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Fall pregnant mother to eat the 3 kinds of fruit on the fetus of pregnant mother best! You know? – when the Sohu maternal autumn rich pomegranate, pomegranate is rich in nutrition in particular, pregnant women choose autumn seasonal fruits, still can choose pomegranate. Pomegranate contains nutrients including vitamin B and vitamin C, pomegranates also contain some protein or fat ingredients, as well as the necessary trace elements of the human body. Pregnant women eat pomegranate, or to be able to add more nutrients. The health of the fetus needs the help of pomegranate nutrition. The composition of pomegranate to fetal brain development, also can help alleviate morning sickness response in pregnant women, pregnant women happier through pregnancy. During pregnancy, the appropriate consumption of pomegranate nutrition supplement. Pregnant women in the consumption of pomegranate, or need to pay attention to the amount of consumption, pomegranate easily lead to lit problems, the amount of food will be more careful some. Pomegranate selection method to select high-quality pomegranate, we still need to grasp the selection of pomegranate. The selection method of pomegranate actually includes the color selection of pomegranate. General color red pomegranate, pomegranate that exposure to sunlight will be a little longer, so the pomegranate sweetness will be more high. If the color of the pomegranate is deep, the pulp will be more juicy. Autumn pregnant women to eat what fruit is also a good grape grape harvest season, autumn is also very good to eat grapes. We all know that grapes contain more water and sugar, grape also contains other nutrients, grapes also contain antioxidants, more conducive to the improvement of our skin. Women eat grapes during pregnancy, the fetus can make the skin better. Women during pregnancy, need to pay, to nourishing the blood, so the grapes meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women. Pregnant women appropriate to eat grapes, also have a certain effect of tocolysis. Pregnant women in the consumption of grapes, still need to pay attention to grapes can not be mixed with milk. In order to preserve the grapes, the grapes are likely to have a fresh surface of the material, or need to be cleaned before eating. The selection of grapes in pregnant women to understand the benefits of the grapes, we still need to learn to pick grapes. In the selection of grapes, we need to know the surface of grapes, if there is a layer of white material, this material is easy to be erased, it is very convenient. If we find the grape stems is green, so it is still relatively fresh grapes. In addition, everyone in the cleaning grapes, put some small flour, the grapes can be washed more clean surface. When fall pregnant women eat what fruit is good autumn pear, pregnant women can also choose to eat pears, pears contain a lot of water, sugar and pear and trace elements, also containing some calcium. Autumn weather is dry, but also easy to cough. Pregnant women eat pears to alleviate dry and cough problems. Pregnant women eat pears can also ease the situation of edema. Pear selection techniques in pregnant women when choosing a pear, we need to look under the pear flower navel position, if a concave, that will be better quality of pear. Pear。相关的主题文章: