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Expert: domestic genetic testing organizations lack of standardized original title: experts interpret domestic gene detection chaos: the lack of standardized organizations in new network Guangzhou on 25 September, (reporter Tang Guijiang) "now the field of gene detection in China at the present Chinese in a word, is to enter the" Warring States era. "." The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, associate professor of thyroid and breast surgery Zhu Yifan 25, told reporters in Guangzhou, at present all kinds of organizations and companies involved in this field very much, but the lack of unified national standards and norms. The famous American actress Angelina · Julie for gene detection results, decisively choose to accept breast surgery, make gene detection technology rapidly into the public eye, in recent years the development of China gene detection technology rapidly, all kinds of genetic testing companies such as a set like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Gene detection is a new industry, in recent years, the rapid detection of gene penetration into all aspects of people’s work and life, and play a positive role in guiding. All kinds of institutions and health technology companies have launched their genetic testing technology and services, from cancer treatment to infant health testing, and cosmetic weight loss in some marketing people’s mouth, genetic testing technology seems to be resourceful, equal to anything". Associate professor Zhu Yifan said, in fact, genetic testing is not mysterious, genetic testing for research, to find the genetic etiology, determine the detection of biomarkers and therapeutic targets; in clinical application, can carry out the detection and analysis of genetic disease genes, genetic counseling and research services. Zhu Yifan introduced in gene detection technology and application of advanced earlier in Europe and the United States, at present, application of related technology, is still mainly concentrated in the research field of companies and experts, directly by national agencies are rare, so some domestic institutions, directly to the overseas experts’ research results, brought by application in the field of health care, this is very worrying. Cancer is the largest market for gene sequencing. Now for many cancer patients, especially breast cancer, lung cancer, rectal cancer patients, many people will choose to do genetic testing. "I personally think that some cutting-edge medical research might, be bold exploration in some unknown areas, but some techniques applied directly to the human body, it should be more strict and rigorous than the long-term practice and related procedures." Zhu Yifan said, a certain degree of benefit of human gene detection technology is a high-tech technology, but in the country to find the relevant medical services, we must look for reliable, regular medical institutions to carry out. A recent survey, we have about 70% of genetic testing companies no clinical relevant qualification, many companies exaggerated gene detection function, the company in the same field service quality is uneven; some price difference of nearly ten times. Gene sequencing is a very specialized field, or a report of dozens of pages, and is full of professional scientific terminology, not a professional look, the equivalent of "mumbo-jumbo", associate professor Zhu Yifan said, so genetic testing must ask the professionals to guide. Some companies sequencing results come out directly after Kay相关的主题文章: