Complete set of the world’s most romantic color Macarons Beach dingxiangwuyuetian

Complete set of the world’s most romantic color Macarons beach lead: every summer to face a choice: where should I go on vacation? The sister found the world’s most beautiful "little pink" who will be able to give you in the summer to draw a different period. Camera ready enough, because this time we even do not need to filter! (source: Claire network) the number of public concern "cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! It is said that this is the world’s most fantastic beach Las Coloradas, east of Mexico this piece of pink waters from Mexico Yucatan Peninsula, the peninsula is the largest wetland protection area. It’s called the world’s most fantastic beach". There was once a salt mining town, there are still a lot of old plant nearby now. The reason for the pink is because plankton and high quality brine shrimp in the water. As you can see, this is always a sweet look. Even the beach is composed of white sand and sand pink, pink "sand" is a local characteristic of plankton or fish remains, was hit by a huge wave after the collision, they will fall into the group of rocks was finally washed up on the beach, the formation of the fantasy landscape. Even the nearby seabirds are the color. The morning is gentle Macarons color. Sunny day is a high degree of saturation pink. When it’s cloudy, it turns to orange pink. Travel industry "Red Net", on the IG shrine since becoming a tourist attraction in the punch "Red Net", here has become a shrine of IG punch. Because the natural form of pink filters can be just perfect, even so. Can place oneself among them. Can also be in the quiet side of the concave shape. You can also sit quietly thinking about life. What’s more, a set of yoga. Show up well Ailaisi without effort. Not even one appearance can do. The world is so big, how big the world is far more than a pink, pink is more than one, but God created beauty not stingy, gave us a lot of. Lake Retba, the westernmost Senegal Senegal is located in West Africa protruding parts of the capital, Rett Pakistan lake is located in Senegal, Dakar, more than and 35 kilometers northeast of downtown. Many people also make it a "Rose Lake (Rose Lac)", which is often called "Lake" (Pink)". Rose lake is an area of only 3 square kilometers of Saline Lake, a thin golden sandy beach will be separated from the blue water and pink water. The sea and the lake are inlaid with silver white lace – sea spray, salt lake is a perfect color match. You will often see these salt boats. The lake in extremophiles, which lives in various extreme environments halobiont up in salt concentration per liter of water containing 300 grams of salt, 80 of the Saline Lake in the vigorous growth. So the lake is very self indulgent, with the seasonal salinity of the lake?相关的主题文章: