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Eight Name: Zhang Li baby for " " triangular broken bangs;? Looks like a young 10 years old! Source: WeChat subscription number: every day for the Beauty for eight bangs (bagongju) Zhang Li changed a new bangs and beautiful ~ street also made a big sensation. Put on the dress is also a variety of beautiful, triangular area perfectly set off side yan. Zhang Li Liu Haipei hair fresh and beautiful long legs into New York and another empress Li, Sun Li in the fashion magazine in the dress is really amazing. Focus on the side! The side of the triangle area, handsome fan. But they have in common is the case here: what is the "triangle triangle bangs broken broken bangs"? From the front view, side fine bangs also keep such an area, namely Delta region. The French air bangs bangs, bangs and side exposed ears, the biggest feature is the sense of space and ground, with the triangle and finely. Is a fluffy feeling, and the side exposed space, but also accompanied by the trivial detail of the sense of hierarchy. The "triangle broken bangs" who who comb advantages: covering high hairline we all know sugar is high hairline, no bangs is simply a big back head that visual sense, left triangular bangs, just a pure soft girl. Two advantages: fashionable and has no sense of air two dimensional fringe dull, no air bangs net red, but more air than French bangs, stylish wood burst index table!!! Three advantages: triangular broken essence is broken, can show the perfect side face empress is always faithful triangle bangs powder, but the essence is still the broken broken River, about contrast, it is self-evident, that you want to show parafacialia allure? Come to a triangle! The stars are the "love triangle broken": 1.Angelababy AB got a new hair style for a fringe can punch a million years, finally began long black bangs tour, with Liu Baby instantly by age, do not know in the Yellow Sect side will be like a daughter? 2 coulee nuozha: the most fashionable fashion fashion, natural beauty, triangle side bangs broken Yan her impeccable accentuates, significantly more than partial more fresh and flexible. Yang Mi: 3 girls hair vanguard of the large power power is followed by the hair, big bangs, partial, to the air side exposed to the triangular ears broken bangs, swollen swollen looking girl, big power power you’re getting younger! 4 Kong Hyo Jin: you were younger sister, Kong Hyo Jin recently a group of large, there is a retro and fresh feeling, broken bangs for the entire triangle shape adds flexibility and vitality. 5 Ting Mei: Mom is beautiful in "superman superman" when the mother is tired all gone, Ting Mei’s mother is from the "head", once again opened a new stage of performing arts. Teach you to create the 1 triangular broken bangs first you need to clean hair, and apply some hair care products in the hair. Clean hair and comb. 2 with a hair dryer with duckbill hair curtain son blow to the side, and comb. 3 use a comb to comb the hair curtain to the side, and then use the styling spray to finalize the hair. 4 use a splint to keep the hair straight. And then apply some hair styling products. 5 will sweep相关的主题文章: