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Cinderella and the Knights of the four broken million, Iqiyi refresh opera pleasure – Sohu entertainment fairy tale love drama "Cinderella and knight" launched in August 12th four, 4 episodes will break 100 million times after playing mark, at the same time, micro-blog, bubble community about "Cinderella and four knights" discussion also hot. "Cinderella and four Knight" is Iqiyi this year launched second international synchronous broadcast repertoire, no difference of all independent broadcast network, Iqiyi VIP members every Friday, Saturday 22:00 to watch. The world’s most famous fairy tale love theme "Cinderella", and "God" Baotuan, make "Cinderella and four knights" sustained heat users holding, also attracted the attention of industry. The Modern Cinderella youth positive energy as the world’s first fairy tale IP "Cinderella and four knights", by the popular love story with modern interpretation, full of "girl heart custom", it became the object of the thousands of girls find everything fresh and new, chase. Up to now, the play volume up to 110 million times, micro-blog related topics to read up to 350 million times, the amount of discussion of up to 278 thousand. Bubble community interaction reached 25 thousand times. The modern "Cinderella" Yin yuan Xia also unbearable stepmother and sister together, however, in addition to her humiliation, hard-working, kind-hearted, but also exudes self-confidence of modern female temperament, romantic love story has optimistic, independent attitude, positive energy of youth infected countless young friends. The network launched a lively discussion about the modern "Cinderella" inspirational, love and values, with the Iqiyi platform content of "youth, sunshine, positive energy values agree without prior without previous consultation. In recent years, the network show explosive growth and become the main content of the form. With the network drama operation ability exquisite, Iqiyi platform value increasing user base growth. Iqiyi for the network drama theme and content selection is also more mature, take heart. "Cinderella and four knights" shows Iqiyi unique vision and stick to the mainstream value. For the selection of network drama, with the Iqiyi platform content value is a clear standard. In the current network drama Iqiyi adhere to the "uneven in quality, interesting and meaningful" into account, to play a positive energy ecological transportation network, and four "Cinderella Knight" is the masterpiece of the same resonance frequency of the soul with friends. A video website is the first zero synchronization network independent radio drama is a major focus of wrestling video site, but also show the advantage of the core platform. In the broadcast mode, "Cinderella and four knights" still follows the first Iqiyi VIP member first look row sowing mode, Cinderella has a huge fan base, VIP member first look, increase the "depth conversion Cinderella" IP fans, but also further enhance the stickiness between the user and VIP platform. With quality content to prompt users to continuously transform, and repeatedly innovation, in row broadcast mode in nearly two years, Iqiyi in the exploration of membership fee profit model based on the leading industry. Art grace released the 2015 China video industry pay research report shows that as of the end of 20"相关的主题文章: