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The card is easy to return the card to the media: don’t let the bus card "card" to live the well-being of the people’s livelihood – Beijing, according to reports, the bus card "card is easy to return the card difficult" problems in each city, recharge channels, fewer outlets, return back card restrictions, refund arrival period still plaguing consumers. Internet users believe that the card is easy to do card back to the consumer is not only the loss of the economy, it is the card to live the well-being of the people. The back of the card to constraints of building a livable city many netizens have said they have had to go through the bus card back card to. Netizen "small C" said that if bad cards, the $20 deposit is not returned, the balance of the card, take the card back to open the note and some days later a bad card, card back card need to run two times to be completed. Moreover, when the line back to the card to spend an hour. Some Internet users believe that the bus card do card easy to return card difficult erosion of public welfare. Netizen "He Yonghai said," in the back of the card in the process of consumer choice, the right of informed consent right, even bargain "card", almost all have been lost. Not only that, but also on the efforts of the relevant departments to ease the traffic congestion in the city and livable city construction, formation constraints is not small. Capital regulation should be in place as is known to all, a small bus card, there is a huge amount of money behind the precipitation. Internet users benefit ear mountain, said the bus card deposit collection, management and use of almost all by the bus company unilaterally, the majority of consumers not only have no right to participate, there is no right to know. Deposit whereabouts opaque, user rights are bound to be infringed. Bus card deposit involves three issues of public interest: first, the rationality of the deposit, the deposit of two is reasonable, and the other is the return of the use of services such as the reasonableness of the three. The three currently does not have a unified standard, according to different places just government approvals. Netizen "Pujiang guest" said some local bus companies agreed and turned a deaf ear to the regulations and the contract, even the deposit as a "charge". Some netizens suggested that the relevant departments of the government should assume the role of public interest guard. Netizen "He Yonghai", to vigorously investigate the bus companies that exceed the standard, over cost arbitrarily strong bus card deposit fee or behavior, correct this kind of public service industry competition. (Reporter Yu Lu finishing)相关的主题文章: