Drunk out of poverty clazziquai

"Drunk" out of poverty – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Haikou, November 2 (reporter Liu Changlin, Zhao Yeping) four or five in the morning, the village chicken has not hit the old man Li Ming, Wang Chengan will get out of bed in the dark, under their rubber plantation to sheep, with mosquito bat sheep mosquitoes. "Every day, there are so many mosquitoes in the woods that I feel bad when I bite the sheep." Wang Chengan nursed the 20 sheep as their own children. Reporters recently saw heishou lean when the old man, he is back from the mountain sheep. In the eyes of his family and the villagers, a few months before the king of the old man can not so diligent, the villagers secretly call him "lazy" and "drunk". A few years ago, after several times of planting and breeding after the failure of early fifty Wang Chengan hands a pile, no more dry, there is money to drink three tons of wine, has become famous for poor households. One from the province assigned to the young men in the village, changed the king of the old man. In July last year, Hainan Province Rural Credit Cooperatives relocated to Huang Haijun, Ling Zhen Ling men Cun, Qiongzhong Bay served as the first Secretary of the Party branch, is a total of 633 students in the village first Secretary of the youngest. Wang Chengan gave his first impression, is the legend of the original rural sluggards. Is it hard to help the poor?" "Difficult!" Without the experience of rural life, and poor households not dealt with, to the impoverished county village, had over 30 years of age the Yellow Navy head in, spent two months on the village of 15 households of farmers, especially poor households filing riser by survey, a precise prescription for the precise poverty. Huang navy to mobilize the rural credit cooperatives resources advantage, with financial leverage to help farmers develop production. 15 poor households filing riser 12 households to find him a loan, the poor sheep, a camellia, motorcycle repair shop…… First secretary to bring financial support to help poor households who act on the development of poverty road. However, Wang Chengan has remained the same, do not worry. Seeing more than half of the original term of the year, the Yellow Navy anxious to get angry. "The lack of land, lack of funds, poor households are due to illness tolls, can help, as long as the intention of poverty." Huang Haijun said that the most difficult thing is to get rid of poverty, no idea of the government, he has no confidence in people, such as drinking day of Wang Chengan. One day in February this year, the Yellow Sea a military challenge. "Uncle, you drink again, this life is estimated to be over!" Wang old man raised his eyes, as if touched, but quickly bowed his head and took a glass. Yellow Navy did not give up, and with a "temptation" method: "rural credit cooperatives support you 5000, you put 5000 dollars, then a loan of 5000 blocks, and you become more like brother to buy sheep sheep developed out of poverty, what do you think?" Wang Chengan reluctant to pocket money from his pocket, but the dialogue to the 5000 yuan heart, put forward the government funded 5000 yuan, the idea of a loan of $10 thousand, Huang Haijun did not agree. According to the experience, the farmers only under their own, will cherish the funding and loans." Not easy to persuade the king of the old man cast, the loan guarantee part but it is a problem. Yellow navy to find the old man’s family one by one to do the work, did not expect his brother, son, son shook his head.相关的主题文章: