Countless Merchants Gathered At The Canton Fair-punyu

Business How time flies! With a twinkling of eye, it has been over 50 years since the fist Canton Fair started. Recently, the 109th Canton Fair has been held with great success, attracting merchants from home and abroad. Out of surprise, we can see that China is playing a more important role in trading. The Canton Fair is short for China Import and Export Fair. It was first held in 1957, with the aim to expand Cantons trading volume and to attract more investment. It is also a big stage for ambitious corporations to show themselves. At this years fair, a large number of merchants gathered at this place to put the best of their products on display. According to the host, the trading volume will be announced recently. It is predictable that this fair has a huge influence on the trading .munity and thus the popularity it has. However, problems also exist. According to some analysis, the Canton Fair hasnt gone out of the shadow of the economic crisis in the western world. One piece of evidence is the slight declining of the foreign trades recovery speed but it has something to do with the sharp increase of that number last year. Overall, the 109th Canton Fair reflects that our foreign trade environment is in amelioration. The foreign trade is on the rise. Many famous .panies have joined this fair, for example the MH industry. This firm is one of the biggest .panies in China selling garment accessories. It has anticipated in this fair for 18 times. Without exception, MH anticipated the 109th Canton Fair as well. It also gained many achievements. Not only the MH industry has gained achievements, many other .panies have gained something as well. Like the Guizhou province, it has gained a 120 million bill during this fair. Another notable sign of the Canton Fair is that many green products are beginning to control the market. Products which are low-carbon and environmental-friendly are dominant in the market. There are signs indicating that many .panies are making great efforts to green their products in order to make themselves more .petitive and to enhance their ability to deal with trading barriers. However, many .panies be.e more cautions when making deals. It is mostly influenced by the fluctuating market and the lack of the crude materials and the sluggish economy. For example, Weihai has gained a shrinking profit space because of the lack of labor, the fluctuating interest and the rising price of the crude materials. But luckily, its trading volume has increased by 7.6% .pared to last year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: