Exploring the pictographic stone zoo, fight eyesight – Sohu in three Qu Shilin Tourism bleep

Exploring the pictographic stone zoo, in three Qu Shilin fight eyesight – Sohu tourism is Mamali, pay attention to travel for a long time Mamali. Column: [city] find recommended language explore the mystery as the size of the city [Live] a hotel with the "reward" the attitude of the hotel [public space] see the "public" Museum [] and diners say two or three things on the delicacy [] Raiders purely practical good share [story] dry cargo travel that little journey "thing" [Mamali travel journal] talk I love travel. I was a love child climbing too tired, because there is no mood to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. The scenery in the eyes of others, I do not want to pay too much physical strength. However, if there is a special pleasure in the process of climbing, the tiring process is not too painful. Since the three Shilin Qu back, I will no longer resist climbing such heavy physical activity, because find pleasure than found beauty to come easily. Three Qu stone forest is a not too large scenic area, scenic area is the last one we "and Zhejiang" tour. The three is the mother of Quzhou Qu Shan mountain landscape, known as elegant and refined, the main attractions are Zhao Gongyan, three in the small Qu Mary; ancient landscape, with Qi, insurance, beauty as the main characteristics, its attractions are the sea monkeys, one tree south; west of the great ancient landscape, with deep twists and turns, is famous for its magnificent among them, the three road corridor, Zi Teng gorge, fairy cave, by Chinese and foreign tourists known as the "Jiangnan a must". It is here that we found the "general animal fight eyesight" fun. Here is a typical Karst landform, Shilin World strange shapes, vivid, strong sense of hierarchy, with countless changes, there is a lion tamer for supremacy, fairy dressing, conspirators, double peak, turtle Guifeng, tiger hole, flower pots, jade Ruyi, zenith general array more than and 50 scenic spots landscape. Is the world’s largest stone zoo. As a whole into rocks, rocks, cliffs, caves, stone forest, springs, streams and other natural scenic spots, people enjoy the infinite charm of nature. The stone forest scenic spot view of various types, a variety of animal shapes lifelike, known as the world’s largest "pictographic stone zoo" reputation. There are different kinds of stones, and people with big holes can always find out what they are like". Some one can see the form of "image", there is the need to get down or standing height, can vaguely see "like"; others all rely on the idea of a guess "like"; the last one is killed and you can not see the "like"… Our guide… Is a particularly interesting middle-aged woman, depict the different forms in her eyes did not name famous stone always, such as a sheep for the stone, she will still tell you that this sheep is male or female; and we see the form of stone, he will let you look carefully, ask you will never know his age…… similar to such questions, we always keep happy, everyone began to see that the last stone guess animal games. A group of old people, playing that is also possible, so the whole.相关的主题文章: