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Health For starters, it would be best for you to understand where excessive head sweating .e from. This is often times categorized under Hyperhidrosis which in medical books is defined as sweating and when you affix the word hyper to it, it means in excess of. Now that you have understood the definition of excess sweat then you would easily understand that it is not a cause of instant panic. Now that head sweating is incorporated in the word then you could immediately search for the medical term called Cranial Hyperhidrosis and you shall be given a series of links on different methodologies and causes. They seem to be quite difficult to understand when you go directly to sites on medical conditions since the terminologies used are somewhat alien to you. This is the perfect time for you to grasp the idea in layman?s terms so it would be easier for you to understand and later on discuss with your preferred physician regarding your discoveries. Causes of Excessive Head Sweating: Now there are different causes as to why you seem to drip like crazy thereby aggravating some conditions that are far from physical but closer to that of emotional and psychological. When you shy away from your friends and family since you have this annoying condition, you create a barrier on your relationships. It is quite difficult for you to keep on explaining yourself as to why your head is leaking that much. At times when you go under a lot of stress and panic since you do not want to be the talk of the town, you isolate yourself from being seen in public. This is quite disturbing especially if you are working in an office. You always have to keep constant interactions with different people and leave them wondering why you need to wear a hat, cap or even bonnet even if it is summer time or while you are indoors. Should you be past your forties and is going through Menopause, then excessive head sweating may be present. There are times when you sweat in other places like your palms, soles of your feet, face or the most .mon place ? under your arms. It is such a dilemma and you wonder if you use certain over the counter roll-ons on your scalp, the sweating would go away. There are certain medications that would calm you down in order to control your excessive head sweating. These are antidepressants that would reduce your stress levels by easing your adrenaline outbursts. This may be addictive so follow the right dosage. Shaving your head is not the last resort to sweating and if you are a woman, going bald might stereotype you as going through chemotherapy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: