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Eason Chan was touched by Zhang Jiajia thigh, he responded… "The ferryman" creative attended the conference ifeng.com entertainment news (written Phoeny) October 23rd, directed by producer Wong Kar Wai, Zhang Jiajia movie "the ferryman" held the first "comedy Carnival" conference in Beijing, on the same day, Wong Kar Wai Zhang Jiajia and starring Tony Leung, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Eason Chan, Angelababy, Rongrong Zhang, Xiong Dailin, Ma Su, cuckoo, Dapeng, Cui Zhijia and Jia Ling appeared together. The scene, Wong Kar Wai tells his answering questions, why choose "the ferryman" took a fancy Zhang Jiajia, more like baby is seen most fight actors, while Tony Leung also broke his first speaking in the national dialogue, the sweep of Cannes, Kinmen and Matsu, film actor "God" actor also challenged Wong Kar Wai laugh on his face every muscle can mobilize, is "the tongue is not ok". Kaneshiro Takeshi, Eason Chan, AB in the film starred Xiong Dailin was the God of subversion, hit a dozen slap in the face, Ma Su played the male god Tony Leung face, Cui Zhijia became "kissed Tony Leung" man, people can not help wondering, how does this movie? You are the creator studio frequency burst Mengliao constantly, and fun, the scene baby pregnant belly block not live, Tony Leung is more intimate helped her down the steps. Eason Chan touched by Zhang Jiajia thigh? Eason: can not afford to touch back! Song of Eason Chan this is also played a very important role in the film, and singer horsepower, but also with the vicissitudes of a beard. Zhang Jiajia broke the news site, he love Eason very much, so the first time I saw Eason Chan, he touched his thigh, who knows Eason Chan will soon go back not resigned to playing second fiddle, touch, and director of the logic of people laughing: "my mother taught me not to lose, so go back to touch." Just after the concert Eason head hair in addition to Eason, the film stars straddling the cuckoo, cuckoo but had been in the "Chinese partner", "passing from your world" accumulated a lot of experience. The high cold goddess in this film is still high and cold, cool as a bartender, Tony Leung and Tony Leung on the show, she is also very satisfied with the lines: "although not much, but soon there is a tacit understanding." Zhang Jiajia said the cuckoo is a field actor, Wong Kar Wai also expressed curiosity what makes high cold cuckoo laughed, finally he jokingly concluded: "Tony Leung." Ma Su hit Tony Leung face, Cui Zhijia kissing Tony Leung? What’s wrong of the film! In addition to a large coffee, this movie also has "tear force play" potential. Conference on the same day, Xiong Dailin, Ma Su, Cui Zhijia, Jia Ling, Peng several stars also came to the scene. Xiong Dailin, Ma Su, Jia Ling, Mirs, starring Cui Zhijia Xiong Dailin came to the scene to "complain", there is a broke the news that he was slapped in the rain scene, took a dozen, but are really playing back pain, face swollen, rest for two weeks, but this was also won the praise of Wong Kar Wai, he said that Xiong Dailin "will let you sit up and take notice". Xiong Dailin was slapped in the face, but Ma Su hit the face of the male god Tony Leung. Ma Su recalled that he was studying at Beijing Film Academy.相关的主题文章: