Chinese Canadian Community School District housing prices soaring to help North Beijing –

Chinese Canadian Community School District housing prices soaring to help North – Beijing, Beijing, 26 September, according to Canada, "Sing Tao Daily" reported that more than a dozen years ago, the city of Richmond in the north of the town of Aurora (Aurora), home buyers in the Chinese mind, is considered a very offbeat choice, but today, more and more Chinese pay attention to the local building. As sitting rocket soar nearly two years Aurora house price, are familiar with the local real estate market brokerage said, 2 years ago and sold 700 thousand yuan ($, the same below) of the house, now has to be 1 million 500 thousand yuan, crazy staggering. For the general public, Aurora just Richmond to the north of a small town, no shopping mall, no tourist attractions, many people even do not know the boundaries of Aurora, not to mention to local buyers, so relatively early Aurora has run up to the home of Chinese, can will be the friend say: "Oh, how to buy a house to buy so far." However, today, we should admire these buyers unique vision, more envious of their benefit from the hot housing market, the net worth of time doubled. According to the Toronto Real Estate Chamber of Commerce (TREB) announced in August the second-hand housing market report, the average price of Aurora’s independent house, up to 1 million 240 thousand yuan, semi detached house was $725 thousand, the town was $621 thousand. Then look at the real estate association database, second-hand house average price in 2014 August Aurora is 714 thousand yuan, semi detached house for 490 thousand yuan, 486 thousand yuan to the town house. Thus, Aurora independent house prices, only in the past two years has appreciated 74%. Another real estate in York, compared to the strong governance of the city of Wenshan, from August 2014 to August 2016 between the second-hand housing prices, the increase is only 56%. Attention North estate transaction Junan real estate broker April Sun said, the first to Aurora home, mostly immigrants from Europe, Chinese and other ethnic groups are less. Because there are no big factories, everywhere is a golf course, lakes, parks, residential environment has attracted many rich and social elite, to buy local homes, is one of the people in the eyes of the residential district.相关的主题文章: