Erasing pen writing behind the ignorance of the law

"Erasing pen writing" behind the ignorance of the law is according to the "Qianjiang Evening News" reported that the borrowing IOU is the most normal thing, but the two sides set up ious after less than an hour, a handwriting on the completely disappeared, one hundred and ten thousand yuan IOU turned into white paper. Shaoxing Nguyen did not expect that he would encounter such a strange thing. The borrower is the use of erasable pen, is with luck, however, "rack the brains too clever, anti lost his tail", "erasing pen writing" itself can not only restore the handwriting, and has not only the economic disputes, suspected of crime of fraud. According to the criminal law, the crime of fraud refers to the illegal possession for the purpose of using fictional facts or conceal the truth of the way, to defraud a large amount of public or private property. In the "erasing pen writing" in the case of the perpetrator of the illegal possession for the purpose of implementation of fraud, concealing the truth of the handwriting will disappear, make the victim have wrong understanding, and then suffer the loss of property, with elements of fraud. Previously, in judicial practice, there have been relevant cases. In 2011, Jiangsu Jiangyin people by Yan a pen to write IOUs to borrow 300 thousand yuan in consumer online purchase, the handwriting disappeared after the start and do not admit the IOUs, and squandered the borrower. Ultimately, the Jiangyin court sentenced Yan guilty of fraud, sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for four years and fined $50 thousand. As a special tool for writing, erasing pen itself is not sin, not across the board to ban the production and sale of such products. To prevent the use of pen is used for illegal purposes, on the one hand to increase the intensity of crime. Public security departments at all levels can be used to combat telecommunications fraud, after preliminary examination, shall be established for the investigation of criminal cases, centralized police detected as soon as possible. At the same time, to carry out extensive publicity and popularization, make people aware of the relevant behavior is not only smart, but also violated the criminal law, will be punished by the law. In addition, "erasing pen writing" also reflects the private lending is not standardized. Due to the lack of common sense of the law, many of the borrowing procedures generally imperfect, illegal phenomenon. The relevant departments should popularize some common sense of law, how to guide the public to regulate the writing and preservation of relevant documents, the contract is best to use electronic printing manuscript, with a signature pen to fill in. Proposed by the bank to deliver, to retain the transfer of documents to facilitate the occurrence of litigation in the case of proof rights.相关的主题文章: