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NDRC: establish and perfect the venture investment enterprises and practitioners credit records – Sohu news Beijing, 23 September,   according to the NDRC website news, recently, the State Council issued the "State Council several opinions on promoting the sustained and healthy development of venture capital" (hereinafter referred to as the "the opinions", also known as "capital of twenty-two"). 23, 2009, Deputy Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission Xu Kunlin attended the media briefing. "Opinions" clearly put forward to establish and improve the venture capital companies, venture capital management companies and their employees credit records, the venture capital field to achieve full credit coverage". "A number of opinions" put forward the ten part of the twenty-two policy measures on key issues in the development of venture capital investment, the highlights are manifested in the following 12 aspects: first, the basic principles and development goals for the development of venture capital investment. Several opinions for the first time clearly put forward the basic principles to promote the sustained and healthy development of venture capital is to adhere to the service entity, adhere to the professional operation, adhere to the credibility oriented, adhere to social responsibility. Venture capital should be market-oriented, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of private investment and market players, to play the role of market rules, stimulate private innovation model to prevent homogenization of competition. At the same time, put forward the development of the industry goal is to promote venture capital to do bigger and stronger, to foster a number of international influence and competitiveness of the China venture investment brand, promote the development of venture capital industry Chinese among the world’s advanced level. Second, the principle of service entity. "Several opinions" clearly put forward that we should attach importance to the backbone of the role of large enterprises, but also through the venture capital to stimulate the creativity and vitality of small and medium enterprises. Especially in view of the existing process of venture capital in the development of Pre-IPO project, get together and invest blindly follow the trend of investment, boosting investment artificially high valuation bubble, the entity investment and big two market speculation unreasonable, unhealthy phenomenon, "a number of opinions" clearly put forward to strengthen information disclosure and risk disclosure, and guide enterprises to establish venture capital with the entity investment, value investment and long-term investment oriented rational investment valuation mechanism. For not engaged in industrial investment, stock exchange, boosting investment bubble and other disturb the market order of the venture investment enterprises to establish inventory repaying system, purification of venture investment services in the real economy market environment. At the same time, "a number of opinions" also made it clear to study focus on long-term investment and the value of the investment of venture capital investment enterprises in the corporate bond issuance, the government guide fund support, project docking, market exit etc. to give the necessary policy support. To support the development of specialized mergers and acquisitions fund. Study the establishment of listed companies listed on the lifting of the ban and the length of the pre investment period of the system linked to reverse the length of. Third, the principle of credit based. In order to strengthen the construction of credit system of venture capital industry, strengthen supervision, particularly against the name of "venture capital" under the banner of illegal fund-raising behavior, "a number of opinions" clearly put forward to establish and perfect the venture capital enterprises and investment management enterprises and practitioners credit records, realize the field of venture capital credit records "full coverage". Promote the field of venture capital credit information into the national credit.相关的主题文章: