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China academician of Academy of Engineering: let the farmers in the northeast to a Daqing – Finance – original title: Chinese academician of Academy of Engineering: let the farmers in the northeast a thought of COFCO group chief engineer Yue Guojun first a Chinese Daqing Academy of engineering, is related to the concept of missing. The human society has gone through the six scientific and technological revolution, the birth of the four industrial revolution, the fourth ongoing. The third industrial revolution has nothing to do with China, we are basically passive response. These revolutions have also produced different civilizations. At present, it should be in the exchange stage of industrial civilization and information civilization. What I want to say here is how we respond to this change. Drucker, the father of modern management, said that the people of the next century should be the civilization created by the knowledge world. This is different from our present civilization, our current civilization is more capital driven. Talk about the revitalization of the northeast economy, we often talk to a word: transformation. The transformation is in real-time, there is a saying, the only thing in the world is the same thing for us all these changes, entrepreneurs will more likely to face the complex competition environment and market. This is my first thought. The second point is that our northeast economy is long and short. I was born in the northeast, studying in the northeast, I have been working in the northeast, but in recent years in the central enterprises, scholars with the outside enterprises also have a lot of contact, I feel, is the development of the northeast economy, and new economic ties have relatively less. Inside this new economy if you put aside the "Internet plus", the service industry, I think the most important to the high-tech as a symbol of the emerging industry, especially the emerging industry and information industry is developing very fast, before we do a strain in one year, the time of a week now. But you see now affects Chinese economy, or the impact of the industry of biological enterprise, Liaoning I do not know well, Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces and two how I contact some, inside this industry, the lack of influential, lack of core competitiveness of enterprises. I will give an example of a Hangzhou Biotechnology Industrial Park, in 2014 to the peak in 2015, a team from abroad on average every week, with technology, with funds, to the industrial park to start, we can create such an environment, the introduction of talent to develop vigorously this. In fact, Shenzhen is now doing real startups are called "grotesque", unlike the development enterprise, not unlike University, Research Institute, unlike institutions. This is my second thinking. The third consideration is a little bit more specific. Daqing has made indelible contributions in the history of the whole development. Recently, the general secretary to carry forward the spirit of oil, made instructions. But as we all know, the quality and production of oil production in Daqing oil field has been declining year by year, so there are a lot of rich biological resources in the two provinces相关的主题文章: