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Disposable sanitary cotton has become obsolete, said the machine washable popular now, the previous woman to her, are made of cotton and cloth with a sanitary pad. After the menstruation, the mat wash dried, followed by second times. Later, the development of science and technology, modern women began to use disposable sanitary napkins. However, there is a foreign girl in the opposite direction, and the boyfriend designed sanitary napkin machine washable, reusable. 20 year old Sarah Callaway, although still a student, but has started. The entrepreneurial project, is the girl’s sanitary napkins. The project was done with her 23 year old boyfriend, Mike Pitman. Inspiration comes from Sarah’s personal experience a year ago. A year ago, when Sarah was born with a rash of disposable sanitary napkins, she began to use a cloth pad and a glass after the terrible pain. She noticed that her skin had no discomfort. "Cloth pad is more comfortable than disposable." She tried to design a sanitary pad and a bold, patterned fabric. The sanitary napkin can be washed in the washing machine and can be reused. At the beginning of the online sales, many people criticized her nausea, ignorance. There are people who call in the past, calling her a dirty inbred line". But Sarah didn’t stop his career. "On average, a girl will spend 9600 sanitary napkins, and menstrual cups and cloth pad can be reused, but also very clean." "If more women use it, it will reduce waste." At present, the Sarah sanitary napkin has two absorption levels to accommodate the different aunt flow. The cheapest is £ 3.5 (about $29), the most expensive to sell £ 8 (about 66 yuan). Independent broadcast homemade "Huang Xiaochu’s spring, summer, autumn and winter"! Listen to Huang Lei tells the life story behind the delicacy, sharing different solar term health cheats, followed Huang Xiaochu to open a new ruminate trip, watch the video down down down Huang Lei in season and autumn food science must eat crab相关的主题文章: