Chinese prime minister to visit the country of Maple Leaf new network diplomacy began from the Seder-nlite

Chinese prime minister to visit the country of "Maple Leaf": Diplomacy from the start – Beijing dinner in Ottawa on 22 September, (reporter Guo Jinchao) a Seder, opened the prime minister Li Keqiang’s visit to canada. Local 21, 2009, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Ottawa on a special plane to begin an official visit to Canada, which is the first visit to China in the past three years, the maple leaf country". Two hours after arrival in Canada, Canadian Prime Minister Li Keqiang came to the residence of prime minister Trudeau attended Xialiedun lake for the couple at the dinner. The quiet, reflecting a lake of green. Before the meal, the couple at the residence of the prime ministers of the two countries outside the lake sit talking, a simple three dishes after dinner, the two prime ministers return to the lake, enjoy the sunset view and continue to exchange. Official disclosure of the photos show that night, the two prime ministers of the suit, did not tie, reflecting the evening party relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. Photographs of the scene also revealed another details behind the prime ministers of the couple, the children play in the trampoline while playing, a thick atmosphere of family. In diplomatic occasions, whether it is or is an important diplomatic dinner banquet at the concierge on the way. Have the observation that is focused on the form of banquet hospitality, and dinner is a higher privilege. In such a small meeting, leaders can talk more deeply, but also more likely to collide with pragmatic results. At the same time, contained in the Seder in "tongue diplomacy", but also reflects the leadership of human interaction and friendship, not only to show the good personal relationship between the leaders, to a certain extent also reflects the current relations between the two countries. Trudeau did not forget to post a couple with Li Keqiang in the lake to talk in their own photos, micro-blog and Twitter account and wrote: "in this beautiful evening, Prime Minister Li Keqiang and his wife lady Cheng Hong. Welcome to canada!" 20 days ago, Li Keqiang just met with Trudeau in Beijing. At the end of August, Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada after the first official visit to China, Li Keqiang in Beijing to hold a welcoming ceremony, the two prime ministers also held talks. Data figure: August 31st, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing to visit China and attend the summit of the group of twenty leaders of the Canadian prime minister held talks with the Prime Minister of Hangzhou, Mr. Trudeau. China News Agency reporter Liu shocks if the Chinese prime minister in 13 years not to visit Canada revealed the relations between the two states was "cold", and the Canadian Prime Minister within one month visits means rapid warmer relations between the two countries". In the "cold" to "warm" the relations between the two countries again, how will this dinner "small dinner" influence pattern with diplomatic relations, deserve to look forward to. (end)相关的主题文章: