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Internet-and-Business-Online Cloud Slam Event announces that Cloud Slam ’10, a virtual conference with the mission of promoting Cloud Computing topics via conferences, news, and blogs, will commence on April 19. The entire Cloud Slam Event team is extremely pleased to be able to offer speakers covering all aspects of Cloud Computing. Whether the discussion is about private cloud, public cloud, security, or legal issues, our virtual conference features the thought provoking and visionary industry experts to answer or influence the discussions Organized by leading experts and authorities in the field, Cloud Slam ’10 will highlight research, developments and accomplishments by industry leaders whose contributions are helping to shape Cloud Computing. The five-day virtual conference, which will feature keynote speakers such as: Matt Bross, Global CTO, Huawei Technology; Chris C. Kemp, CIO, NASA Ames Research Center; Parker Harris, EVP Technology,; Hal Stern, VP, Sun Microsystems, a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation; Mark de Simone, Chief Business Development Officer, Cordys; Simon Crosby, CTO Data Center & Cloud, Citrix, and Andy Brown, Managing Director, Global Technology Strategy, Architecture and Optimization, Bank of America. Cloud Slam ’10 provides industry leaders and professionals an opportunity to learn about published research, unique or emerging ideas, industry best practices, and networking opportunities with peers. The conference is designed to provide an opportunity for corporate leaders: to gain an understanding of the latest innovations in Cloud Computing; to be a career-enhancing experience for IT professionals; and to generate leads and ideas on how to capitalize on the large Cloud Computing market. The early bird registration fee is $55. One admission ticket is good for all presentation sessions. ..cloudslamevent../cs10_eb_admission Cloud Slam Event invites writers, editors and industry analysts covering Cloud .puting to attend the conference. For free press passes, please contact us at [email protected] Cloud Slam Event offers sponsorships programs to meet your corporate marketing campaigns. For more information please contact us at [email protected] 相关的主题文章: