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"Criterion", "Regulations" has three major characteristics of strengthening the party’s self purification ability China News – Sohu has a strong Communist Party ruling status and strong ruling ability, advanced and politically inseparable, which is to strengthen the party’s construction should be emphasized. At the same time, we must clearly understand that the advanced nature of the Communist Party is not a once and for all, and only by constantly correcting themselves, in order to ensure political advanced. How can we meet the requirements? The author believes that the key is to provide strong institutional guarantee. In the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee passed "in the party system of laws and regulations in order to the relatively high," "several criteria" for party political life under the new situation and Chinese "Communist Party Supervision Regulations" is the latest effort in this regard, the "guidelines" and "Regulations" provides an important guarantee for the comprehensive, strict the author thinks that the party, the two party system, the characteristics of the three areas of concern. First, as the core issue, the belief belief is the biggest characteristic of Marx’s political party. It is also the biggest difference with the western political parties. Marx, a Communist Party requires its members to have firm political belief, are summed up in the political life of the party which is the "criterion" problems raised continuously 10 "doctrine": "individualism, decentralization, liberalism, haorenzhuyi existence, sectarianism, sectarianism, money worship in different degree. Causes of formalism and bureaucracy, hedonism and wasteful problems". The author believes that the "standards" and "Regulations" to "strengthen the Party of self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement ability" as the breakthrough point, to promote the party members and cadres to strengthen the belief of communism and socialism faith, in the two documents in an outstanding position. For example, with the 1980 edition of the "standards" compared to the promulgation of the "guidelines" is an important change, the former catalogue first is "adhere to the party’s ideological and political line", this is a "firm ideal faith", this change is required for Party members of the special attention and thought. Second, adhere to the problem oriented, focus on key point breakthrough "criterion" and "Regulations" pointed out the current problems, direct and sharp. For example, which points out the ambiguous attitude, and when the old man, worldly-wise and play safe lalacheche, chuichuipaipai, and even "curry favour, careerists and conspirators" phenomenon. How to effectively solve the existing problems, the "standards" and "Regulations" contains several key points or logical relationship. Emphasize the extreme importance of system construction. "The outstanding contradictions and problems existing in the party to solve, to effectively resolve the major challenges and dangers facing the party, a very important thing is to improve the standard and sound system, truss system cage, the outstanding contradictions and problems have been solved even more in-depth and effective, and effectively prevent the new contradictions and problems the breeding and spreading, effectively prevent contradictions and problems have been resolved; and strive to explore the recrudescence" breakthrough system design, "around the responsibility of system design, the system around the construction system", the system focusing on the construction of party politics and party supervision)相关的主题文章: