Don’t think you hang a pair of socks, even if it’s Christmas

Don’t hang a pair of socks, even Christmas – Christmas Sohu tourism in western countries is the most important festival in one year, since late November, the size of the city that has many decorations, notice the arrival of Christmas, in addition to the Christmas tree outside the window also put on colorful ornaments, the lively the Christmas market can feel the strong atmosphere of Christmas Market Square in handicrafts and colorful lighting, a superb collection of beautiful things, performances, warm hot wine, delicious Christmas cakes, everything, is the winter tour Europe not miss the celebration. A latte for the masses: want to go to Europe for Christmas, how should play? Miss.6: look down. To brilliant traditional Christmas market trip to the first stop: Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Germany, Baden Baden how to play? To keep the medieval town of Michel the fair in the market square as the center of the town square, near the town hall was built in 1484, with two minarets Taiwan bell building, unique style, antique semi wooden frame building, is a unique architectural form of central germany. Go to the elegant antique University of Heidelberg city walk of University of Heidelberg city due to the filming of "the Student Prince" is known, there is a fountain of Shishi guarded by University square, you can stroll stroll in the elegant antique hiking areas covered by pebbles can go to the market square stroll, the square stands a magnificent building, is in sixteenth Century the knight house. King Badenbadenpo Friedrich Baden Baden to hot springs is the European famous hot spring resort, global local is the most famous King Friedrich spring, from 1877 to now has 130 years of history, built on the site of Rome 2000 years ago. Mark Twain was here before spring, and leave a message, "Friedrich in the hot springs bath for 10 minutes, you will forget the time 20 minutes, you will forget the world". Eat dinner: traditional German pig elbow with the most famous German beer dishes are Germany pork pig. To Germany, big meat, drink, biting the pork meat, drinking beer, the taste is germany. The German pig elbow, with the South and north of the northern region of Berlin, the pig pork is cooked pork, the meat is pink, similar to our white meat, southern Bavaria area is the use of the barbecue roast pork rind, golden yellow, crisp and tender, only think of all feel fragrant overflowing. Second station: France Strasbourg, Colmar focuses on "6 tour customized travel" WeChat service number (ID:sijiatuan), or download the "6 Tour" APP in the app store, 1 of the 1 free consulting travel consultants, customize your exclusive journey. You can also call 400-010-6003 free consultation. How to play? Visiting the Strasbourg Christmas market in France Strasbourg Christmas market this tradition can be traced back to sixteenth Century, has been 445 years of history, is one of the oldest and most famous Christmas market in the world. To see the gothic.相关的主题文章: