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CITIC Securities stocks than retail rotten: a downgrade replacing the board after the first tragic hot part of capital flows in thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu China Economic Net editor’s note: Recently semi annual report CITIC Securities released as the securities industry big brother, CITIC Securities first half operating income of 18 billion 159 million yuan, representing a decrease of 41.63%. Net profit of 5 billion 242 million yuan, down by 57.96%. The main reason for the decline in revenue is the decline in brokerage business, in which the stock on the loss of 5 billion 564 million yuan, surprising. Data show that CITIC Securities 113 million shares held by the China Zhongche, during the reporting period the profit -4.16 billion, followed by China Ping, Dongyang mansion, losses reached 249 million yuan and 229 million yuan. In addition held by CITIC Securities, Leo shares Ultrapower down close to 20%, selectivity is not retail. Semi annual report is also closely related to the change of the board of directors of CITIC securities. At the beginning of this year, CITIC Securities board chairman of CITIC Department of blood transfusion, "veterans" figure Zhang Youjun as the company, only the Yin and Fang Jun two to retain the original directors. In April 29th, former general manager of CITIC Securities Cheng Boming, 3 people were arrested. CITIC Securities board of directors general, until this year the evening of June 27th, CITIC Securities will appoint its holding subsidiaries, China Asset Management Co chairman Yang Minghui served as general manager. Stocks worrying ten awkwardness nine – according to the semi annual report of CITIC Securities, securities investment business and brokerage business income fell sharply to become the main reason for dragging the net profit. Investment in securities business, CITIC Securities stock investment losses, other projects including warrants and convertible bonds investment profit, the first half of the overall implementation of the securities investment business income 2 billion 471 million yuan, but also dropped 77.54% year-on-year. Semi annual report shows, CITIC Securities Shigekura top ten stocks, remove longpinggaoke Fuying slightly, the other nine stocks all stuck, and have underperformed the broader market trend. For example, the amount of investment accounted for the highest Chinese Zhongche, holding the number of 1 billion 130 million shares, accounting for the reporting period total securities investment ratio of 4.3%, the first half of 29.59% decline, the carrying amount of the loss of 416 million yuan. Fall is the most ruthless East Sunshine Branch, in the first half decline of up to 39.73%, the book loss of $230 million. In addition, Leo shares Ultrapower decline of nearly 20%, held by the Ultrapower Book Loss 180 million yuan. The CITIC Securities selection ability is not optimistic. Remove the top ten awkwardness, CITIC Securities holdings of other securities investment, the first half of the total amount of losses of up to 4 billion 16 million yuan. Securities investment in the first half of the actual loss of 57 million yuan. Overall, the first half of the total loss of 5 billion 564 million yuan equity investment. Frequent changes in senior board change in the performance of frustrated at the same time, CITIC credit theory相关的主题文章: