China and the United Nations Forum gold 193 billion 100 million yuan-tonya mitchell

China Forum won gold 193 billion 100 million yuan – Beijing, China News Agency, Pingdingshan (reporter Li Zhiquan) in September 12, the sixth session of the Chinese Central Plains Economic Cooperation Forum in 12 days here in Henan Pingdingshan ended, as of now, the forum signed a total of 168 projects, the contract amount of 193 billion 117 million yuan. Deputy director of Henan Provincial Overseas Chinese Yang Weibin day informed the foreign forum achievements. He said that the signing of a contract number and the total investment was higher than that of the previous. China Forum is the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office in order to comply with the international and domestic industrial transfer trend and demand, further exert the advantage of overseas resources and guide overseas Chinese capital and technology involved in the Midwest construction, and co sponsored by the Henan provincial government to attract investment overseas Chinese talent recruitment techniques cited activities. Yang Weibin said, the forum issued a total of 963 investment projects, involving many fields of energy and chemical industry, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, food and agricultural products processing, infrastructure, cultural tourism, building materials and etc.. Up to now, the parties on the 206 projects docking negotiations, a total of 168 contracted projects, the contract amount of 193 billion 117 million yuan. Investment in the field of agriculture, equipment manufacturing, cultural tourism, business services and other industries. Yang Weibin said that the signing of the contract project, the amount of investment in more than one hundred million yuan, of which more than 500 million yuan project 58, more than $68 in the project of the. There are a number of projects, although not signed, but reached a preliminary intention to reserve resources for the next economic development. The forum attracted from the United States, Australia, New Zealand and other 29 countries and regions more than 1300 overseas businessmen. Pingdingshan mayor Zhang Guowei said that the majority of Chinese and overseas Chinese to use this platform, seize the opportunity to play an advantage, more widely involved in the construction of Pingdingshan. The city will provide the best service, the best environment, Pingdingshan will become an innovation park, entrepreneurial home. (end)相关的主题文章: