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Experts and scholars at home and abroad will gather in Taiyuan to discuss the calculation of change in the future "- Beijing, Beijing, Taiyuan, September 19, (Liu Xiaohong) Chinese computer largest and highest level of academic conference –2016 China Computer Conference (CNCC2016) will be held in Shanxi city in Taiyuan province. It is understood that the CNCC2016 will arrange 80 meetings, including 30 games for the forum of cutting-edge technology, will attract more than 200 overseas computer industry’s top experts, entrepreneurs talk about artificial intelligence, virtual reality, unmanned, deep learning, cloud computing, big data and other computer cutting-edge topics. At the same time, 50 other special events including CCF (TF) combined with IEEE-CS (Rock Stars) held network security Event, female leaders forum, hundreds of excellent students interactive lectures and awards, education development seminar. During the conference, more than 80 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, press and other centralized technology exhibition, and is equipped with the special technology enterprise propaganda, publicity and entrepreneurial project selection, enterprise research fund issued etc.. It is reported that much attention to the CCF Wang award, outstanding contribution to overseas awards, science and technology awards will be announced during the general assembly. During the 2016 Chinese computer assembly to change the future of computing "as the theme, CCF, Govan, chairman of China Academy of Engineering academician China Academy Tan Tieniu, ACM scientists Professor Zhou Zhihua, 2015 Mark prize winners? Visser’s first female professor Zhou Yuanyuan, the Federal Institute of technology in Lausanne Willy Zwaenepoel Cyber Grand Challenge, Professor DARPA (CGC) Jack Davidson, leader of the winning team won the CSE2016 Innovation Award for the world’s first intelligent family robot Rokid robot, CCF founder of the Misa.Z youth two show speaker Bao Yungang and Tang Jie at home and abroad, top experts and business leaders attended the meeting, and brought wonderful reports for participants. CNCC2016 will be held on October 20-22, jointly hosted by the Taiyuan Municipal People’s government and Shanxi University. In this regard, in 19, held a press conference, the Taiyuan municipal government deputy secretary general Pang Hong told reporters that the conference is not only to show the world the image of Taiyuan, but also provides an opportunity for the development and innovation of foreign investment in Taiyuan, Taiyuan can make use of the general introduction of high-tech enterprises, high-tech talent, help the development of Taiyuan city. (end)相关的主题文章: