Eighteen provinces and autonomous regions since the Guizhou provincial cadres covered all cities (st www.hotavxxx.com

Eighteen provinces and municipalities in Guizhou province has covered all the city (state) – Sohu news this year, Guizhou has always maintained a high pressure against corruption, adhere to do not reduce the intensity, rhythm unchanged, the scale is not loose. Filed in the first half of 8088, Party discipline 6369 people, including 14 Bureau level, county level 187 people, 300 people transferred to judicial organs, and the number of cadres, cadres at county level was respectively 66.7%, 80.7%. Since the party’s eighteen, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the provincial cadres to review the coverage of the 9 cities (state). Further broaden the channels of letters and visits, and make full use of television, newspapers, websites, new media to report the supervision and reporting telephone, mail, and rely heavily on mass supervision. At the same time, open reception, grassroots "visit", so everything has to reply, there are pieces of echo. Before June, accepted the petition report 24138 (Times), involving 14 Bureau level. The inspection as an important channel to find clues to Party members and cadres. Adhere to the routine inspections, special inspections, look back patrol synchronization, innovative ways and means to enhance the ability to identify problems. The first half of the year, patrol found clues of Party members and cadres 400, including management of the provincial cadres of 57 clues, clues to the county level cadres and below 343. Adhere to the discipline is in front, to respect the constitution, strict political discipline and political rules in the first place. In the first half of the province’s party members and cadres to investigate violations of political discipline 72 pieces of 80 people, in violation of organizational discipline problems of 112 pieces of 125. Highlight the focus of punishment, focusing on the investigation of the party after the eighteen do not converge, do not accept the hand, the problem is serious, the masses are strong, and now important positions may also promote the use of Party members and leading cadres. High pressure corruption at the same time, implement the daily supervision and management. As the conversation letter consultation and promote the transformation and discipline clues disposal problems an important way to carry out normalization of prevention, warning interviews, asking the conversation to remind the correction admonishing interviews and accountability measures to promote early interviews, often catch tubes, strict management and strict treatment, purification of political ecology. After the interview, the mistakes of Party members and cadres, considering the nature of the problem, the time node, mistaken attitude, the reputation of the masses and other factors, according to discipline in accordance with regulations appropriate treatment. There is not a problem for say don’t say, even cheating against the organization, strictly and severely punished. The first half of the province’s party members and cadres interviewed 45625 people, including 242 bureau level cadres, cadres at county level 5134, given party discipline 672 people, 47 people transferred to judicial organs. Qiannan, former chairman of the CPPCC Gao Jinlin, former Tongren Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yang Dehua, Liupanshui City Grain Bureau of Commerce and former deputy director Wan Changsi, former deputy secretary of Nayong county Party committee, county magistrate Zheng Chengfang, luck of party loyalty is not honest, in the organization of education before not cherish the opportunity to save, refused to clarify the problem, and ultimately by the party strictly processing.相关的主题文章: