Chinese, the region’s largest private Tibet calligraphies exhibition opened in Shanghai

Chinese, the region’s largest private calligraphies exhibition opening in Tibetan New Shanghai on 28 October, in Shanghai (Wang Ji) song "Su Shi Song Huizong", "Gong Fu tie sketch map" and more than 80 pieces of rare treasures and neat appearance in the 28 day of the opening of the "Shanghai sensitive and Dizhe – possession of special calligraphies exhibition". According to introduction, the exhibition is the largest area, Chinese scale since 1949, the highest quality of a private collection of painting and calligraphy exhibition of song and Yuan dynasties. Is the highest peak in Chinese calligraphies of classical art, but because the change of dynasties and times of war, the song and Yuan Dynasties masterpiece retained very scarce, most work has been at home and abroad to the museum, the museum collections, collections in the private sector, spread to the Tibetan folk works are very few. More than 80 pieces of treasures of the exhibition in the song and Yuan Dynasties, half from the dragon art museum collections, the other half Yu Hai from home and abroad more than 20 collectors, including painting, calligraphy, ancient books and other types of treasures. Such as the Northern Song Dynasty Zeng Gong "," bureau of post Song Ma Yuan "Song Emperor Ma Yuan painting landscape painting album" proposition, Yuan Lin Huan "Bin wind map" and so on, are numerous or have a description in the market is one of the famous masterpiece. The exhibition, Wu Ke Li taught imperial Oncidium seclusion and self-cultivation, Shangyi Tao 4 parts and a total of 12 chapters, Qianzai private collection of traditional performance "sensitive sage", spread the calligraphies aesthetic spirit and traditional values. It is reported that the "sensitive and Dizhe – calligraphies exhibition will be in possession of" Dragon Art Museum exhibition to March 31, 2017. (end)相关的主题文章: