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Constellation: Scorpio truth end face pops oath (Figure) although I know that Scorpio Aquarius is flower, but the whole body is in Scorpio vowed to ensure the heart into love, just be together Scorpio disappeared…… Sina yiyayabottle users love to say to the constellation constellation Scorpio Sina send the oath on the face is a good friend of the bottle as the scorpion classmate friends, their relationship is very indirect understanding through. At the beginning, they together just just, because the bottle is the kind of careless girl. But this winter, the scorpion said to the bottle, "I like you. You make my girlfriend." The bottle knew that the Scorpion was a playboy. Scorpions are always in the strong pursuit of bottles. The scorpion seems to see the bottle’s mind, the scorpion said to the bottle: "you promise me, I swear, I will be good to you, I will always love you." Stupid bottles are naive to believe that the scorpion said lies, so they together. The beginning of the bottle is very happy. But something unexpected happened. The scorpion disappeared in the eye of the bottle. The bottle went crazy for him, but he didn’t find it. A month later, the scorpion came back. He came to the bottle. On that day, he asked, "where have you been?"" I’m going to do something with my friends." "What’s the matter?" asked the bottle" The scorpion didn’t tell the bottle. The bottle is sure that the Scorpion will come back for the bottle. The scorpion came back. He didn’t look for the bottle. The bottle was still there. Bottle to scorpion cell phone, stop. Scorpion for QQ, and did not add the bottle. The bottle thinks the scorpion promised the bottle. He said that he would like to accompany the bottle to see the sea, he said, he would like to accompany the bottle this holiday. However, there is no…… Until one day, when the bottle on the Internet encountered a strange girl, she said to the bottle like this, you are not familiar with him, and his friends know that I am his object. Suddenly understand a lot of bottles, she knew why the scorpion does not look for her, she knew why the scorpion stopped, she knew why the scorpion QQ…… Finally, the scorpion looks for the bottle and explains why. The bottle of the scorpion waved his hand and said: "you go, I don’t think the other girls do, and you make, I don’t think the other girls do, hit you, scold you, you go, we don’t know." The bottle in front of her as his scorpion, lifted the stack of the stars, the stars are beautifully made a free fall……相关的主题文章: