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Duthel Te for the first time in the Philippines designated U.S. withdrawal time: 2022 – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Duthel Te came to power after repeatedly criticized the United states. According to the Wall Street Journal reported on November 11th, Philippines President Duthel Te said on the same day, he hopes in 2022, that is, the end of his term, the withdrawal of all foreign troops stationed in the land of Philippines. "By the end of my term, I do not want to see any foreign troops in my country, whether they come from the United States, Africa, China, or any other country." Duthel Te made the remarks after the end of the visit to Malaysia. Because only the United States in the southern Philippines island of Mindanao in about 100 U.S. troops as advisers, pointing to Duthel Te is very clear. In addition, this is the first time in the withdrawal of Walter US troops on the timetable. When Duthel Te came to power, repeatedly criticized the United States, and was said to be with us "part company each going his own way during a visit to China in October". However, the Philippines Department of defense does not seem to fully agree with this. According to Xinhua News Agency reported on November 7th, Philippines’s defense minister delfim? Luolunzhana said on the 7, the Philippine strengthened alliance will not waver, but three joint military exercises between the two countries will be held regularly every year "two stop continued". Between the United States and held annually three large-scale joint exercises, respectively "shoulder exercises" and "amphibious landing exercises" and "maritime combat readiness and training cooperation", which will be discontinued after two, only the former. Perhaps out of Philippines’s military opinions into consideration, Duthel Te 11, also said that his country will not break relations with the United States, but the Filipinos "does not need to put their politics and politics of the United States together". Although Walter hopes to reduce the U.S. military dependence, but Philippines has opened its national defense modernization. According to the Philippines Department of defense news October 25th, the Philippines has signed a contract with South Korea, ordered 2 ships of the new destroyer, ship is scheduled for delivery in 2020.相关的主题文章: