Chinese enterprises purchase U.S. enterprises by Washington thorough investigation-k-boxing

Chinese enterprises buy American companies by Washington thorough investigation of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 20, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that Chinese expansion in the United States business world diligently work is against washington. The US Treasury Department said that among the foreign buyers who bought American companies in 2014, most of the investors who had been audited by US national security officials came from china. The annual report of the U.S. foreign investment committee to congress showed that the Commission had reviewed 24 acquisitions from China, and the number of Chinese buyers that had been audited for third consecutive years exceeded those of other countries. Chinese investors’ big acquisitions in the United States pushed the veil of the US foreign investment committee into the spotlight. The agency is responsible for reviewing whether foreign acquisitions pose a national security risk to the United states. Is currently under scrutiny include Chinese Chemical Group’s acquisition of Syngenta, proposed WD company sold 15% shares to Thunis, and sell the Chicago stock exchange to Chongqing financial letter. The Foreign Investment Committee led by the Treasury Department, the Department of defense, including members from the State Council and the Department of Homeland Security officials. The Commission’s audit was confidential, and 147 transactions were reviewed in 2014, up from 97 in 2013. Its data usually lags behind a year. Fairchild rejected the takeover bid by Chinese buyers this week, saying it was too risky for the US Foreign Investment Committee to oppose the deal. Chinese buyers investing in American Technology Corp are particularly subject to scrutiny by the foreign investment committee, and congressmen will attack on the grounds of national security risks. In January, Holland Royal PHILPS said the company canceled the sale of lighting component business to a Chinese consortium because of doubts about the Foreign Investment Committee of the United states. Editor in chief: Guo Mingyu SF008

中国企业收购美企被华盛顿严查 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间20日 彭博 报道,中国在美国企业天地孜孜不倦的扩张努力受到了华盛顿的抵御。美国财政部表示,2014年收购美国企业的外国买家中,遭到美国国家安全官员审核最多的投资者来自中国。   美国外国投资委员会向国会递交的年度报告显示,该委员会当年审核了24宗来自中国的收购申请,也是遭到审核的中国买家数量连续第三年超过其它国家。   中国投资者在美国的大肆收购将披着神秘面纱的美国外国投资委员会推到了聚光灯下。该机构负责审查来自外国的收购是否对美国构成国家安全风险。   目前正在接受审查的包括中国化工集团收购先正达,西部数据公司拟议的向清华紫光出售15%股份,以及向重庆财信出售芝加哥股票交易所的交易。   外国投资委员会由美国财政部领导,其成员则包括来自国防部、国务院和国土安全部的官员。该委员会的审核是保密的,2014年审查了147笔交易,高于2013年的97笔。其数据通常滞后一年公布。   飞兆半导体本周拒绝了中国买家的收购出价,表示美国外国投资委员会反对这笔交易的风险太大。   中国买家投资美国科技公司尤其会受到外国投资委员会的审查,并且国会议员们也会以国家安全风险为由进行抨击。   今年1月份,荷兰皇家飞利浦表示,该公司取消了向一家中国财团出售照明组件业务的交易,正是因为美国外国投资委员会存在疑虑。 责任编辑:郭明煜 SF008相关的主题文章: