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China market how a word limit? Sina Financial columnist Li Gengnan Kung Fu outside the poem. To make the virtual hot property market cooling, restore the healthy development of the state, with its "limit", as much effort". Since the beginning in this round of market hot money, so naturally required by the monetary or financial logic to adjust. The property market from the rapid cooling to the elimination of lesions, to restore health or need to experience a gradual course of a number of". If you like a movie as Vientiane China over the property market this year, what is the most classic picture we can quickly fill out the brain? First of all I would like to be "queues": the Beijing marriage registration office of long queues, fake marriage; Shanghai marriage registration office of long queues, fake divorce; Nanjing, Hangzhou and other places after the purchase of developers at the entrance of the long queues, grab the purchase; and Shenzhen the short-lived "dove room", Nanjing "the stretcher sign" and Liuhe "quilt disc". Through the scenes of human joys and sorrows wonderful drama, it is not difficult to find, the background of all is an uppercase "limit" word. Restriction, limited credit, limit, limit home,…… Every time the "limit" sound affects thousands of people’s hearts, willinvariably detonated a catch up "to take the last train speed, and push prices to enter the" trading board ". The crazy property market and further the birth of the real estate policy tightening around. From August 11th to restart the Suzhou purchase, continuous 9 months late, Hangzhou’s Nanjing, Suzhou, Fuzhou City, to the city during the national day ten intensive release of the new deal, around the credit limit restriction policy class from the initial exercise, like squeezing toothpaste to the recent release, herding, come on stage in succession layers of overweight, just like a new competition mode. Can foreknow, "because of the city policy, a policy background, the purchase limit spillover effect formed by credit policy will promote more of the two or three line of the city to join the queue of policy tightening. The coming stormin, China market will face "left or right" choice, "break" or inflection point. But this may not be the most important; around the restriction of credit limit policies have to restart, which means that the Chinese property market or will once again return to the old road of administrative regulation, which is the property market needs vigilance and reflection. The history of China’s property market regulation shows that the regulatory approach has been to the need for a profound reflection of the time. "A tune, rose a rose, the more the more up market seems to have become the fate of Chinese. In between the property market tide is the administrative regulation of dancing "the phantom of the opera". The regulation of the administration of the real estate market led to the cold and hot, the rhythm of the market disorder, also expected to lead to market disorder, brought to consumer injury. Therefore, the real estate regulation to the chief of the growing voice, to the chief of the market has gradually become the consensus of all parties. "Market regulation administration" why not? In fact, since the 2014 deregulation of the property market, the decision-making level to strengthen market-oriented regulation has gradually clear. At the end of last year, the central economic work in the capacity to clear, to inventory, leverage, reducing cost, make a short board five)相关的主题文章: