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The Ministry of human resources and Social Pensions: the basic implementation of the 9 increase in the minimum wage – Sohu (original title: finance department: pension basic implementation of 9 increase in the minimum wage) department who held 25 third quarter press conference, in response to a series of people’s livelihood hot issues: current pension adjustment work to implement basic pension payment; the merger entered a substantive stage of operation; pension fund investment operation will be started within the year; 20 provinces to achieve the integration of medical insurance for urban and rural residents; 9 areas to adjust the minimum wage, the average increase of 10.7%. To implement the basic pension adjustment issue department, the Ministry of Finance issued in April this year "on 2016 to adjust the basic pension for retirees notice" for the first time, overall arrangement of institutions and adjust the basic pension for enterprise retirees synchronization, overall adjustment level for the 2015 average monthly basic pension for retirees about 6.5%. The progress of the pension adjustment, Ministry spokesman Li Zhong said, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities formulated the specific adjustment programs are combined with the actual, reported by the agency approved by the Ministry and the Ministry of Finance issued a formal implementation after. At present, the basic work of the implementation of the pension adjustment, preliminary statistics of the country’s more than 100 million enterprises and institutions retirees basic pension insurance benefits have been improved. Washington reporter noted that most regions have announced a specific pension adjustment program, adjustment programs around the generally adopted a way to adjust the quota adjustment, hook adjustment and proper combination of tilt. The merger of the pension entered a substantive stage of operation in 2015 January, the State Council issued the "on the reform of endowment insurance system in Institutions of staff decision", the merger of the pension officially started, nearly 40 million institutions who bid farewell to "free to pay" era. For the progress of the merger of the pension, Li Zhong said, this reform after the formal introduction, last year in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps have introduced the corresponding measures for the implementation of the central state organs in Beijing Institution staff pension system reform work has started to implement. Li Zhong said that in order to do a good job this year, this year has further developed the implementation details, handling procedures and information systems, such as the guidance of the relevant supporting documents. At present, this work has entered a substantive stage of operation, the vast majority of the country has started to pay premiums and payment of treatment. Pension investment operations officially launched this year, the State Council issued on August 2015, the basic pension fund investment management approach, lifted the pension can not invest in the stock market, the curse. The progress of the pension market, Li Zhong said, has developed a program that is actively and orderly field to promote the work. The next step will be organized in the first batch of provinces and the Social Security Fund Council signed a contract. At the same time will also be led by the Social Security Fund Council Review Committee, the first batch of pension fund management agencies, the official start of investment operations. "In short, we will ensure that the safety of the premise)相关的主题文章: