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Crayon reoccurrence loss quagmire door after the decline in performance in recent years gelatin crayon reoccurrence quagmire Loss Rule Weekend reporter Dai Xiuhui performance once again suffered in Waterloo. August 29th, crayon leisure food group Limited (hereinafter referred to as the crayon) released the latest "for the 6 months ended June 30, 2016 interim results announcement". Announcement shows, for the 6 months ended June 30, 2016, crayon income 415 million yuan, net loss of 178 million yuan. Crayon results, as of June 30, 2015 6 months of total sales of about 570 million 900 thousand yuan and net profit of about 13 million 900 thousand yuan. This means that the first half of 2016 the total sales expected to jibixiaoxin compared to the same period last year fell 27.3%, net profit from profit to loss. For the decline in performance, crayon in the earnings report also admitted that sales in the first half of 2016 and net profit "significantly reduced". Law Weekend reporter for the performance to the crayon sent to interview outline, but as of this writing has not yet received a reply. "China’s overall market demand for snack foods has continued to decline due to weak consumer spending and a slowdown in China’s overall economy since 2014. The sales performance of most of the group’s products, especially the most important jelly products, is so weak that it is inevitable to weaken the profit margin of the group." A substantial loss for the performance of the crayon in the earnings report interpretation. "With the overall market sluggish consumption and gelatin door drag, crayon food began to decline in performance since 2014, until the fall into the quagmire of loss." The crayon performance, China Brand Research Institute researcher Zhu Dan Peng told reporters the weekend rule. The gelatin gate after the decline in performance in recent years. In fact, this is not the first crayon performance decline. Two years ago. March 2014, CCTV exposure of more than a dozen domestic enterprises to use raw materials are gelatin pollution industry waste leather as raw material for the production of medicinal edible gelatin and gelatin, and then sold to pharmaceutical companies and candy factory. In this more than a dozen Gelatin Manufacturers CCTV exposure, Zhejiang gainlead gelatin Co. Ltd is one of them. This is just the company’s clients involved in crayon "gelatin" incident. "Although gelatin scandal, crayon products by the relevant departments to clarify the sampling qualified, but the crayon performance is affected by the." Zhu Danpeng introduction. Crayon released calendar year earnings corroborated Zhu Danpeng said. 2013, crayon performance reached its peak, income is 1 billion 833 million 800 thousand yuan, net profit of 326 million 400 thousand yuan. In 2014, crayon results showed cliff style decline, revenue was 1 billion 128 million 900 thousand yuan, compared to 2013 fell 38.44%; the net profit was $11 million 100 thousand, compared to 2013 fell 96.6%. 2015, crayon from profit to loss, revenue 1 billion 47 million 400 thousand yuan, net profit of 338 million 200 thousand yuan loss. theory相关的主题文章: