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11 leave Ma, but cannot do without the big boss, the black widow point like Sohu technology Tmall double 11 from 0 to eighth years, all right, so leave Ma also can turn, but absolutely cannot do without the robot. 8 years later, the two into a social level of the big carnival, but also gave birth to the big data for the new energy, cloud computing as a new technology, the birth of a new economy, the birth of the 11. Behind the accumulation of technology began to overflow electricity supplier, combined with the industry, the formation of a wide range of social technology Pratt & whitney. November 11th, Tmall 11 global Carnival once again create a technological miracle, the day up to a total of 175 thousand transactions per second to create, pay the peak is the sum of the 120 thousand pen. In 2009, the first double 11, the peak data is only about 400 transactions per second, which is behind the huge computing power provided by Ali cloud. E now Ali cloud, also grown in artificial intelligence ET, double 11 party, ET and Ma Yun, the black widow Scarlett a show to play the game, gamblers! Behind the big boss Ali cloud how to support the 437 times the peak trading growth? Ali cloud, said He Yunfei, a senior product expert, we built the world’s largest hybrid cloud, flexibility in a short time to upgrade the computing power." Not only that, in the double 11 day before, Ali cloud also won the world computing "the Olympic Games" debut title play to each TB cost only $1.44 of the results, breaking the AWS computing costs of $4.51 per TB in 2014 to maintain the record. This means that Ali cloud will be the world’s top computing power, cloud computing technology into Pratt & whitney. Pratt & Whitney has not only the value of the service in the narrow electricity supplier double 11. In this rapid development of the online and offline integration of three-dimensional space, cloud computing is the support of the whole society 11." He Yunfei said that from the electricity supplier, financial payments, insurance, loans, travel travel, and then to the logistics system, the calculation of moist silent. In the logistics industry, for example, the volume of business in the face of five times at least twice as much as usual, the flexibility and high availability of cloud computing can effectively protect the high concurrency, high traffic demand for business scenarios, eleven. The reporter learned from multiple sources, rhyme, every day, Shengbang and other logistics engineers have completed in advance in the cloud pressure measurement work, only 11 double open, several enter to demand additional computing resources to ensure that the logistics system in order to 11 during the double stable running. The video industry has also become a double 11 Carnival protagonist, APP Ying made guest video calculation capacity planning on the platform in the cloud, with support from November 1st to the beginning of the "double 11 most popular anchor" award, red star rain, live interactive double 11 campaign. While looking to buy a pair of 11 in 2016 is becoming a major bright spot. The support for online shopping, payment related processes have begun to prepare for each. Celestica fund, for example, its balance of treasure liquidation pressure will focus on 12 days after the outbreak of zero. The use of cloud computing resources, the balance of treasure can accelerate the completion of the liquidation process, in order to cope with the size of the 11 double capital changes and massive!相关的主题文章: