Commercial banks rose to 1.67% in the fourth quarter of last year-97179

Commercial banks in the fourth quarter last year, the NPL ratio rose to 1.67%, Beijing daily (reporter Cui Qibin Yue Pinyu) commercial bank NPL ratio has been 10 consecutive quarters of growth. Yesterday, the CBRC issued the four quarter of 2015, the main regulatory index data show that last year’s fourth quarter, the balance of non-performing loans of commercial banks 12744 yuan, an increase of 88 billion 100 million yuan compared with the end of last quarter; commercial banks non-performing loans rate of 1.67%, 0.08 percentage points higher than the end of last quarter. Since the three quarter of 2013, the NPL ratio of commercial banks has risen by 0.7 percentage points. However, the overall anti risk ability of the banking industry remains stable, and the impairment allowance for credit risk is relatively adequate. At the end of the fourth quarter of 2015, the balance of loan loss provision for commercial banks was 23089 yuan, an increase of 45 billion 500 million yuan compared with the end of last quarter; the provision coverage rate was 181.18%, 9.62 percentage points lower than the end of last quarter; the loan provision rate was 3.03%, which was basically the same as the end of last quarter. The rise in non-performing loan ratio also affected the profit growth of commercial banks. CBRC latest data show that the growth of banking profits slowed. As of the end of the fourth quarter of 2015, commercial banks accumulated net profit of 15926 yuan, an increase of 2.43%. In the four quarter of 2015, the average asset profit rate of commercial banks was 1.1%, down 0.13 percentage points; the average capital profit rate was 14.98%, down 2.61 percentage points compared with the same period. Institute of international finance "Chinese bank said in 2016 the economic and financial outlook report" in 2016, the scale of listed banks are expected to maintain two digit growth, poor rate into the 2% range, the net interest margin narrowed slightly, non interest income business accounting towards 30%, net profit of zero growth, capital adequacy is facing greater pressure, and the integration of traditional business the depth of the Internet, significant progress in the internationalization competition, accelerated differentiation, strict supervision of forced banks to enhance the management level. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

商业银行去年四季度不良率升至1.67%   北京商报讯(记者 崔启斌 岳品瑜)商业银行不良率已经连续10个季度增长。昨日,银监会发布的2015年四季度主要监管指标数据显示,去年四季度末,商业银行不良贷款余额12744亿元,较上季末增加881亿元;商业银行不良贷款率1.67%,较上季末上升0.08个百分点。   自2013年三季度以来,商业银行不良贷款率已经累计上升了0.7个百分点。   不过,银行业整体抗风险能力保持稳定,针对信用风险计提的减值准备较为充足。2015年四季度末,商业银行贷款损失准备余额为23089亿元,较上季末增加455亿元;拨备覆盖率为181.18%,较上季末下降9.62个百分点;贷款拨备率为3.03%,与上季末基本持平。   不良贷款率的上升也影响到了商业银行的利润增长。银监会最新数据显示,银行业利润增长趋缓。截至2015年四季度末,商业银行当年累计实现净利润15926亿元,同比增长2.43%。2015年四季度,商业银行平均资产利润率为1.1%,同比下降0.13个百分点;平均资本利润率14.98%,同比下降2.61个百分点。中国银行国际金融研究所在《2016年经济金融展望报告》中表示,2016年预计上市银行规模保持两位数增长,不良率进入2%区间,净息差小幅收窄,非息业务收入占比迈向30%,净利润出现零增长,资本充足状况面临较大压力,传统业务与互联网深度融合,国际化取得重大进展,竞争格局加速分化,严格监管倒逼银行提升管理水平。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: