Do not drive accident rate of up to 100% of the road more careful (video) five

This does not drive the accident rate of 100% of the road more than five carefully how to deal with traffic accidents a driver a lifetime probability of a car accident? Some people have calculated the results are: 7.2%, this is the probability in China, the probability is very high. But there are also drivers for more than 20 years of the car, an accident did not happen, so there must be a way to avoid traffic accidents, you do not look at the. In fact, to reduce the occurrence of accidents, as urban managers also need to improve the road. For example, most of the time in the red traffic lights, non motor vehicles and motor vehicle straight and turn right at the same time, this time turning vehicle has some blind spots, so the driver must be slow, in addition to the rearview mirror, have turned to look at the window, avoid electric vehicles in the blind area. In terms of non motor vehicles and motor vehicle whether straight right place can set the right red arrow to avoid motor vehicle and non motor vehicle straight at the same time. After crossing, must slow down. Rather than a few hundred meters away from the traffic lights to see red light countdown has entered a single digit will not slow down! Friends must remember to drive, you normally drive, does not mean that other people are also normal driving, otherwise there will be no accident in the world. Where is the car accident in turn, there is only one reason that is to grab! Hope that the majority of drivers are not what comity, really not what, just 2 seconds. Plug the solid line to change lanes is a bad driving behavior, but also a violation of traffic laws, but many people are not familiar with the road for these mistakes can hardly be avoided. So if we encounter a field license plate of the car, or let a let it, China’s urban roads 50 cities may be the 30 are not the same. So to enter a strange city, if you want to go straight, for insurance purposes, we still take the right side of the driveway. Installation of road guide cards, can really make 500 meters ahead of judgment. Instead of seeing the traffic lights. Guide cards can sometimes be far away from the intersection, or a little higher, which requires the introduction of mandatory standards. Finish saying, we say T word intersection, a lot of T word intersection no signal light. T intersection straight vehicle speed is too fast, so the word T in the corner must be observant and alert! Especially to the left of the vehicle, should pay more attention to the vehicle speed straight, do not rush, according to the vehicle distance to the horn to remind, if you left the vehicle distance of about 200 meters, the speed is moderate, you must press the horn to warn myself to pass, it will make the safety coefficient increase. If the road is so cross belt, belt must observe road traffic situation don’t let down. High speed road lane mouth of the accident but many reasons attributed to the navigation It is often seen., remind delay, or no use of navigation. So we must be high-speed road navigation, buy a mobile phone with a mobile phone can also support navigation, mobile phone navigation software now is very good, if the mobile phone voice is small, it is recommended to buy a Bluetooth audio, this will increase your driving experience. After all, driving home safety first. Finally, we say that there is no luck driving, luck is the main cause of the accident. Safe travel!相关的主题文章: