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You are really suitable for eating grapefruit? Pregnant women eat grapefruit on fetal maternal and child good? – Sohu one looks at the title would come in spray small is not reliable, eat a grapefruit also can be life? How is someone killed or eat grapefruit grapefruit was almost choked to death? But this is what time span autumn, winter eat grapefruit, accident, chronic poison it is this? Well, if things do not happen in the small body, also do not believe that killed me, but this is not a joke, it is not necessary to take his own life a joke, it is true, in the end what happened, let me explain to. Autumn is coming, it is necessary to say that this season what fruit is delicious, the most worthy of a grapefruit. Grapefruit is not only big, but also rich aroma, sweet and sour, gobbled up very cool. This time last year, I just eat, those days can eat a basic one or two days. First, there are many benefits of eating grapefruit 1 rich in iron, calcium, natural folic acid of these three elements is the lack of nutrition of pregnant women, eat can prevent anemia and promote fetal development, but grapefruit cold, physical deficiency of pregnant women to eat. 2 rich in vitamin C, carotene 3 reduction in stroke grapefruit contains a physiologically active substance, can reduce blood viscosity, reduce thrombosis, cerebral vascular diseases such as cerebral thrombosis, stroke prevention effect is good. 4, cough and phlegm eat grapefruit in autumn is good for many things, good for health, often edible, is helpful for hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis and other diseases, the obesity and beauty fitness function, is one of the medical profession recognized a therapeutic effect of fruit. Two, but there are some people who cold grapefruit are not suitable for eating grapefruit 1 physical deficiency, physical deficiency people should not eat grapefruit, eating more will cause diarrhea. In front of 2 medication in patients with hypertension before eating grapefruit is conducive to hypertension, how can eat grapefruit here? Here refers to the hypertension patients in some patients with hypertension control well, does not require frequent medication. The active substances in grapefruit can inhibit the production of certain enzymes in the intestinal tract, resulting in the slow decomposition of the drug, so that the concentration of drugs in the blood increased, affecting the normal metabolism of antihypertensive drugs. If you eat a antihypertensive drug to eat grapefruit, equal to eat a lot of antihypertensive drugs, people will become very low blood pressure, leading to life-threatening. 3 patients taking the same pill, after taking the birth control pill or grapefruit juice, blocking the absorption of contraceptives, then she is likely to contraceptive failure. 4, arrhythmia, heart valve replacement, patients taking anticoagulants to sum up, we can find that pomelo is a kind of active substance, it can inhibit the decomposition of drugs, drug that stays in the body for long periods of time, leading to the normal metabolism of drugs, so that the drug concentration is too high. This substance is called "coumarin". Three, why the autumn to eat grapefruit, the winter is almost unfortunately I had to change the heart valve, because the heart valve is mechanical.相关的主题文章: