China’s 80 entrepreneurs among billionaires Club birth rate is far faster than other

China 80 entrepreneurs among the billionaires club was much faster than other countries China original title: there are 80 entrepreneurs among the "billionaires club" was much faster than the rest of the world. Photograph: Chinese Chinese is far beyond other visual in the world at a rate of birth a billionaire. Even in the global economic downturn, the wealth of his country’s wealth has shrunk, the wealth of China’s billionaires continues to grow. October 13th, UBS and PWC jointly issued the 2015 annual report of billionaires confirms the above conclusions. The report shows that in 2015, China has a total of 80 entrepreneurs in the list of new billionaires in asia. In China’s new billionaires, nearly half from technology, consumer retail and real estate industry. Their average age was 53 years. Over the same period in other parts of Asia, such as Hongkong and India, respectively, the birth of 11 billionaires. Over the same period the birth of the world’s total number of billionaires 210. 2015, the impact of commodity price deflation and the dollar continued to appreciate the impact of global wealth creation slowed. Despite the birth of 210 billionaires in 2015, the global billionaire’s wealth has shrunk from $5 trillion and 400 billion to $5 trillion and 100 billion. Even in the average every three days, the birth of a new billionaire in Asia, the size of its billionaire wealth is also reduced, reduced by 2015, from $1 trillion and 600 billion to $1 trillion and 500 billion. The number of billionaires in Asia is also far lower than the number of titles in Europe and the United states. However, it is worth noting that China’s total wealth of billionaires has increased by 5.4%. The annual report of billionaires predicted that the world is about to usher in the transfer of wealth to the millennials, which will be the largest in the history of a wealth inheritance. In Asia, this will be the first handover of billionaire wealth. In most of the younger economies in Asia, as the first generation of wealth owners accounted for more than 85% billionaires. In the report’s research market, the next 20 years, is expected to be about $460 Billionaires will be $2 trillion and 100 billion wealth to their next generation, which is equivalent to the number of GDP in 2015 in India. The Swiss bank (Chinese) Limited company president Chen Qing said, the current round of wealth inheritance has extensive influence, because many young billionaires in the multi generation was given to the revitalization of creative power in the family business at the same time, more attention to social welfare and charity, the way of commercial success as one of the social benefits. Family heritage and wealth preservation issues will become increasingly important. Asian billionaires in the establishment of wealth preservation and family governance model can learn valuable experience in europe. The study shows that Europe has the largest number of multi generation billionaires, and the scale of its generation of wealth is second only to the United states. In the face of many economic problems on the continent, in 2015 the situation in Europe is still far better than the other billionaires in the market peers, the overall size of the wealth remained at the level of 1 trillion and 300 billion. Zhang Lijun, head of PWC China financial industry management consulting相关的主题文章: