City, a girl (Xu Yuyu) deaths occurred after being cheated out of school fees, the Ministry immediately carry out verification work has been verified the number one is much special communication technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd., a number of the China Unicom, two numbers are involved registered user name information. Far special communication technology limited company president Wang Lei: the mobile phone number, in 2016 March, in the far special registering, it activates the registration time, the real name registration, his identity information, but also in accordance with the provisions of our system, and it also related to the identity card verification system, do two inspection. Now, this ID card, the number of its purchase channels, its activation channels, it’s all the use of records, registration activation information, all sealed, submitted to the police. Wang Lei said that due to the current investigation is in line with the judiciary, can not disclose more information. It is understood that the company involved in the sale of the phone number to start with 171, the number of sections 170, No. 171 is specially prepared for the virtual operator segment. Far special communication is the second installment of the Ministry of Commerce issued a pilot license virtual operators. From 2014 began operating virtual operators business, there are already 3 million 500 thousand users. In recent years, due to regulatory measures are not in place, the implementation of the mobile phone real name registration system ineffective, 170, 171 has become a popular part of fraud phone. This case is to let the phone has been affixed to the fraud label virtual operators once again into public opinion crisis. Virtual operators communications industry catfish introduced virtual operators was originally to break the monopoly, to telecom Unicom mobile three largest telecommunications market to inject vitality. The competent authorities hope that the private enterprise as the main virtual operators can stir the telecommunications industry, like a catfish, the impact of the existing competitive landscape and communication service price system. By the end of 2013, virtual operators officially debut. Virtual operators are also called "mobile communication resale", they do not have their own network, mobile communication network leased by China Telecom and China Unicom, the three basic operators of voice traffic, SMS and other wholesale services repackaged into its own brand sales to the user. May 2013, the Ministry officially released the mobile communications business resale business plan. To enter the telecommunications market to encourage and guide private capital, the Ministry of the main provisions apply virtual operators license must be private enterprises, since the end of 2013 the first batch of licenses issued, a total of 42 private enterprises in 5 batches to get a virtual operator pilot license. Ministry statistics show that the current virtual operators have developed 350.相关的主题文章: