Changde, a woman holding a stone hit vehicles detained two law enforcement officers-winfast

Changde, a woman holding the stone by two law enforcement officers detained vehicle original title: Linli a woman suspected of assaulting police jingfangxingju net ChangDe Railway Station news September 23rd September 18th, Linli County Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police on duty in the mouth, Humou (female) impede traffic police enforcement inspection, and anti violence law by two law enforcement officers were injured, the public security organs according to law enforcement measures, the town police station interrogation by criminal detention. 14 pm the same day, the traffic police squadron of police to carry out joint road traffic investigation work in the town center street, found a grade of Hunan J7BXXX black Volkswagen car is parked in the middle of the road seriously impede the passage of other vehicles, and the car did not find the driver. Through the search, Peng (male) appeared and ready to drive away, the police asked them to produce relevant documents, to accept the inspection, however, Peng can not get the relevant documents. The police decided to detain the vehicle, told the man within 15 days to accept the traffic police squadron, and issued the relevant legal instruments, Pengmou directly breaking the car keys, one car sped away. With Pengmou peer Humou (female) holding the stone began smashing the detained vehicle, the police came to warn the car has been detained police to discourage them not to obstruct the police official duties, Hu not only do not listen to discourage, but bite, hands, resulting in a police and a Police Association two the body was bitten, many were scratched, torn uniforms. Other law enforcement police see the violence impede the implementation of official, publicly bitten by police, immediately to take coercive measures, to close the police station for questioning. In the police station, the suspect Hu confessed the crime. Hu was arrested for violent crime of obstructing criminal detention, public security organs and taken to the Linli County Detention Center custody, waiting for her to be legal sanctions. (correspondent Zhou Hui Jiang Shan)

常德一女子拿石头砸被扣车辆 咬伤两名执法人员原标题:临澧一女子涉嫌暴力袭警被刑拘红网常德站9月23日讯 9月18日,临澧县交警大队合口中队民警在执勤时,胡某(女)妨碍交警执法检查,且暴力抗法致两名执法人员受伤,公安机关依法采取强制措施,经合口镇派出所讯问后被予以刑事拘留。当日下午14时许,交警合口中队民警在合口镇中心街开展路面交通查缉工作,发现一辆牌号为湘J7BXXX黑色大众小汽车停在道路中央严重阻碍了其他车辆通行,且车内没有发现驾驶人员。通过查找,彭某(男)出现并准备将车开走,民警要求其出示相关证件,接受检查,然而,彭某却拿不出相关证件。在民警决定依法扣留该车,告知该男子在15日内到交警中队接受处理,并开具相关法律文书后,彭某直接将车钥匙掰断,人下车就扬长而去。而与彭某同行的胡某(女)拿着石头开始打砸被扣留车辆,民警上前警告该车已被交警扣留劝阻其不要妨碍公安民警执行公务,胡某不但不听劝阻,反而用嘴咬、用手抓,致一名民警、一名协警两人被咬伤,身上多处被抓伤,警服被撕烂。其他执法民警见其暴力妨碍执行公务,公然咬伤民警,当即对其采取强制措施,带往合口派出所进行讯问。在派出所,犯罪嫌疑人胡某如实交待了犯罪经过。胡某因涉嫌暴力妨碍公务罪,公安机关对其予以刑事拘留并押往临澧县看守所羁押,等待她的将是法律的制裁。(通讯员 周辉 江珊)相关的主题文章: