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European special effects giant was $187 million acquisition of Chinese capital turnover [Abstract] a Chinese company has been engaged in the automotive industry for $187 million acquisition of the European giant Framestore. The company has produced a " gravity " " Harry Potter " the time reported was "Afanda", "Dr." Harry Potter "" singular "gravity" and other Hollywood blockbusters produced special effects of the European giant Framestore for $187 million (about 150 million euros) by Chinese capital acquisition. According to Deadline news, the British special effects company Framestore was acquired by Chinese conglomerate Cultural Investment Holdings Co for $187 million, becoming the day before Wanda to $1 billion acquisition of U.S. DCP group all equity, and at the beginning of this year to $3 billion 500 million acquisition of the legendary pictures, another one is China capital acquisition company ltd.. In this transaction, Shanghai-listed Cultural Holdings Framestore75% equity and operating rights, while the company’s founder William Sargent will have the remaining minority stake. The acquisition is still awaiting approval from Chinese regulators. According to Deadline reports, the Chinese company seems to be the first time to enter the entertainment industry, has been focused on the automotive industry. Sargent told Sky News: "CIH will become a partner and let us in the creative and financial are at the leading level in the world of films, the root based on our advantages in the European and North American markets, and will speed up our film to enter the exciting China market, the other is open at the same time in the rapid expansion of the Asian market." Sargent also stressed that the company’s daily work without any change, although the Framestore equity has changed, but the business is as normal as usual." And he is looking forward to expanding business in asia. Founded in 1986, Framestore is headquartered in London, UK, is Europe’s largest visual effects and computer animation studio, and in the film special effects have a very brilliant experience. Framestore worked with the movie "Golden Compass" won the Oscar Award for best visual effects in 2008, and in 2009 with "Batman: The Dark Knight" 2 nominated again. The past two years in the China movie, "gods of war", "Sherlock Holmes", "Harry · Potter and the order of the Phoenix", "Afanda", "magical animal where" etc. are involved in the production of Framestore. Framestore is currently in post production is "Paddington Bear 2".相关的主题文章: